Mechanix Challenge - Twenty Eight

84 years ago, Corwinnn, MrRansom, AustinSmith and Tomigon started a project called TheMechanix. Now, its secret is revealed. It is where we organize all custom keyword mechanics posted to ; Mechanic Encyclopedia for ALL.

For Mechanix Challenge - Twenty Eight
We would like you to choose a custom keyword mechanic from THIS SET:
and make an incredible card that uses it.

In MC-28, the focus is on Static ability
This challenge features mechanics from @Gelectrode, @saveria201, @Flatfish, @aus10krews, @JaceNalaar, @Cyborgskeleton, @Luigifan, @ArienStorm, @Superman101, @Faiths_Guide, @KJMartin, @JAM, @sorinjace, @Animist

Presentation, art selection, templating, spelling, balance, creativity and flavor.

Cards created before April 01, 2018 aren't allowed.
Limit of 15 entries max per person.
Deadline: April 15
*Top 3 winners will get a super amazing -TROPHY-; and added to -HALL OF FAME- !


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    Here are the Mechanics for Mechanix Challenge 28

    Flux by Gelectrode
    Flux [Cost] (You may cast this spell for its flux cost. If you do, its target(s) is(are) chosen at random.)

    Dream by saveria201
    Dream [Cost] (You may pay an additional [cost] as you cast this spell. If you do, choose another nonland card name.)
    TOMIGON'S NOTE: Also check out Dreameweave mechanic she created.
    Dreameweave (Ability word) by saveria201
    Dreameweave - Whenever a permanent with the name chosen by an effect of a card you own enters the battlefield, (effect..)

    Scale by Flatfish
    Scale {x}[Cost] (You may cast this spell for its scale cost. If you do, change its text by replacing all numbers in the text with X.)
    NOTE: Only for Instants and Sorceries.

    Necromorph by aus10krews
    Necromorph [cost] (You may cast this card face down as a 2/2 creature for {3}. When this creature dies, if it was face-down, you may pay its necromorph cost. If you do, return it to the battlefield face up.)

    Decompose by JaceNalaar
    Decompose N (This creature enters the battlefield with N +1/+1 counters on it. At the beginning of your upkeep, remove a +1/+1 counter from it.)

    Shielding by Cyborgskeleton
    Shielding N (This creature enters the battlefield with a shield counter on it. As long as it has a shield counter on it, it has indestructible. When this creature is dealt N or more damage from a source, remove a shield counter from this creature.)

    Barricade by Luigifan, edited by Tomigon
    Barricade N (This ______ enters the battlefield with N barricade counters on it. As long as it has a barricade counter on it, if a source would deal damage to you, prevent that damage and remove that many barricade counters from this ____ instead.)

    Horde by ArienStorm
    Horde (This creature gets +1/+1 for each other creature you control that shares a creature type with it.)

    Arcanashield by Superman101
    Arcanashield (Prevent all non-combat damage that would be dealt to this creature. )

    Warshield by Superman101
    Warshield (Prevent all combat damage that would be dealt to this creature.)

    Belief by Faiths_Guide
    Belief [cost] (You may cast this card without paying its mana cost. If you do, each other player may pay [cost]. If no mana is paid this way, counter this spell.)

    Hulk by KJMartin
    Hulk N (As long as this creature has the greatest base power among creatures on the battlefield, it gets +N/+N.)

    Mutated by JAM
    Mutated N (You may have this creature enter the battlefield with N -1/-1 counters on it. If you do, it it mutated.)

    ----Bonus Mechanics!----

    Spy by sorinjace
    Spy [Cost] (You may pay an additional [Cost] as you cast this spell. If you do, this creature enters the battlefield under an opponent's control.)
    ^Check out "Spy vs Spy" challenge by @sorinjace

    Painborn by Animist
    Painborn (Each 1 life you pay while casting this spell pays for {1}. This creature enters the battlefield with a -1/-1 counter on it for each 1 life paid this way.)
    ^Check out "Duel Decks: Animist vs BellBOY_d" challenge by @jpastor



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    This seems like a no brainer....


