Darkness your friend - make a good-aligned Black card

Several times there have been sets that showed how white magic can be associated with or even the source of evil (New Phyrexia and Elesh Norn etc).

All the other nonblack colors too have at various times representations pretty clearly aligned with goodness or evil.

But there are quite few black cards that show black magic use associated with goodness. Maybe because black's association with selfishness can be difficult to present in a positive way......Sorin Markov when he stuck around to save his home plane...Toshiro Umezawa sort of? Liliana fighting eldrazi....

So I'd like to see more of this, black cards attempting to represent something or someone good! Not just neutral - actually good.

*~ RULES ~*
1. Cards must be mono-black
2. Cards can be any type or subtype
3. Up to 5 entries per participant
4. If you enter only one card, it can't be an old card, but if you enter two or more cards then one of your entries can be an old card. NOT more than one can be old
5. Flavor, mechanics, abilities, balance, proper formatting, art selection all matter and will all affect your chances of winning
6. Please no joke cards, at least make it feel like it'd fit in the mtg multiverse
7. You can remake or replace your entries as many times as you please before the contest ends.

*~ TIME ~*
Contest will end at midnight on Sunday, April 8. Judging will start right after, with goal of results posted that same week

*~ PRIZES ~*
1st place: 1 month premium subscription!!!! ~or~ 7 favorites of your choice
2nd place: 5 favorites of your choice
3rd place: 3 favorites of your choice
Honorable mentions (2): 1 favorite of your choice

*~ ADVICE!? ~*
...Good virtues of black? Black is a color known for its blatant honesty. It doesn't typically lie or deceive itself or others about its true intent unless combined with blue. Black offers a clarity of internal motivation, i.e. "I love my self/lover/family/village/plane and will go to any length to protect and preserve them." That motivation isn't as easily corrupted, in my opinion, as say a white aligned holy figure forcing order and dogma for their own sake. Black may be almost always amoral, but it isn't necessarily immoral in each case.

So........HAVE FUN, be creative and good luck!


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