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    Oh that's cruel! This is a second version of one of the earliest cards I made, I've had to learn so much before coming back to try improve it.

    All I have in my arsenal is lemons.
  • Create a red creature with infect.

    Infectious Catoblepas

    I should probably get a box before this thing attacks...
  • Are catoblepas your new favorite, @Corwinnn?
  • Duels are now being judged
  • @FORFUN - I really just like walking around the house saying "Catoblepas!" "Catoblepas?" "Catoblepas!!"

    @TheRacingTurtle - 5 Hugs distributed to @ShadowReign and a Bonus Follow as well because...

    @jpastor - I pull the pin and toss my EMP at ShadowReign!
  • @WarriorCatInAhat
    posting Lightning Bolt as an entry for your challenge doesn't work - never have i ever seen such disrespect for a mystery box challenge
  • it was a joke chill
  • Mystery Boxes

    Difficulty Selection Deadline

    @TheDukeOfPork your mystery box contains:
    • A Level III Mystery Challenge: Create an Avatar creature that's mono-blue.
    @ShadowReign your mystery box contains:
    • A Mystery Challenge: Create a tri-colored Dragon creature.
    @AboveAndAbout your mystery box contains:
    • Prize 105 - A Scratch-off AZLottery winning arizona millionaire lottery GIF 
    • A Mystery Challenge that floating up so high into the atmosphere it's invisible: Create a Legendary Creature that's a Beetle, but has CMC 1 or less and is a beetle that can fight other creatures. Lastly, it must have a custom mechanic that you create specifically for this creature.
    @FORFUN "when you submit your entry, you may use your binoculars...sorry looks like you just dropped your binoculars on the they're broken and you can't use them anymore. life's rough. ... but ... i just wanted to say, hilarious what you posted in response to TheRacingTurtle's card. your mystery box contains:
    • Prize 4 - A Vial with a Green Substance green GIF by Absolut Vodka Want to open it?
    • A "This box must be made of diamonds it's so hard" Mystery Challenge: Create a 1-drop Champion that isn't white, is rare or mythic, but not legendary, and gets better as long as you control another Human. Here's the catch... this champion cannot be a Human creature.
    @TheRacingTurtle I'm not in the business of committing destroying minds... but I'll try. your mystery box contains:
    • An XTREME GODLY Mystery Challenge: Create a non-Legendary creature with combat trick abilities that is monocolored but does not have its color in its artwork. It must mention block or blocking and it must have a combat ability that isn't typically related to its color. Lastly, it needs a quote from a Legendary Creature I've never heard of... there are plenty and you'll be guessing - If I've heard of the Legendary Creature in the quote, your entry won't count. BAHAHAHAHAHAH mUAHAHAHA .... :| 
    @Corwinnn your mystery box contains:
    • Prize 140 - Make Sense of the Riddle Book Club Cat GIF Will send in PM
    • A Mystery Challenge: Funny how my randomness works... but create a card that features @Jonteman93's dauntless mechanic.
    @WarriorCatInAhat and I ride down Jokes Avenue like it's a two way, not a one-way.... <---I don't know what this means

  • @Corwinnn Thanks for the support and likes
    What that scratch off doing?!

    Also hardest difficulty please!
  • Create a tri-color Dragon creature.

    I also made a creature token with it.

    I would like another box, a little harder please.
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    @ShadowReign, you know there is a token creator on mtgcs.
  • @FORFUN I'm not a premium member, so this is the best I can do.

  • First of all, another very hard mystery box.

    I'm depressed that I broke my binoculars so I need to drink.  Not alcohol.  I'm not stupid...

    I'm drinking from the green vial.  :)
  • @AboveAndAbout
    choose 10 prize numbers - you'll get 1 at random
  • oh you need premium to make tokens?
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  • @FORFUN As far as I know. I believe you need to crop a photo to make it. And you need premium to crop a photo. So I can't make proper tokens, or Planeswalkers. But I have made both.
  • You can actually do both without premium. I did it for a long time.
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    My prizes:
  • @AboveAndAbout You can, but they won't be extended, or have the planeswalker frame.
  • Weird, I remember not having premium and making planeswalkers just fine.
  • @AboveAndAbout IDK. Whenever I try to make one, I have to crop it.
  • “I'm drinking from the green vial.  

    I think we’re about to witness FORFUN Hulk out.
  • @TheRacingTurtle, I was originally going to throw it at you, but I figured you already had enough tests done on you so...
  • So... What?
  • I don't have any way right now to record my screen and record a video for my contests... but I do an an XBOX - so I was thinking of live streaming on Twitch and multitasking while playing an xbox game and tackling some Mystery Boxes among other contests.

    What do y'all think? Would y'all tune in? If anyone else has XBOX, we could party up and double team some card contest discussion.
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