    Spy by Sorinjace (yes I just made this card for Spy vs Spy)
    Defect is my own spin on spy as means to return the creature.

    Edit (second draft)
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    Let's dive into this one...


    I used ......
    Shielding by Cyborgskeleton
    Arcanashield by Superman101
    Flagbearer is a really old mechanic, originally was the creature type, but given they only made 2 creatures with that type, I just made it a keyword in the text box instead since it was required to explain what it was anyways. Making a soldier with that trait has far more interactions. A creature that had it before ( )


    Dream by saveria201, Modified by me. I felt naming a single card was too narrow for the mana commitment. An enchantress costs 3 mana, and gets you cards without anything extra for every single enchantment you cast. For 5 mana, you need get something more than 4 cards tops. (Assuming you aren't flickering the permanent, which would generate tons of cards for either mechanic version.) Edit, I see I can do more than draw cards as I didn't catch that, only looked at the example.

  • @Lastjustice
    That's ok! XD I set the rule so that people can submit spy cards made for that contest.

    -Duala Cross, Deep Cover
    Wow, so many texts! That's ok, but the card is not worded correctly, and I don't understand what it wants to do.

    "Controller other than it's owner plays with their hand revealed."
    ^Controller of what? What does "it" refers to? But I think that's Duala Cross..
    My wording suggestion:
    "Play with your hand revealed unless you are the owner of Duala Cross."

    "This creature may attach equipment during owner's turn of the controller's" part is very confusing. "Attach" is not creature's action in MtG. Who attaches equipments to that creature? Owner of what? Controller of what? Does that player need to pay equip cost? Sorry, I don't know how to fix this part because I can't decipher this.

    I'm not sure, but those two parts look like different abilities. They should be in different paragraph in that case.

    You italicized "Defect-", but it doesn't look like an ability word. Maybe it should be
    Defect [Cost] (During this creature's owner's turn, that player may pay [Cost]. If he or she does, he or she gains control of it and all permanents attached to it.)?

    I think the card looks neater if you remove reminder text of spy. There are so many words in the card. And just in case you don't know; that mana cost should use gold border. But it's ok if you want to use hybrid border. It looks cool actually.

    -Valeria, Elite Honorguard
    You italicized Flagbearer, but that doesn't look like an ability word. And that creature doesn't have Flagbearer subtype, so that mechanic doesn't work. I think that should be static keyword ability like this;
    Flagbearer (While choosing targets as part of casting a spell or activating an ability, your opponents must choose at least one creature with flagbearer on the battlefield if able.)

    I think you tend to mix up ability words with keyword abilities. They are different. I'll put links to gamepedia here:

    Thanks for your entries!
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    Hey I am the idea guy, I follow the spirit of the law not the letter heh. I don't mind if someone comes back and irons out the wording in my intent. I appreciate you giving me some coaching rather than just leave my with incomplete ideas that failed as entries.

    As for the Hybrid mana, I like the way it looks over Gold borders in alot of cases, and slap a single hybrid mana in the cost just so justify it being there it heh.

    The idea is you give your opponent Duala Cross, you then get to pay the costs to attachment, and then defect it back with whatever is attached to it and you keep those attached items. A spy who steals information and secret weapons from her enemies. Admittedly, I haven't worked with this sort of thing, and there's no cards to compare it to in order to get a better idea of how word it neater.

    In any case I have some tweaking to do on my cards.
  • @tomigon I commented on your update of the dream and dreamweave mechanics. Basically I like your update, it works more coherently now.
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    That makes sense. Thanks for updating the card! You don't need to italicize "Spy" and "Defect" by the way.

    Fixed! I was going to ask you if it was ok to use update version of your mechanics before this challenge, and I forgot. But I'm glad you like them.
  • A card with the Hulk mechanic has arrived!


    Hope it doesn't rain on your parade.
  • Hulk would be really interesting as an ability word. For example:

    Big-Butted Baryonix 2GG
    Hulk- As long as Big-Butted Baryonix has the greatest base power among creatures on the battlefield, it gains trample.


    Ogre Alchemist
    Creature- Ogre Wizard 3UR
    Hulk- At the beginning of your upkeep, draw a card. Then, discard a card unless Ogre Alchemist has the greatest base power among creatures on the battlefield.

