Cards of MtgCardsmiths: The Saga Continues



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    Thanks @AxNoodle! I liked all 3 of the abilities its pretty powerful, especially the 2nd ability ;) joking!
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    For @TenebrisNemo

    Edit: fixed

    Was looking over your cardsmith personality cards, this is my try at making one that might represent you..

    Tenebris, Who Foresees Doom
  • @saveria201 - I did not foresee this awesome card you made. It represents me quite well! Thanks a lot!
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    For @JPastor Master of the Mystery boxes.

  • @Lastjustice cool card of @jpastor! @shadow123 cool partner cards with @Aryanf and myself I like the ability you picked for mine thank you!
  • Soo today is the day the contest is supposed to finally come to an end. I had it scheduled to end earlier in the day, but this contest grew on me so much that i decided i will keep it open for the rest of today then it will close at 12am so get any cards you guys might have left turned in or new ideas submitted. This contest has been a blast for me to host!
  • This contest.... Is closed for judging! Please give me a couple days to get back to you guys with the results.
  • This is a contest!? I just found it fun to make cards of other cardsmiths!
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    I can't believe how long this contest had been up and I hadn't dropped a card for you in it. I feel so bad about that. Please forgive me man. You had helped me fix so many cards in the past, I did NOT forget that. Hopefully you will like this card, I think it's pretty sweet.
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    In case anyone is wondering, yes this contest is still being judged. Due to the many entries it has been taking me longer to judge this. I have decided to let this thread remain open for fun from this point going forward, it is a great way to show respect/love/worshipness/etc. lol of fellow cardsmiths, and I have had a blast with it (Which is why I dropped a @TenebrisNemo and a @KalamMekhar card in it.) So please keep the spirit alive here, and keep dropping cards whenever you like. and please don't forget to checkout @Ranshi922's version of this contest slated to go all summer long, I will help him judge in that contest as well! :)

    I will be back with the results here to this contest so stay tuned!
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    How can the contest be complete without at least one more card made for everyone's favorite Squirrel, @Corwinnn!
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    The long awaited results for this contest are in!

    First of all, I would like to thank each and every one of you for hitting this contest up. Thank you all for being such a (in @Scott_Anderson's words if he was to say this) 'wonderful' community. Some of you my 'friendship/acquaintanceship/relationships developed further through this contest, others I had met for the first time through it. Thank you for checking it out, seriously.

    So without further ado, lets get to the results.

    Since there was an amazing amount of unexpected entries (at the time of this posting there was roughly a little over 6,500+ views on this discussion) I had to extend the places from 1st, 2nd, and 3rd to adding a 4th, and 5th place. I also have 5 honorable mention spots now. Each Honorable Mention will be given by each Cardsmith that placed. At that point once I get all 5 honorable mentions back, I will determine what places those Honorable Mentions came in as if there was 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, and 10th placing (doing that for people such as @dechujoh64 who would rather know what place they technically fell in overall if they do place.) each honorable mention will get their entry faved if I havent already faved it (I went on a favoriting spree throughout the duration of this contest so more than likely I've already favorited the card!) You will get 1 favorite of their choice for me to favorite. Cool? ok Cool. Here are the results thus far:

    5th place:

    @Tomigon with Aryanf, the Bloodbraided


    Congratulations! You win 2 favorites for me to favorite and you get to pick 1 honorable mention. Please post your requests here.

    4th place:

    @TenebrisNemo with Lujikul, Aspiring Apprentice


    Congratulations! You win 3 favorites for me to favorite and you get to pick 1 honorable mention. Please post your requests here.

    3rd place:

    @Teserand with Teacups Refuge


    Congratulations! You win 4 favorites for me to favorite and you get to pick 1 honorable mention. Please post your requests here.

    2nd place:

    @Lastjustice with East2West Express


    Congratulations! You win 5 favorites for me to favorite and you get to pick 1 honorable mention. Please post your requests here.

    1st place:

    @East2West with Sace, Planeswalker Apprentice


    Congratulations! You win 5 favorites plus an @Aryanf Hug favorite (choose another person you would like me to favorite their card of.) Plus you get to choose 1 honorable mention. Please post your results here.

  • Oh... I was hoping my card of you and @Aryanf would’ve at least gotten me a 5th place... :(
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    @Ranshi922 theres still chances for honorable mentions! I dont know who will be picked at that point, it will be up to the top 5 placers. Good luck! Your card was great, dont sweat it! There was so many entries this was a difficult contest to judge. Sooooo many awesome cards.
  • Ok... excuse me while i keyboard headsmack twes34frgt48237844wecvle3cv. Kcimv m ikcxkim8vcik9d csyntheticreign
  • Congratulations everyone! This was a splendid showing of community love!

    Thanks for this contest, Sorin!!
  • I want to let everyone know in case you would like to post more cards here, i will keep this open as long as the moderators keep it open for discussion.
  • thank you @Lastjustice that is pretty awesome of you
  • @Jonteman93 and @Teacup you guys get 2 favorites each because i already had faved your cards. Waiting on 3 more cardsmiths to drop their choice of hm! :)
  • Wait, @sorinjace, you said that these were the standings thus far... people are acting as though it were over. Is it and I just completely misunderstood? Or is it not and I am the only sane one?
  • @Ranshi922 the contest is over but the discussion is to remain open for cards to be dropped here for fun and showing respect/love/recognition to other cardsmiths.

    Dont worry unlike all my other discussions that are literally closed this one will remain open. Just because the results are in dont mean the cards have to stop being dropped here. This technically could be a reactivated contest at some point *hint hint*

    We are still waiting for the other honorable mentions. :)
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    Created this for @Ranshi922's contest, my 2nd @Beeswax card!
  • @sorinjace, I just got 4 emails from your two comments here. Two mentioned your comment, two mentioned you mentioning me.
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