Custom EDH *Closed for Judging*

So, you all probably have seen Aryanf's post with plants...well since I was thinking of doing custom decks I asked her if she wanted to cohost a contest.

The top are her cards and the bottom five are mine


Here is a set wth each card so that you can reach them! And fav or something!

Your goal is to help us make EDH decks...They should be themed to the deck

Rules:!!!!! These are subject to change!

You may make up to ten cards one for each deck. Then if u have made one for each deck you may make a second one for each commander...and so on for your third and fourth...

You pick two raritys and you will be able to make 3 of those rarities and then you can make 2 of the other two rarieties for diversity.

You can make a max of 2 cards for each card type instants and sorceries count as the same type.

If you make 10 cards 1 for each deck you may make may do this as many times as you like.

On April 13th you will only be allowed to submit curses theses will not count towards your normal submissions so feel free to make as many as you like.

The due date is on May 1st.


The best card for each deck will favorited along with that smith getting three more favs!

Overall 2 people will be picked to win for me and for Aryanf...we will be judging them separately.

1st place will get 5 favs, a follow (if already following an extra follow), and a premium membership.

2nd place will get 5 favs, a follow (if already following an extra follow)

@Aryanf has agreed to provide the premiums

Thank you!

Happy Smithing!


  • @everyone when you post just edit and old post that way we dont have to scroll through a lot of pages
  • I would like to add. Second place gets 3 favorites of his or her choice and third gets 2 of his or her choice! Theses will be of over all the cards either for me or @DoctorFro

    I would also like to announce there will be 2 memberships givin away. One of @DoctorFro 's choice of his favorite entries and one for my favorite entries!

    If you win for both you will receive a 2 months membership! (Or you can work something out with me that falls under the guidelines of the forums)
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    for the azure deck:

    for the Kozuz deck:

    for the Aaddhar deck:

    for the Jini deck:

    for the Urayta Deck:

    for the Vega deck:

    for the Aya deck:

    for the Aliyah deck:

    for the Asterine deck

    for the Alfalfa deck


    Secondary azure card:

  • These are looking awesome so far!
  • @atrus159 thank you for editing your old comment it really helps a lot
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    made for Alfalfa, Vine Gripper:

    made for Aya, Confluence Protector:

    submitted for Jini, Storm Savant:

    submitted for Azure, Elements Grace:

    submitted for Aliyah, Faerie Keeper:

    created for Aaddhar, Lively Dragon

    created for Asterine, Aerial Tactition
  • @DoctorFro If i *really* want to make a second azure card can I do that?
  • @atrus159 It says you can make up to two cards for each card type. You just have to worry about the rarities you make for them.
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    @atrus159 Umm I would say no but if @Aryanf says we should change the rule you can since we are cohosting
  • We will see if it changes depending on popularity of the competition bc idea we don’t want to have to judge like 500 cards
  • @DoctorFro I think we should let them make two for each commander for each card type but different rarities.

    And like you said sorceries and instants are in the same card type in this contest.
  • I'd be willing to do an azure card instead of one of the other commanders so it's still just 10 cards
  • @atrus159 @DoctorFro is right one card per commander.
  • Again we dont want to have to judge 1000 cards and we want diversity for each of the commanders.
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    I would think if we were to make it so that u could make more than one you should have to make one for each first to show commitment @Aryanf @atrus159

    But I ultimately think it depends on how many cards get posted
  • @DoctorFro sounds about right. Make one for each then you can start making more of the same commander and unlimited entries.
  • But before you make three for one commander you have to finish a second set of the other commanders.
  • Yes agreed will change the contest rules
  • Also for your second batch of cards you may start a new comment to spectate them
  • my only gripe is that the cards you guys want us to make cards for there is no direct link to those cards from the discussion here. can you make it so at the beginning of the thread please @DoctorFro? makes it easier to navigate thank you!! I went to go see if you was following me and you wasn't (I thought you was already). ugh. I wanted to be lazy lol.
  • also @DoctorFro, can cardsmiths post older cards? I have a Djinn I could submit for the Jini deck.
  • I am fine with old cards and I will post links later
  • @sorinjace it has been done up above
  • The cards still don't have the links to them when I move the cursor over the icon it doesnt change (in the very top).
    @DoctorFro did you just follow me? someone did and I can't figure out who just did it. my follow count is off by two I think.
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    Can't read shi*s. Make them pictures bigger.
  • Oh I thought u meant to add links in do I add the link?

    And okay
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    For Kozuz:
    For Aliyah
    [New edition] For Aya:
    And that's all so far lmao
  • *EDH bump*
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    lol more like, WOG

    Also can we chamge bumping into "bump in the night" - the card
  • Love the entries keep um comming!
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