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  • @baryonyx69 this is going to sound sad, but I don't have much knowledge in this game I get motion sickness so I can't play most games that are 1st person (I know there is a 3rd person view of the game, my wife and I tried it when our friend Allen, aka @MurkKnight5 on here, when he had the game at his apartment, we tried it and I still got sick. I was pissed) so I can ask @Aryanf (my wife) she probably would fill me in on this or I can look it up online I'm sure. But I can at least appreciate it as a magic the gathering card, sounds like Dragon players better watch out! lol cool card man! I'm going to go favorite it, thanks for the card!!
  • @sorinjace That sounds unfortunate. It's a really good game, fun, good story. Sorry, I'm kinda rubbing it in your face now...
    But thanks anyways! You're welcome!
  • Can we make cards of ourselves?
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    I created a card for every single @cardsmith out there, once again!

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    The short answer is Skyrim is a Legend of a big bad dragon, Alduin comes back after being gone for ages and tries end the world for reasons unknown. You play the role as the Dovakin, or Dragonborn who is the one destined being who can spot it. The dragonborn has the innate ability to absorb the words of power and souls of dragons. (which fuels the gift.)

    Words of power are concepts spoken in the dragon tongue which causes the effect to happen. (Such as Fus means Force and knocks things back with an energy burst, the main shout you get., which eventually becomes Fus Ro Dah or Unrelenting force with all 3 words together. )Most people need to train for years to speak the dragon tongue, and barely get anywhere. You just are awesome because the gods will it.

    Yes I played the crap out this game, as I beat it multiple times and platinumed on both PS3 and PS4 heh. There's alot more to it like most Bethesda games, thats just the main quest. I can understand why you wouldn't get far if the motionsickess is an issue. I've had a few games give me headaches due to that, but not from first person views. (generally alot of spinning really fast like the stupid top screen 4th lvl boss in Contra 3 on Snes.)
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    @Lastjustice this is overdue
  • @Lastjustice yeah the spinning gets to me in a lot of games, I just played Mortal Kombat X on the ps4 yesterday for the 1st time, and I got pretty far before I had to leave with my wife (we was over at her brother and dad's house for dinner last night) That game was cool but after awhile even that got to me slightly and that made me upset....I wish I could play more video games than I do. But thanks for the information on Skyrim, I was told there are several ways to beat it like it has multiple endings, is that true or am I getting that mixed up with a different game?
  • @sorinjace The main story line only has one ending where you kill Alduin. There is no alternate endings. Though that would have been cool if you could side with Alduin and destroy the world.
  • My wife said she was talking about the games Fable 2 and fable 3.
  • @Sorinjace
    The main quest is really one way to win...dead bad dragon. There's plenty of quests along the way that have a couple different ways of completing. The Daedra quests in particular are some of the more interesting and amusing quests. Often you need do the more evil thing to get the artifact toward completing the trophy, but that's not 100% across the board answer.

    I played Skyrim mostly in third person, because I often used melee attacks. Only when I was trying find something( like a button or switch) or aimming with my bow did I really switch to first person. I like actually seeing what my characters look like when I play. (which I make full sets of armor and weapons all named and enchanted to whatever theme I am going with. The gear you make blows away anything you find randomly.)When I sneak or melee it's easier to see what is around you in third person.

    The other game I've been playing more recently is Fallout 4.(I waited till the game of the year edition came out and was cheap.) That you actually get make alot more choices to how you go about things. while the main quest has two main endings, there's alot of smaller breakdowns in choices as there's 4 different factions to the main quest, and depending who you side with, who gets wiped out. In the DLC far harbor, you get decide who lives and dies there too as can you basically wipe out everyone. (I laughed my butt off when I nuked the children of the atom, they wanted be one with the atom..I gave them their wish.)

