WinnerIsTheJudge (Week 3) "Crossbreeds/Dual-Classes" (Closed)



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  • Why everyone here always judging me? (goes to his safespace till he remembers he's from GEN X.)
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    Judging Results

    Dual-class creatures didn't get any love, maybe because my examples were quite old or because it's hard to find good art or to come up with decent abilities for them? Well, I'm glad I could see some interesting crossbreed creatures, and especially these three cardsmiths have earned a prize for their works!

    3rd Place!
    Bubastis, Guardian Beast by @Lastjustice!
    I don't know where the guardian part pops out in this card, but I like its design a lot!
    - 1 favorite of my choice has been given to your account!

    2nd Place!!
    Griffin Trio by @Faiths_Guide!
    Majestic combination of creature types and abilities!
    - 3 favorites of my choice have been given to your main account!

    1st Place!!!
    Garlic Mammoth by @Tomigon!
    This creature is so magnificent, it brings tears to my eyes!
    - 5 favorites of my choice have been given to your account!
    - 1 month of premium subscription from @modnation675 to you or a cardsmith of your choice!
    - You get to host the WinnerIsTheJudge (Week 4)!


    Congratulations to the three winners! Thank you everyone for participating and for your 8 entries! It's always better than nothing!

    You have my permission to close this discussion!
  • Congrats other @Winners! Thanks for the contest @TenebrisNemo. Hopefully I'll be able to start creating on my main account again soon!
  • Congrats to the winners.

    Just message us with which account you want us to put the subscription on.
  • Sweet, I totally wasn't expecting to place at all here. It's a very pleasant surprise.
  • Wooohoooo!!!
    Thanks for hosting the challenge!
    I'll start week 4 soon. Also @Bobman111, I'll change the limit of entries to 2 cards per smith. So that the thread can be bumped up more often.

    I sent you a message!
  • @Tomigon that's a ok with me
  • @Corwinnn - May you close this?
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