• That sounds really basic and I think if we tried to incorporate aspects of the Renaissance more it would be cooler
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    @Faiths_Guide @DoctorFro @shadow123
    My first thought on those set icon ideas is that we're pulling on the Art trope a lot flavourfully, I'd be worried that people mistakes our set for an Art set instead of a Renaissance set if we have an art-related set icon. That's just my first impression though.

    Here are other ideas:
    - A butterfly or a flower, to represent rebirth + the spring aspect
    - Using the Psy greek letter as a reference to psylian life (in this case, I think we really need to work on incoroporating the Psy into the flavour of the set, it needs to represent something, even if it's just another name for aether. Having stories about "the Psylian Church" for instance.)
    - A heart, to represent both the life-matters aspect and the Art coming to life aspect
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    I think a slight modification to the psi symbol could also be viable.


    Like instead of that, we have something a little more like this?


    It's really crude (and oversized), but an idea.
  • It looks a lot like theros that is my only contention
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    MS Paint Concept :P
  • out of all theses ideas being thrown out, i feel we should go with something with a heart themed icon imo.
  • @DoctorFro makes a point, we're going to have to avoid the comparison with the Theros set symbol if we go with the Psy symbol ^^

  • I like the the artsy style symbols more...idk that is just me...I would prefer to stay away from the Greek alphabet if we were going to do a more classical literature, for the time, theme I would say the Roman references like maybe what if we had a lily to play off the word of the Iliad...

    @ningyounk thank you
  • The paint palette is distinctive, it scales from very small to very large, it can be colored properly to show rarity, and it definitely says art.
  • I think the paint pallet is dumb. I like the heart more than the Greek letter, but it could use a little twist.
  • @Scott_Anderson I like your thinking I really like th paint pallet maybe if we added something else...

    I feel like the heart feels sorta out of place even though I do understand the intention....I think @brcien
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    Imagine the heart replaced with @ningyounk's current:
    Could be neat. Oh, MS Paint, lol.
  • That looks better than just Psy at least yet I still like the pallet more
  • What if we did a paintbrush and a swirl to represent drawing emotion
  • @Everyone
    How about a paintbrush painting a stroke or symbol.
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    Alternatively, we could do a spin on this:
    Harps are renaissance instruments that symbolize art/music.
  • How about we focus on the set symbol later?
  • I second that motion
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    @TezzeretofCarmot21 @SpiritDragon
    I think they're planning to make the cards using MSE simultanesously, so the set symbol being pre-made helps a lot for posting purposes.
  • Oh, then could you send me a copy of it once it is finished
  • @SpiritDragon
    I think they'll post a link to the set here, when ready.

    Probably when the set starts to have some cards cemented.

  • no, the set symbol.
  • @SpiritDragon
    Ah, not sure. You'd have to ask @ningyounk when they determine the exact version.

    Depends on how they design it using MSE and if they know how to extract it from the set file.
  • The set symbol is also important because it has to capture the set in one quick, explanatory yet simple image that’s gonna be on all the cards. For example, several zendikar sets had a variation on hedrons for their symbols, and Kaladesh/Aether Revolt’s were intentionally complicated. Dragons of Tarkir was literally a dragon head.
  • @Faiths_Guide
    The harp has been used as a set symbol by another custom set called Aenyr (an Art set) which is also why I'd like to drift away from an art-related set symbol if possible. I guess something subtle like having a set symbol that looks like it's brush-painted couldn't hurt though ^^ (Click on the image below to access the Aenyr set.)



    Since it's Dominaria pre-release this week-end, I figured instead of doing commons I would dig out some of the most crazy life-matters cards that exist to get some inspiration for the set. There are a few in Dominaria itself if you haven't noticed!

    It's not an exhaustive list, I just took the ones from Dominaria an then the ones that I think are the most emblematic:


    If anyone has any idea for this kind of cards that we could add to the set, it will definitely be useful at some point ^^
  • @ningyounk
    I don't know that it will be possible to avoid resemblance to every custom set symbol (in addition to actual ones), but ok.
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    There are not a ton of other custom sets we need to avoid, actually Aenyr is probably *THE* one because it's the closest to what we're doing. I literally can't think of another one that would be a problem right now, so it shouldn't be that much of a problem ^^
  • Storm Herd or Repay in Kind could be good reprints. Repay in Kind could also be a possible story spotlight.
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    An MS Paint mock-up:
  • @Faiths_Guide
    That looks amazing!
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