    It's a bummer that you are really sensitive to motion sickness, as I've had some experience with that, but you sound like it's on another level. I used be really bad about it when I was little, as I'd get car sick all the time. I got better my system toughened up, though last time I rememeber that sort of thing really kicking my butt was when I saw the Blair Witch Project. A movie so bad it physically hurt me. I had a splitting headache for the rest of the night. I avoid any movie filmed by a hand cam that bounces alot since that. (Like Cloverfield.)
  • @Lastjustice oh god! Blair witch! Yeah I avoided that like the plague though I'm quite aware of the movies premise. I avoid hand cams as well like I couldnt watch the TV show cops when it was on. I'd get sick and be done for the night.
  • @sorinjace ,I didn't consider the thought of a film messing me up till I experienced that movie. My roommate at the time wanted to go see it with this girl he knew and they asked me if I wanted to come along. I had nothing going on, and there was such stupid amounts of hype about the movie and thought why not. I went to the bathroom mid way thru as it was getting bad, but at the time I didn't realize what was causing it. I remember just saying at the end, the scariest thing about that movie was I paid 7.50 to see it. (which is cheap now.) Other people laughed.

    It was a really dumb movie on top of that as I kept expecting it to get never did. "I kicked the map in the river"...What?!? If there was anyone that dumb and couldn't read a map deserves to die in the woods. They make dozens of really poor choices. If you're ever stuck in the woods...just follow a river back to town. There's always civilization along the water.
  • @Lastjustice
    I dare you to watch Suburbicon at the theatres like we did.
  • @modnation675 , I've watched some really bad movies, usually involving beer but my friends and I watch em. I will accept your dare if I can find a copy cheap enough. One of the most awful things I've ever witnessed is Howling III: The Marsupials . I watched the first howling movie, and thought let's give it a try on netflix. It kept just the right level of bad to get me to almost turn it off. Right when I was going call it, it dragged me back in, then got so much worse. I feel dumber for having witnessed it. I am sure if you just go thru youtube clips you will get a very clear picture why you don't want to watch this movie.
  • @Lastjustice before I go here I just made a card for the mystery box challenge it's all I had time for today. Please let me know what u think of it.

    But yeah, I've seen some horrific films myself... and some that was deliberately made to be bad. Like for example "Snakes on a Train" (yes go look it up this company is known for making bad versions of popular movies lol.)
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    Yeah, it has great talent and a good budget, but felt like a waste of time.

    Just listen to some of their dialogue and you'll know what I mean. This coming from a fan of The Lobster.
  • I glanced at it to see what was, and it looked just mainstream bad. The bad I watched is fractured on another level.
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    I decided I didn't want to get this thread too far off track, so I thought I should make someone else a card.

    @Mila I made this one for you. Something that exemplifies both power and beauty as those seem to be things you like to see in cards. (and cute whomps.)


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    I wanted to make a card for you and support your thread. You recently had a card for your tattoo so I took that as inspiration. I wanted to include flavor text bout the markings being ever changing and the source of power, but I went out side the box on this and needed all the room I could get.

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    @jpastor I based this card off of "jpastor's mystery box challenges", hope you like it :)
    jpastor, Mastor Jestor
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    for @Corwinnn:
  • @ningyounk

    "Ningyou" means doll in japanese.
  • @DeepSky
    Oh that's super sweet xD Very ironically, that's exactly what my username is intended to mean by the way! x) I was quite young, really into manga, so I made my go-to online alias "Master of Puppets" in japanese because of a character I liked in Naruto, which I badly translated into "Ningyou_no_kami". Then I grew up, realized how megalomaniac it sounded (especially because it translates better into God/King of Dolls) and kept only the first letters of the last two words so it didn't mean anything anymore and was always an available alias online ^^
    Ningyou_no_kami--> Ningyou_N_K --> Ningyounk :)
  • @ningyounk
    Hahaha! I was also thinking making you into a Replicant who lives in New York.. (I just watched new Blade Runner movie and it was good:))
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    for @OrzhovNation:

    Yes I am aware that basically is like lifelink. However I wanted to abuse that, so if you equip the updated Loxodon Warhammer on another warrior creature under your control, it would benefit from OrzhovNation being in play by being able to have both life gain AND lifelink. There was really good black and white warriors that came out in the tarkir set, this would work well with them.
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