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    Alternatively one of:
    image image
  • @Faiths_Guide I like the second, nice ideas!
  • the heart with the paintbrush imo fits the set the best
  • @Faiths_Guide those are all wonderful. I prefer #1.
  • I also agree that I like the first one most. It has that more symmetrical aspect that almost every set symbol has.
  • @Faiths_Guide
    That looks amazing. Well done!
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    Those look really cool, I can't believe you did that on MS Paint! xD
    I especially like the work you've done to make the hearts feel more unique. And I like the asymmetry of the second batch, I think it fits the idea of an uplifting set even better, it has a sense of motion to it.

    I have two things I'm a little scared of with this concept:
    First, heart + brush crossed makes for a high level of details, I don't know if that will look good at set symbol scale. Here's a try with the first concepts you just posted:




    At that scale, I think the first one is too small but the last two work well ^^

    The second thing I'm a little scared of is the use of the paintbrush clipart, I think it's a little too recognizable, but we can probably twitch it on Adobe Illustrator so it doesn't look like *that* paintbrush everyone uses for their powerpoint presentation.

    I did some experimentation myself a while ago with heart icons, here are a selection from things I still have from those experiments, if it inspires anyone (you'll notice the four-parts heart logo I've been using so far in the bunch):



    Here are some crazy life cards we could consider for the set (not all of them at the same time, they're just concepts):


    Sign in Sorrow is an old idea of mine that is basically Sign in Blood except it's actively trying to kill you.
    Psylian Avatar is a twist on Serra's Avatar. Not my original idea, it was discussed earlier.
    Embrace the Muse is just a random idea, I put it in Green because that's a lot of mana.
  • Psylian Avatar and Embrace the Muse are pretty great.
  • We should definitely have a card like embrace the muse in the set.
  • I like embrace the muse
  • @ningyounk the psylian avatar just seems like a worse version of Serra Avatar, but that could change and with its abilities if they made more sense for mono-white or related to psylian then it could be really busted for its cost
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    I just had an idea!




    Whenever a creature you control causes an ability to trigger, that ability triggers an additional time.

    Art creatures you control have double-strike.




    At the beginning of your upkeep, you may pay {x}. If you do, X life you have is converted to psylian life.

  • And the outraged bard could have

    Opponents can’t gain psylian life.

    (I know it is mechanic hate.)
  • Multitasking sounds like an alternative of Panharmonicon that's just better in most circumstances.
  • Ok, how about 4WW?
  • @ningyounk I could share some of my Rehearse mechanic cards that have to do with music to this set, I have quite a few.
  • IS this the right thread for card mechanics and example cards?
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    Smaller file, still MS Paint, modified the "four-parts" heart.
    Created my own paint brush that appears to be creating the heart.
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    About the Panharmonicon card, I agree we should definitely start thinking about having our own version in the set, especially if the Rebirth mechanic stays ^^

    About the psylian life conversion, if we really want to do this effect we're going to have to find the right words. I'm unsure if that can be done with just the right verb (becomes, etc.) or if we need something ugly like "You gain psylian life equal to your nonpsylian life, then you lose all your nonpsylian life."


    Really cool work! =D Here's how it looks like on a card:


    I was afraid there would be too many details but it's still pretty easy to read in small size actually! I'd be happy with that concept for the set icon ^^
    I've been learning how to use Adobe Illustrator recently. I don't know if I'll have the needed skills to actually do it, but I see a couple of things that we might be able to improve:
    - Add thick and thin strokes to the heart shape to make it look like it's drawn.
    - Open the heart shape so it actually ends at the tip of the brush.

    I'll try my best but I can't promise anything, I'm still a beginner at Illustrator x)
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    The image isn't displaying for me. Well, now it is. If you'd like to make some specific design tweaks, you could be my art director and I could take it into Autodesk Sketchbook or Procreate on my iPad to make the revisions you'd like.
  • @Faiths_Guide
    You could do that? :o Well let's see everyone's opinion on that concept first, then if everyone is on board we can refine the last details. I think it just needs to feel more like a paint stroke (if we can, I'm not sure *I* can do that, but I would try.)
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    Slight refining in MS Paint.
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    Went ahead and made a really quick, updated, high-res version in AutoCAD:
    This version is incredibly simple to adjust/refine to whatever is desired.
  • Common ideas:

    Observatory savant
    Human advisor
    Whenever you discover a card, gain 2 life. If the dicovered card is an instant or sorcery, gain 2 psylian life instead.

    Acrobatic vault
    Target creature gets +1/+1 and gains flying until end of turn.

    Blossoming wealth
    Each player may gain 2 psylian life and draw a card. For each opponent that does, untap a permanent you control.

    Fervent Woodcarver
    {t}: add G to your mana pool. If you and an opponent gained life this turn, add GG to your mana pool instead.
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    Alternatively (for a more flowing design):

    It comes out about this size on the cards:
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    I personally really like how dynamic it looks with the width variations at a small scale!
    However I think the holes to decorate are cool on a bigger scale but don't translate super well at a card scale. Also, it looks like the heart has been eaten, I think symbolically it's a bit weird. I'll try to post some ideas based on that concept as soon as I can, maybe a whole heart with an arabesque inside (may be too much like Kaladesh though)? I liked how it looked really full on the previous four-quadrants version.

    Here's the version with just one notch:


    The paint stroke may be a bit slim?

    Some of them are a bit complew for commons, but I like:
    - That Obervatory Savant makes a link between multiple mechanics. We should probably playtest more of these, we already have a few.
    - The concept behing Fervent Woodcarver is pretty neat.

    I'm have doubts about mixing normal life gain with psylian life gain, we can certainly test it out to see how confusing it gets.
  • @ningyounk
    Feel free to message me directly with any alterations you'd like.
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