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    Create a rare Illusion creature card.*

    *I do recognize that it said "rare", but I am a d*** and technically mythic rare is rare...
    I understand if this hampers or disqualifies my entry.

    Olgamid, Elusive Arbiter

    "What can we do against that?"

    The being stepped forth from the shadows, pitch blanketed the skies as the terrifyingly long limbs came into the man's view.
    "What hope is there in the hearts of craven insects?" The tendrils wrapped around themselves, twisting and convulsing as they formed a new shape. "I have served in the shadows before your world held the spark of life." Shapeless masses turned to familiar digits as a hand reached down to rest before the man. "My plans and ambitions have seen better than you fall helpless at their shear utterance." The mawless visage torturously maimed itself to shift into the deceptively peaceful gaze of a man. "We set the suns ablaze with death and sever the light from your innocent eyes." The face moved lower, reminiscent of a mountain descending from the skies. "You. This world. Your gods. You kings. Your heroes. Your legends. Your commanders. Your prophecies. You. Do. Nothing. Save for sate my hunger for a brief respite before I bleed your world and cast it to oblivion."
  • @Suicidal_Deity
    whoa that got dark quick haha !

    Nicely done
  • @jpastor Well, since @Corwinnn pigeonholed the story into going the route of the incredibly hard to branch Eldrazi, I figured I needed to add a little bit to shape it differently than what we've already seen from them in the past. But, yeah, I kinda go the route of dark. Ha ha. It makes the light so much brighter if it ever shines.

  • OK, can I get a non-draft box then?
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    "We will conquer your world, and consume all living. We have watched you humans from the shadows. You are weak. You propose no threat. Your world will fall, and we will rejoice in your destruction."

    "We?" the man replied.

    "My species. The Phyrexian species."

    The creature then realized it has been speaking in Phyrexian language the whole time, and yelled "Wait!"

    The man then shifted into his true from, revealing he is the Phyrexian's nemesis, a Shapeshifter. An epic battle was about to commence.

    Mystery Challenge: Create a creature with shadow.

    Make my box, Now!! Or you know, whenever.
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    @Jadefire your mystery box contains:
    • Prize 265 - An AK47 cat gun GIF If you would get in your next box, you may trade it with someone else's prize.
    • A Mystery Challenge: Create an artifact that exiles itself.
  • @JDpastor - my bad, I though a art challenge was just using the specified art.  Obliviously have to do a re-think.
  • @Corwinnn & @Obidiah are still awaiting the arrival of a box that must be shaped into something glorious!
  • I'll have what he's having. (Implying another box, please and thank you.)
  • Box? I don't understand.
  • can I have a box?
  • Holdup - did I miss @Obidiah?

    @mmm3creator no problem, i know you must be busy. Take your time.
  • You missed @Corwinnn too!!

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    Ok, I had to rethink how to force a continual Boss Fight.  Obvs it's best for multiplayer now, ensuring the "nobody attacks" time suck cannot happen.   To make it cheap it has to affect everyone equally. So basically its a bet you'll have the best boss at any point.  As a flavorful side affect, it makes a beefy anti-Kong wall to hide you "village" behind a really useful useful thing to have
  • A Mystery Challenge: Create an artifact that exiles itself.

    Could I get another box?
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    Another please!
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    • Let's get these Mystery Boxes out with a live reveal and a brief, one-of-a-kind walkthrough on the Mystery Box algorithm and how it works.
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    live again for mystery boxes this time!

    • + a walkthrough on the algorithm for Mystery Boxes and the inner workings
  • @FireOfGolden

    Please judge at your convenience the following two cards:
    imageLearning Curve

  • Mystery Boxes

    Deadline (Story Mode)

    Deadline (Story Mode) has been activated by a prize. Now the optional story mode has become MANDATORY for the remainder of the deadline. Along with your entry, you must continue the story with a short blurb of an entry.

    @Corwinnn your mystery box contains:
    • A Mystery Challenge: Create a Legendary Aetherborn creature.
    @Obidiah your mystery box contains:
    • A Mystery Challenge: Create an instant or sorcery card that allows you to draw a card on a different turn.
    @Suicidal_Deity your mystery box contains:
    • Prize 272 - A Song Add Its Gonna Be May Justin Timberlake GIF I'll add 1 song of your choice to the Mystery Box Spotify Playlist.
    • A Mystery Challenge: Create a rare or mythic card with a fortell cost greater than its mana cost.
    @TheDukeOfPork choose one of the following for your mystery box:
    • A Mystery Challenge: Create a green Human Cleric creature.
    • A Mystery Challenge: Create an instant that allows you to scry 1.
    @WarriorCatInAhat ;your mystery box contains:
    • A Mystery Challenge: Create a mono-green instant that's got a flying creature in the artwork.
    @Jadefire your mystery box contains:
    • Prize 368 - Deadline (Story Mode) [Activated] fairy tale books GIF by Primer
    • A Mystery Challenge: Create a rare instant that's best played during combat.
    @AboveAndAbout your mystery box contains:
    • Prize 80 - A Broken Wand Shocked Star Wars GIF by Nickelodeon Target cardsmith of your choice cannon edit their entries this deadline. Any post with an entry that's been edited by them after which you've targeted them will be destroyed.
    • A Mystery Challenge: Create a non-Werewolf creature that transforms during combat. [Submit its transformed version for an additional entry!]

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    How does this whole, Story Mode work?
  • @jpastor can I have a box please
  • @Obidiah When you enter your card, just write a little paragraph that continues from the last one (Phyrexian Consumer), and set it up for the next person to continue with another paragraph.
  • @jpastor can I use my Prize 265 (AK-47) to trade my Deadline (Story Mode) with AboveAndAbout's Magic Wand?
  • Don't use the wand on me.
  • @AboveAndAbout that was never the plan.  It was purely a defensive move  ;)
  • Create an instant that allows you to scry 1.
    Climate Change

  • Another box!
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