image cropping trouble

Trying to make an image the size needed to fit in the custom card box. I use "Paint" from win 10 and make it a smaller size but the image does not change the area it will fit. Does anyone know the size the picture should be so i can fix this and get the area I want for my card?


  • I'm sorry, do you mean file size or image dimensions?
  • Image dimentions.
  • @nightshark
    As long as the image isn't too large (file size), you can crop when you go to make the card here on the site.
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    The crop is too square. I need just a tad more room. It's a picture my buddy holding some blue label johnny walker but every time i try to crop, it either cuts off his head or the bottle.
  • @nightshark
    Can you post the picture using the following so we can see? I'm assuming your image is wider than is tall, which causes issues.

    <img src="Image Address" width="100%">
  • 2988Wx5312H
  • I just want to know what size to make the picture in dimension. I have 4 pictures to do all the same size for 4 variations or maybe 2 variations on 2 cards.
  • Maybe we don't post the alcohol picture though...

  • Nobody seems to have a clue so a moderator might as well delete/close this thread.
  • We don't even know what the image we're working with is. Give us a little credit for at least trying to help.
  • I posted the picture as my profile picture but i'm sure moderators will remove it. But at least maybe someone will be able to see it and help me figure a size out.
  • My suggestion is to use Photoshop or, oddly enough, Microsoft Word to stretch the image... or try MSE -
  • Also, you can change your Profile pic now.

  • @Corwinnn MTG has straight up murder, poisoning, fleshbending, vampires, zombies, horrors, and we're worried about alcohol?
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    It's a site rule out of respect to those that are vulnerable. Have respect for others!
  • @TheClayKnight - We don't mind if you make any card you want, that's why there is an option to download a card without publishing, but since our base is made up of mostly 7th graders and up, we just ask that certain cards and topics be kept personal. We know kids are going to be exposed to these things, we just want this to be a place that's not littered with it.
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