Iron Smith: Battle: An Enchanted Cycle

The time has come once again to answer life's most magical question: Who's smithing reigns supreme. This is Iron Smith!

A delectable Japanese tradition has taken root on MTGcardsmith community forums soil. We have been graced with the establishment of our very own Smithing Stadium, where our nimble chairman has brought together the most pungent card designs of both east and west. It is here, where the best of the best from around the world meet and face the ultimate card design challenge.


So please allow me to introduce a veritable pantheon of cardsmithing giants, your very own Iron smiths MTGCardsmith community forums!

Iron Smith @modnation675!

Iron Smith @Faiths_Guide!

Iron Smith @Mila!

Iron Smith @Gelectrode!


In mere moments, Iron Smith @Mila will be pitted against our challenger, who thirsts to discover our secret ingredient, and enter the heat of battle here in smithing stadium.

Today's challenger is...


@Sorinjace is just "Here for the cards." He is an up and coming newer smith, creating such hits as Krampiszman, Bidoof Lord and KrampisZporg. He is sure to be a worthy opponent for the Iron Smith today.

But there is one more ingredient in this battle; a secret ingredient! The theme on which our smiths will offer their succulent Variations. Today's secret ingredient is...

Epic music intensifies

(Click on any of these to see the rest of the cycle)

I want to see your best Color Balanced cycle of 5 enchantment cards. This should feel like a cycle, but they don't need to be exactly the same as long as they are all thematically tied in some way. Preferably this would be in a mechanical matter, but a flavorful combination is ok too IF there is a strong argument for it.

Each color must appear the same number of times in your entry. For example, you can make 1 White Enchantment, 1 Blue Enchantment, 1 Black Enchantment, 1 Red Enchantment and 1 Green Enchantment. You could also make 1 W/U Enchantment, 1 W/B Enchantment, 1 B/R Enchantment, 1 G/U Enchantment, and 1 G/R Enchantment. You can't make 3 black Enchantments, a G/R Enchantment, and a U/W Enchantment. If you choose to do a multicolor cycle, you do not need to do all allied colors or all enemy colors. As long as each color appears the same number of times in your cycle, you are good to go. Notice that this does not include the text boxes of your card. If you wanted to do one card of each color but all of them have a black activated ability, you're fine. If you wanted to do a Black card, a U/B card, a W/B card, a R/B card, and a G/B card, then we would have a problem.

Smiths, you will have until March 3rd, 2018 at 11:59 P.M. to create your best 5 original, new card designs relating to this theme.

So now MTGCardsmith, with an open heart and an empty deckbox, I say unto you in the words of my uncle: 'Allez Cardsmithing!'


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