Help for wording on my custom set

So ive been making my own set (PM me if you want know more i guess :P) and since im alone right now id like to have oppinions on some of my wording. Lets satr with this one.

For each attacking creatures, you may have a different creature you control fight it.

i know WOTC hasnt used the word DIFFERENT creatures too often but what it means is you cant use the same creature you control to fight twice ...
i tryed other wording but that was the only understandable one.


  • Isn't that the same as blocking in the vast majority of cases!?
  • kinda but you can do so in addition to blocking and you creature can be tapped and you can do it on creature attacking another player ... i mean ... its a common card ...
  • and it bypasses first strike, you can use it on creatures with arests effect on them wich are unable to block ... i think its a neat effect for a draft environement.

    I play a lot of limited formats and this card doesnt strike me as totaly useless. also ... the card draws you a card.
  • True, but you have to keep in mind I only see the one ability. So I can only look at that for analyzing.
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    the goal is more to have help on wording cause the one im using feels a bit weird ... different creature doenst seem to feel "real" altought i could provide you the full card if you so wish
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    Here you go.
    Whenever one or more creatures you don't control attack, for each of those creatures, you may have another creature you control fight that creature.
  • that would allow for one creature to fight all of them also i forgot to mention the effect is on an instant (i will post the card next time i need help sorry). i think my only problem is figuring how to make sure a creature you control only fights one creature. i guess ill just leave it as it is and allow it to fight many times. anyway a creature can rarely fight multiple time and survive so it probably wont be so bad.

    thanks for you time !! i might have more wording to verify in the futur but for now itll do.

  • "Another" states that the same creature can't be used for the same ability.
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