    This is just an Idea. It seems a lot more fluid and interesting than just buffing the creature if it's already the biggest.

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    @KrampisZman I agree that gives alot more to work with rather than just make a huge beatstick bigger. I would probably use some version of what you suggested if I make a card with Hulk.

    Edit I decided go with another card using...
    Horde by ArienStorm
    Hulk by KJMartin , Modified by KrampisZman
    Flanking is an older mechanic, Flanking (Whenever a creature without flanking blocks this creature, the blocking creature gets -1/-1 until end of turn.)

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  • @sanjaya666
    That might be a little confusing. When I first read it, I thought it gives decompose to only creatures with base P/T 0/0, like Mistcutter Hydra.  

    My wording suggestion-
    "Whenever another creature enters the battlefield, put two +1/+1 counters on it and it has bas power and toughness 0/0. If it doesn't have decompose, it gains decompose. (At the beginning of its controller's upkeep, that player removes a +1/+1 counter from it.)"
  • Ooh, Belief is a tough one. I'm curious to see what people come up with.

    Keep in mind, it's a multiplayer mechanic.
  • Here comes another.

  • Here is my first entry for the MC-28! WOO!

    This planeswalker has both Arcanashield and Warshield from @Superman101
    The Left one is what I could do with it here at MTG Cardsmith and the right iswhat I could do with the Magic Set Editior and dA.

    Hopefully, you like it.
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    Imagine if you would turn into a zombie, but you still keep your sanity.

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    Here's another one


    I used ..
    Warshield by Superman101 , Warshield (Prevent all combat damage that would be dealt to this creature.)

    Hulk by KJMartin , Modified by KrampisZman

    Obstruct by Lastjustice. Obstruct (can block an additional creature each combat.) or Obstruct N (can block up to N additional creatures each combat.)

    Aegis by Lastjustice. Aegis N (Whenever this creature becomes the target of a spell or ability an opponent controls, that player pays {N} or the effect is countered.)
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    Thanks for your entries everyone!

    Can you post the reminder text of "Aegis: 3" mechanic? Also colon should be only used in activated abilities. Like [Cost]: (effect). So I think "Aegis: 3" should be "Aegis 3"..
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    @Tomigon -san, a 1000 pardons hehe.

    Aegis by Lastjustice. Aegis N (Whenever this creature becomes the target of a spell or ability an opponent controls, that player pays {N} or the effect is countered.)

    Sorry I left off the Aegis text since I have been posting cards with it for a while, and was focused on getting all the new mechanics listed. I coined that term for hexproof lite, like Frost titan has. East2West was actually just discussing this mechanic and wanting to use it possibly on her own cards. I believe I put it on the mechanix list at some point, but i can't expect you recall them all even if throw on creatures periodically.

    Here's a creature with it , one my earliest cards I made. (If you want to save something with it on Mechanix.)


    This one of my earliest mechanix ideas, so I looked at old cards as a reference point to text, so I used what I knew in my defense. I saw way Rampage was displayed(I've been playing long enough to know what Rampage is heh.) and followed suit. Looking they obviously changed the way they did things, same with they used Capitalize every keyword on a card, now they only do for the first word in a row. (I still do that the old way as I prefer it.) I kept going with the original way and never gave it any thought.I will need go back and fix some cards at some point.
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    Gotcha! I didn't know Chromium was worded like that XD

    Sorry if I sound nitpicky.. but I've never seen the wording that says " Counter target effect."
    I think "Aegis N (Whenever this creature becomes the target of a spell or ability an opponent controls, counter that spell or ability unless its controller pays {n}.)" is correct wording.
    Or this wording does similar thing.
    Aegis N (This creature has hexproof. Any player may pay {n} for that player to ignore this effect until end of turn.)
    Also I have this idea, but I'm not sure if this is correct or not.
    Aegis N (Opponents can't choose this creature as a target of a spell or ability unless they pay {n}.)

    But either way, you don't need to fix your cards for this challenge only for their wordings as long as I can understand what they do. And so far they seem ok.
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