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    First Entry
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    I copied the text off Frost Titan....other than I put effect instead of spell or ability twice as it just seemed redundant.


    I always try find cards that already exist to base my wording off if I don't know where to start. Ultimately if anyone wants come up with the optimal wording that gets said effect to happen in the fewest words I am game.
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    Is this correct?

    EDIT: Ok card changed.

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    I think

    Whenever another creature you control without decompose dies, return it to the battlefield tapped with two +1/+1 counters on it. It has base power and toughness 0/0 and gains decompose. (At the beginning of your upkeep, remove a +1/+1 counter from it.)

    is more right, but I don't know the real card with similar effect, so I'm really not sure. I thought of cards that give another card suspend..

    Two minor things-
    Tokens disappear when they die, so nontoken clause isn't necessary.
    Undying comes after all other abilities.

    But I can understand the current card, so you don't need to fix it.
  • @Tomigon Still, need to be fixed though.
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    Using my mechanic:
    Belief [cost] (You may cast this card without paying its mana cost.
    If you do, each other player may pay [cost]. If no mana is paid this
    way, counter this spell.

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    Using my Spy mechanic. I wanted to also include Arcanashield by Superman101 but I didn't have enough room for the card's rule text.

    Entry #1:
  • Updates to my previous entry ^
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    Entry 6


    I included Painborn by Animist

    and Mutated by JAM , modified by Lastjustice

    my version since I needed these two things work together so I made it, Mutate- If this creature has a -1/-1 counter on it, ... Effect. Since painborn already threw -1/-1 counters on a creature, it would just be confusing have this throw more on them. It was a change for simplicity really.
  • Flux reminds me of this.
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    I commented on your Bonded Similar.

    Yeah, Flux and Temerity is the same mechanic. @NokiSkaur also made a similar mechanic called Impulse.
  • Thanks @Tomigon.
    Bonded Similar has been updated again.
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    Notice that he'll function with Hyenas and/or Jackals.

    [The Set]
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    The Mechanix is all about experimenting right...


    I took War and Arcanashield and put them on the same creature, but made it only work for a single color. Resist *color/type* ( Prevent all damage from a * source.)

    Protections from entire colors was always kinda bogus thing, so wizard is already breaking up the whole D.E.B.T.(Damage, Enchant, Block and Target) aspects with Hexproof from single colors.(total hexproof should still be limited in use.) Having creature you couldn't damage , block or even target was just brutal if you deck was heavy in a single color. (Oh my nemesis the Storm Breath Dragon...bane of my existence.) Having a protection toward something more limited like Vampires or angels or whatever is legit, but shutting down a whole color entirely is too powerful and something they're getting away from. Any single aspects of the DEBT being on a creature is fine and should still be an option.

    Creatures should have some strengths without being nigh unkillable, so I feel this a good step toward strong but fair mechanics.
  • 2nd entry. Using Scale.

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    It's time to announce the winners!

    Seriously, you guys are really getting good at this.. I couldn't pick only 3 winners this time. So two cards are tied for 3rd place!

    But first, we have 6 honorable mentions!

    "Goblin Horde-Leader" by @shadow123
    Nice use of multikicker!

    "Swan of Storms" by @Lujikul
    I would use this as a finisher after board wipe spell.

    "Stormscaping" by @sanjaya666
    Simple and useful!

    "Bonded Similar" by @Faiths_Guide
    Fun card for multiplayer

    "Clearwater Visionary" by @DeepSky
    I like the idea that you refresh your hand to make the dream mechanic more fun.

    "Valeria, Elite Honorguard" by @Lastjustice
    That flag is a very good lightning conductor.


    - 3rd place!
    "Grand Experiment" by @TenebrisNemo

    This is so cleverly worded that it would make me want to cast it with its flux cost even when I could safely kill two 4/4 creatures for {4}{u}{r}.

    - 3rd place!
    "Aegis of Conflict" by @TheCenterOfTheUniverse

    I like how it protects not only attackers but also mages and clerics that supports them from behind.

    - 2nd place!!
    "Yalda, Mother of Flesh" by @sanjaya666

    Creative use of decompose mechanic! It would be fun to run many creatures with EtB/Death trigger abilities with this card.

    - 1st place!!!
    "Thallid Behemoth by @bnew07

    I like the flavor! Lifecycle theme fits green very well!


    A huge thanks to all participants and creators of the mechanics!

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  • Congrats to the winners and honorable mentions! XD
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    @Tomigon Hey, thanks boss!
  • Congrats @Winners and other @Mentionables! Thanks for hosting @Tomigon!
  • Thanks to all judges and congratulatory.
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