Phobic Discussion: Card Ideas (Yes I’m still doing this)

Hi guys! I’m still here and I am welcoming any and all ideas so that I can keep my phobia cards unique! I want to stay as far away from my laziness formula for as long as possible. I just have a couple things to ask if you are to help:
1. Please dont already make the card, just post it here or email it to me. (By “It” I mean the details of it like color and effect)
2. Please tell any and all friends about my blog.
3. Put some thought into it! :)
I will consider all suggestions but I will probably not be able to use all of them but I will use a considerable number of them. If I use your suggestion, I will credit you in the comment section of the card.

Thank you to everyone that helps out.
Email me at

Happy Smithing


  • One particular thing I am requesting for help on at the moment is the fear of insects, if anybody has got any ideas, dont hesitate!
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