Thread Partnership (April) *Join the following contests/challenges*

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Hello fellow cardsmiths, we had the idea of making a thread to help bump some contests/challenges. As such, we decided to make this group hub for some fellow threads.

If you would like to see your contest/challenge added here, just send a message here or via PM!

Contest/challenge List: (Changed to alphabetical order!)
1) Custom EDH
2) Faction war(Of MtgCardsmith.)
3) That's some nice combo game right there.
4) Tricks and Traps **Circuit Challenge**
5) Second Contest: Vehicles!
6) Spy vs Spy
7) Stringing us along contest *Artwork challenge*
8) Wanna Play a Game?

Completed Contests/challenges:
1) Between the Lines!
2) Clash your keyboards Contest
3) WinnerIsTheJudge (Week 3) "Crossbreeds/Dual-Classes"

Happy smithing everyone! :)


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