Spy vs Spy *Judging results are in!*

Welcome, agents, to your next challenge. I present to you...


In this contest, make Spies and cards that would work with Spies (secret equipment, vehicles, agents, etc. etc.) or fit in a Spy-type universe. Be creative, and have fun. The world is your oyster! Do not worry, this message is not going to self-destruct. *looks to left then to the right with squinty eyes.*

There is a custom mechanic I came up with that I would like to see be used on creatures (but if you find a way to use it on other types of permanents, feel free to make a submission!) it is called, you guessed it, Spy. Here is 2 examples of the Spy ability:


I also have another custom mechanic that I thought could be used in this contest as well if done creatively:
This ability is called Scared. Here is an example:


You don't have to make anything with these abilities, it's just something I thought would be cool in this type of card design. Just so everyone knows.

OK Card Agents, here are the rules:

1.) Unlimited amount of entries.
2.) You can edit or pull cards from the contest at any time up until the end of the contest.
3.) Please credit the artist name if possible on the cards.
4.) The cards can be of any type of card (Planeswalker, Land, creature, etc. etc.) but it must meet the theme of the contest in some type of way.
5.) I would prefer the cards to be serious and not funny, but if you absolutely have to drop a card here that is funny yet meets the 'spy' theme, by all means, please drop it into the contest.
6.) Old cards are allowed, as long as you post a new one for each old card submitted (so if you put two cards that are old up here, you have to make two new ones, or they wont be counted towards the contest entries. I will be counting!) The idea is to bring more activity and interest to the contest, new and old cards alike do both from time to time. You may have a card that wasn't in no way made for espionage, but could work in this contest (like a gun equipment, for example.) Heres your chance to get recognition for your hard work again and get people to see it. But please make new cards, as it helps to maintain activity in the community and keeps the contest fresh and interesting with new cards to check out!
7) You can use art from any source including magic the gathering itself but you get better chances of winning using unused art or nonmagic card art, you know, something not already on a preexisting magic the gathering card.

Rules are subject to change.

ps the colors to the custom abilities has not really been set in stone, be creative! Spy thus far has been done in blue and black. scared has been done in white and green (look up scared and lost moss if you are interested.) be creative, maybe you will come up with the winning card!

I will favor entries I enjoy as the contest goes as well, be on the lookout!

This contest ends Wednesday, May 2nd 2018 2pm Eastern Standard Time, USA

Here are the rewards:

3rd place will get 3 favorites of their choice
2nd place will get 4 favorites of their choice
1st place will get 5 favorites of their choice
1st place winner will also receive one month premium membership to use at their discretion, courtesy of the fine folks at @modnation675 and their awesome group hug contest support. Please check out all the contests they support, they put a lot of thought and work into what they do as well as other contest runners.


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