Planeswalker Contest!!!

Must be Realistic
Must be Original
That's pretty much all.


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    Created for a Planeswalker lore contest. Her backstory and other related cards can be found on the card page.

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    Double-sided planeswalkers:

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  • That is really good it should be a creature you control maybe
  • @TenebrisNemo there is an infinite combo with that card that is turn 3 or turn 2 infinite loyalty counters.
    Saffieriks dotter out, a weak creature (1 toughness)(1 power), warstorm surge, and activate her loyalty first, and way to deal damage to creature and kill.

    Sac Saffi "whenever creature dies return it to the battlefield (target named creature); shock creature, creature dies; returns to the battlefiled she gets a loyalty counter from it dying; when it reenters it does 1 damage to itslef bc of warstorm surge and dies agains she gets another loyalty counter; creature comes back bc of saffi's ability. ... The game ultimately ends in a draw, unless someone stops the counter
  • Which reminds me stuffy doll and pariah is the best tie game combo ever in group hug decks
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    Welp, here's a planeswalker. This is Emma Sync. She comes from Kaladesh, her spark first igniting about 5 years after the events of Aether Revolt. Curremtly, she is age 15 and specializes in Technomancy, manipulating technology through the use of magic.
  • @TenebrisNemo I can’t see the image
  • When you have free time in english class so instead of studying you do this
  • ON the back of a just gotten back HW
    Johnnies everywhere just had a nocturnal emission.
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    Another planeswalker I made recently for no real reason... just wanted to.

  • that's why I make mine. or my friends ask me to make cards, they don't have accounts
  • that's also a cool planeswalker. like the anti-grixis
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    Not sure if anyone is still interested in this discussion/contest but wanted to find somewhere to share this guy and possibly get some feedback


    A while back I created my first idea of a Shapeshifter Planeswalker, and after some thought I created this.

    Focusing on his ability to become other Planeswalkers and that being the manner by which he builds loyalty counters. Plays into the whole shapeshifter mentality more than the first version I made, and the first ability is very Gideon-ish but chose Shroud instead of Indestructible like Gideon has so that you can't boost him with your spells as well as granting him marginal protection as well as Shroud fits a black and blue color scheme than indestructible does.

    The second ability as stated is really where you build loyalty counters as you can copy other Planeswalkers and use their abilities to build up.

    The ultimate is a pretty big bomb in some cases and therefore deserves to be somewhat difficult to attain. Thought about including the Evil Twin mechanic, but alas there is not enough room to include it.

    Any comments of balance and mechanics as well as overall thoughts on it would be greatly appreciated

    Also I noticed that I want to include that it is only until end of turn for the second ability or that it also has the ability to change back
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    I took ideas from the mechanix thread, and modeled them into a Planeswalker.

  • Cool! since this has popped back up, i will judge soon.
    3rd place: 3 favorites
    2nd place: 4 favorites
    1st place: 5 favorites and a follow.
    you may Pm me for favorites, post links, or i can look through your cards and choose some i like
  • Here's another one, inspired by the Clash contest.

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    Then I shall submit a second entry. Instead of a random elf ranger who protects the forest, this has a much larger backstory as part of a faction of militant angels hell-bent on spreading The Word to the poor and unfortunate who have not heard it, and killing any heretic who gets in their way.

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