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Heya! ManaChrome here! I know I haven't been making cards recently, but I will be getting into card making as the days go on for summer break! Yay! I have recently gotten into playing cards instead of making cards: drafting, commander, modern, standard; you name it! I recently got into a bit of a deck building addiction phase XD

And to kick off this return, I want to make a contest to not only test your card making skills, but to also further progress my deck building skills!

Here is how this is going to work, any of the cards that will be featured during this contest WILL have their own commander deck tailor made for the card made by me!

So what's the contest about? Here's how this is going to go down: Pick a name being quoted in a flavor text from a printed MTG card (For example, you may pick the name "Kordel the Cryptic" because he appears in the MTG cards Conjurer's Closet and Overworld Atlas). Then, make a legendary creature based off of that card's name!

Rules for the contest:
1.) The card MUST be playable as a commander.
2.) The card MUST not have been made before 3/27/2018.
3.) The card MUST not be colorless.
4.) Each cardsmith can make up to three cards for the contest, but only one of those cards will count towards placing for the contest.
5.) Please, no joke cards. I am aware that in the past that MTG used to quote lines from plays and books of REAL WORLD authors for flavor text. I advise you guys to avoid those if you are hoping to place.
6.) If the person being quoted in the flavor text already has their own printed MTG card (for example, Pia Nalaar in Ornithopter), you may not use that name for your own cards.

1st Place: 6 favorites of cards of your choice and a follow!
2nd Place: 5 favorites of cards of your choice and a follow!
3rd Place: 4 favorites of cards of your choice!
Honorable Mentions: 2 favorites of cards of your choice!
And all the cards that placed and/or got an honorable mention WILL have a commander deck tailor-made for that card made by me!

I will be judging the cards by art, how the card relates to the quotes that were found in the flavor text, mechanics and how they translate to the flavor of the card, balance, how playable they are as a commander, and overall fun factor!

You can suggest any custom cards made by you or another cardsmith that can be used for the commander deck of the legend that you made! Or just suggest to me any custom cards that can be used for commander for the decks I'll make!

Good luck to you all! Contest ends on 4/1/2018! Happy cardsmithing to you all!


  • @Tigerfang8 Ah I think you misunderstood the concept for this XD

    You are supposed to use the name of a person who was quoted in a card's flavor text. For example, you can make a card named "Rakib, Girapur Schoolteacher" because that name appears in the flavor text of Torch Gauntlet (

    There are currently no cards with "Gretiga, Orc Warlord" in the flavor texts of mtg cards...
  • Oh, okay. I though you wanted js to make a commander. Sorry.
  • Okay, now a real entry.
    Shakesphere is mentioned in the card Winter Blast and the link for that is here:
  • Uh oh. Forgot his title from Winter Blast.
  • This was a quote from his PLAY named "King Lear" which you can see in the flavor text XD But I applaud you for trying
  • @ManaChrome I am not very good at this am I? XD
  • Here's a guy who was listed on exactly one flavor text in history, along with the card he's mentioned on.

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    1st Entry
  • @ManaChrome now I have to make a new one for a chance to place? I am nkt having good luck with this.
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    2nd Entry
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    3rd Entry

    Equals game over with Fire Servant, but whatever. Still matches the flavor and Servants.
  • Okay, I think I have one now. If this isnt right, then I give up. The person is from Mist Raven.
  • I will post later
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    Referenced thrice in MTG.

    MTGCardsmith cannot handle the full glory of her name. I also ran into some functionality issues due to cardspace, and I am not willing to sacrifice flavor text just so she can't cook herself. Besides, I'm sure her demonic employer, Vincent, would approve. And furthermore, I'm sure she's been...stewing over her arrogant mistake all those years.
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    Attention!I will be expanding this contest to hold up until 4/8/2018 due to a lack of entries! Thank you for all the entries so far guys! Happy cardsmithing!
  • dont worry @ManaChrome I am just finding the best character...

    @everybody here is a link to a page with all characters that are mentioned in flavor text...for the most part :)
  • I remembered that this contest has been done so many times lol...still a fun contest though :)
  • Attention!I will be expanding this contest to hold up until 4/15/2018 due to a severe lack of entries XD! Hopefully more people post some cards lol, otherwise I'm just ending it after 15
  • Maybe I'm not doing this right, but I kept clicking Random Card on Gatherer until I found the name of a person quoted on the flavor text, and ended up with Scathe Zombies.

    image image

    Please do enjoy!
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    Of course, who can forget the greatest goblin brothers that ever lived and died on Ixalan?

  • image

    Bump! And with an example card included! Etha appears in the flavor texts of the following cards!

    "They once were our brothers and sisters."
    -Spellweaver Eternal

    "If you want to truly test your survival skills, walk the Obelisk Path when the drakes are feeding."
    -Drake Haven

    "I do things in my own time."
    -Pull from Tomorrow
  • One of my favorite characters in flavor text:
    Referenced here
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    Alright! Judging will now commence! Any entries after this comment are not going to be included for this contest! I'll get back to all of you in a couple of minutes!
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    But before we go on, I'd like to commend Kethek, Furnace Stoker by @Lujikul!


    A unique commander with an interesting take on a "voltron-y"/group hug strategy! A very interesting playstyle indeed! Please give me the names of 2 cards of your choice (it can be two or your own cards, or if you'd like to recommend another cardsmith, go ahead)! Kethek's commander deck will be made in a couple of days :)

    And now, onto the top three! Again, 1st place gets 6 favorites distributed among six of his or her choice and a follow, 2nd place gets 5 favorites for cards of his or her choice and a follow, and 3rd place gets 4 favorites among cards of his or her choice.

    Third place goes to...
    Hadi, Calla Dale Naturalist by @Mrbobblehead!

    A very odd and simple card! I'm looking forward to making Hadi's deck! A very straightforward strategy as well! I'm thinking of some elemental synergy and many other cards that cheat lands in! The wilds of Zendikar are very pleased with your work here! You get four cards of your choice for me to take a look at and favorite!

    Second place goes to...
    The Doobin Brothers by @Gelectrode!

    Very good job indeed, cap'n! A very straightforward strategy with a simplistic design! It's very synergistic with the mechanics that care about attacking like Myriad, Battalion, Raid, Battle-cry, and Melee! It also synergizes with mechanics like Unearth that bring dead creatures back to play after attacking! Very good job with your work here! Please give me the names of any five cards you'd like me to favorite! Oh and look at that! I'm already following you!

    And last but not the least, first place goes to...
    Hastric, Straying Lookout by @TheCenterOfTheUniverse!

    A more toned down and much more enjoyable version of Odric, Lunarch Marshal! Not only that, but he even gives you access to green! I love the fact that you gave him protection from slivers as a flavorful include (+1 for flavor XD)! All in all, it's a very simplistic design and a very flavorful and cool one at that! You get a follow from me and six cards of your choice for me to peer at and favorite!


    That concludes this humble contest. I will be making the commander decks for each of the showcased commanders here after a couple of days! Congrats to all our contestants and to all our placers!
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    And I hope that this contest teaches all of you that not all the best cards in MTG are convoluted and very complex! Sometimes the best things in life are simple and plain, and underneath that blanket is a barrel of possibilities inside :)
  • Congratulations to all other @Winners and @Mentionables!
    Thank you so much for this contest @ManaChrome!
    could you favor six cards from this set:
  • I made an entry without realising the contest was over. Go figure...
  • Thanks for the entertaining contest @ManaChrome! If you could favorite these two, that'd be great.
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