WinnerIsTheJudge (Week 4) "20 words or less"



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    It's time to announce the winners!

    - 3rd place!
    "Wanted Notice" by @Faiths_Guide

    I like the idea that you used your custom keyword and make the text shorter! I think the card should say -1/-0 instead of -1/-1.

    - 2nd place!!
    "Can't Kill What's Dead" by @sorinjace

    I thought the cost could be cheaper because Faith's Reward is {3}{w}, but black has more sac outlets, so maybe this cost is right. Very cool card for Zombie tribal deck!

    - 1st place!!!
    "Arranged Marriage" by @TenebrisNemo

    I feel like this lets you draw a bit too many cards, but I like the card idea. Congrats! You are the next host! (AGAIN!)

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  • Neat! Thank you, @Tomigon! I'll gladly host the next challenge.

    Congratulations to the 2nd and 3rd place winners as well!
  • Congrats other @Winners, thanks @Tomigon!
  • WooHoo!!!
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