Reactivation Challenge #40 - Cards With Alternative Ways to ETB

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Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to the 40th Annual Reactivation Challenge! That's right, we've been going sine 1977.

This wasn't easy, by the way - all most of you seem to have been very good at judging and closing contests over the past few months!

Original challenge: by @FblthpTheStormCrow



Make a nonland permanent card that has an alternative method of entering the battlefield from your hand besides casting it for its mana cost.

Unlike the original challenge, this doesn't mean that it has to have no mana cost or anything like that. It's perfectly fine to be able to hardcast the permanent but it must have an ability to enter the battlefield some other way (of course cards that have no mana cost are fine as well).

Examples? Sure:

image image
image image
image image
image image

Note that while the madness example technically goes into exile between the hand and the battlefield, that's fine for this challenge because it's a really transitory zone change. What I'm not looking for is something like Bloodghast or Reassembling Skeleton. The ability's starting zone needs to be the hand, not the graveyard or exile. I hope that's clear!


1. Make good cards
2. Make up to three good cards
3. If you've made good cards, that's fine too BUT...
4. ...I will only be considering entries posted on this thread so, if you entered in the previous contest and want to be in the running here, you'll have to re-post your entry here.

9th November 2017 or November 9th 2017, whichever comes first.

Top Three get a spot in the HALL of FAME
and FIRST PLACE gets to host Reactivation Challenge #41
5 faves for the 1st place winner
3 faves for the 2nd place winner
1 fave for the 3rd place winner

*Reactivation Disclaimer:

1 ) An inactive challenge is chosen to be reactivated, it gets posted for new submissions with a new deadline.

2 ) The new judge cannot choose his or her own submissions as the winner.

3 ) After the winners are declared, the judge selects one participant as the next host (must be an active member).

4 ) The chosen participant chooses the next challenge that has been inactive for over 2 months. He or she hosts it as the reactivation judge.

5) The reactivation judge starts this process all over from step 1.

*Second Disclaimer:
- New discussion is opened for each reactivated challenge. A link to the original challenge is put there.
- The alternate judge must type original judge's name after "@" to notice that his or her challenge is reactivated by the alternate judge.
- The original judge has a right to take over their original challenge or to ask for it to remain open and unresolved at any time prior to a winner being declared and posted.


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