Planeswalkers Flipping Out

Planeswalkers are cool, but you know what is cooler? A planeswalker with 2 sides! Your job is to make me a double-sided planeswalker card. The card can be a legendary creature that has its spark ignite, or a regular planeswalker with something else going on, like Garruk or Arlinn Kord.
Entries will be based on flavor, how good/balanced the card is, and a couple of other factors.
No OP cards. They have to be balanced.
The planeswalker must have 2 sides
Realistic cards (No joke cards)
3 cards per person
1st place: Follow, 3 likes of your choice
2nd place: Follow, 2 likes of your choice
3rd place: Follow, 1 like of your choice

Contest ends Monday, April 30

Here's one of Arlinn Kord that I made.




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