uncommon tribal commander sets

Put decklists or just some cards (including commanders) and see what others think


  • From left to right, here are some commanders that are truly unique.

    Group Hug - Shares stuff and can block for opponents.
    2) Transience - Ability ot play cards as other cards for maximum flexibility. (Looking to update this card!)
    3) Fateful Hour / Lockdown - Designed to lock down opponents and keep you alive.
    4) Persist / Triggers - Enables resurrection for maximum value in a way that boasts triggered abilities.

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    nice! just wondering, what does Solidarity do?
  • @kandra127
    It allows you to block creature attacking other players. Normally there'd also be a bonus for doing so.

    Solidarity (You may allow another player to have this nonattacking creature block as though he or she controlled it this combat as long as both players agree on how he or she declares blockers this combat.)
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    These are the three commanders that the deck is built to work with. Each plays with the Rogue themes of hand manipulation, card advantage, and evasive creatures in a different way. I was super excited to put a Prowl themed one in here before I realized that prowl is affected by commander tax just like any other alternate cost.

    Two minions which further your goals when they connect with players. Dimir Blackmailer has a punisher effect that forces your opponent to give you free draws or lose key cards. Synaptic Saboteur is a direct port of Brainstorm - on your opponent. Great when combined with mill, scry, or fateseal.

    The lieutenants! I wanted at least one rogue who played into the 'assassination' angle, a role which Caroline fills quite nicely. She also has my favorite flavor text of all the cards here. Renata is my take on a mildly fair version of lantern control: she lets everyone sit at the table. Note that the active player has the most control over what they draw, since they untap immediately before.

    These three are all about leveraging your card advantage into dead opponents. Tabula Rasa is a devastating way to spread single-target discard and reload at the same time, and is incidentally a blowout with Nightbloom Clique. Blocking the Duskmantle Duo gets more and more necessary the more you do it, but strips your hand at the same time.

    These last two, and other cards like them, are the glue that holds the deck together: they help your creatures evade removal and blockers without losing tempo. I know an UB angel is a weird one, but I really loved the art and I don't have the photoshop skills to remove those wings. Plus, it's kind of doing a white thing (flickering a creature like Restoration Angel).
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    Demon Rogue for the Patron?
  • @Faiths_Guide
    That's a good idea, the feathers aren't super pronounced.
  • Most of these are based on pre-existing archetypes/mechanics, but still.
    First, I wanted to remake the (kind of disappointing) O-Kagachi from Commander 2017 to be more on theme with Kamigawa: https://mtgcardsmith.com/view/o-kagachi-divine-soul
    Second, another resident of Kamigawa: https://mtgcardsmith.com/view/bokudan-the-indebted-1
    Third is very graveyard-oriented, but obviously with as much text as possible: https://mtgcardsmith.com/view/overseer-bansal-1
    And I saved the weirdest one for last: https://mtgcardsmith.com/view/maelstrom-invocationist
  • like the kamigawa things!
    also, that last one is cool. :)
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