• Hi, I’m not the expert myself, but I think I can help.
    My only comment on Rasmodus, is I think the second ability should read ‘target’ not ‘any’.
    War forged veteran is great, though may I suggest giving the brute a flavor text.
    For become earth, always remember in mana cost that generic comes before colored mana. My final suggestion is to decrease the power level of some of the cards. I think WFV would still be very good at 3 mana. Become Earth is a board wipe that stays on the board and lets you kill a creature every turn for 2. Maybe increase the activation cost.
    I sure hope that was helpful for you!!! : )
  • Thanks, Tigersol. Love the feedback and I completely agree with the power level being a little too high. I had a lot of trouble figuring out how to word Rasmodus to work correctly so thanks for that tidbit as well.
  • @Trash
    Always a pleasure to help!
  • @Trash
    First off, welcome to MTGCS (that's Magic: The Gathering Cardsmith, if you didn't infer it =P)! It's always great to have new members here in the community.

    Okay as for feedback on your cards, here's what I can offer.
    Rasmodus, The Darkspark
    Okay, first off, this card is very interesting mechanically speaking and I love that! It's very unique in what it does, which ups its appeal. The power level on the card seems fine, at least from what I can tell, though there are a few wording issues that need to be addressed.
    1. Planeswalkers do not gain loyalty, they have loyalty counters put on them. Recognizing they're counters is important for multiple reasons when playing a game of MTG.
    That said, the first ability should read "Exile target planeswalker. Put loyalty counters on Rasmodus, The Darkspark equal to the number of loyalty counters on that planeswalker."

    2. Honestly I'm not sure how the second ability would work to get it so loyalty counters are added and subtracted, so to make things a bit simpler, I'd just scrap the ability entirely and replace it with "Rasmodus, The Darkspark has all loyalty abilities of planeswalker cards exiled with it," which would go at the top of the card as the first ability with no loyalty counter symbol put next to it (just leave that space blank in the editor). Your original first ability will then become the second ability of the card with a loyalty symbol next to it.

    3. "Into play" is an outdated term. Replace that phrase with "onto the battlefield."
    4. Whenever you're going from exile or the graveyard to the hand or battlefield, you use "return" instead of "put."
    5. Cards that keep track of what they exile use "exiled with [cardname]" instead of "exiled by [cardname]."
    6. This ability's effect to make other loyalty abilities cost no loyalty counters is a bit awkward, I think the way this would be worded is "Until end of turn, you may pay {0} (as in the 0 mana symbol, which you can't currently add to planeswalkers with the planeswalker editor) rather than pay costs to activate loyalty abilities of planeswalkers you control."
    Than said, the third ability should read "Return each planeswalker card exiled with Rasmodus, The Darkspark to the battlefield under your control. Until end of turn, you may pay {0} rather than pay costs to activate loyalty abilities of planeswalkers you control."

    Become Earth
    This one seems a bit on the powerful side. It's essentially a board wipe when it comes into play, which is fine at 5 mana, but the actiavted ability to keep putting earth counters on is very cheap for what it does. Similarly, there are also a few wording issues on this one.
    1. Whenever there is a mana cost for anything that uses both colored and colorless mana, colorless mana comes first! This is a very common mistake among new cardsmiths, most of the time the misconception coming from those who played the Pokemon TCG where the colorled energy came before colorless energy, but in MTG colorless mana is the first thing seen in the cost of a card. That said, your card should cost {2}{g}{g}{g} and the activated ability should cost {1}{g}.
    2. Replace all instances of "all" with "each". If memory serves, "all" isn't used very often i MTG.
    That said, the card should read
    "Become Earth {2}{g}{g}{g}
    When Become Earth enters the battlefield put an Earth counter on each creature.
    {1}{g}, {t}: Put an earth counter on target creature.
    Each permanent with an earth counter on it is a colorless Forest land."

    I know this seems like a lot, but actually for your first cards this is a really strong start. Over time wording and such will begin to come more naturally to you, at least that's what I've found, making it easier to design cards. Keep up the great work and I hope to see you around!
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