Mystery Box Challenges



  • Wow, thanks for the favourite @ShadowReign.
  • A Mystery Challenge: Create a creature that makes you sacrifice an artifact as a cost for an ability.
    Relic Angel
    Another box!

  • @Obidiah Please don't belittle yourself or your story, it's a good story. If you truly feel it's imperfect, I guarantee you you'll do awesome in the future, you have some cool cards, and I hope you find your an awesome Cardsmith and person. Never belittle yourself, and never let someone belittle you.
  • No problem @Jadefire , I generally thought it was a nice card.
  • Judging from just those last two comments, you seem like a pretty good person too, @ShadowReign.

    @jpastor, could I have another box please?
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    Thanks, @Obidiah
  • Congrats @TheDukeOfPork! 5 favorites of my choice or your choice... @jpastor well if it's up to me, I say just favorite any of the most recent entries! A lot of hard work went into all the cards/story that have been submitted recently; everyone has done a great job!
  • @CS101 You take the favourites!
  • A Mystery Challenge: Create a rare instant that's best played during combat.

    Could I get another box?
  • Hi friends,

    Today at 1:30 (50 mins from now) I will broadcast and do a full tour/walkthrough of my first ever, completed Amusement Park on the roller coaster game. It's nothing to boast about, but it did take 2 or so months to complete and has already been downloaded by 26 people in the past 24 hours (that's like receiving 24 faves on a card.) It features a couple cardsmith themed rides like the @IronCrusher, @Corwinnn Creek, and the @MonkeyPirate2002... plus a few other attractions. If you have time, drop in for a free Mystery Box prize in your next box.
    Thanks :smile:

  • W-w-w-w-w-whaaaat....?


    But, but, it's 6.46! 

    JK, I know about time zones.
  • This is game changing! I just realized i can record my videos!

    Now I can do live mystery box reveals and you guys can watch at any time!

    Here's the latest video... it's kind of lengthy, but all well.


  • Congrats to the Deadline winners and Duel winners! Next time won't be so easy!
    what? this isn't the part with the maniacal laugh? oh. okay.
    My schedule won't give me time to check out the live stream, but the DL number is amazing compared to the first one you uploaded! Congrats!

    I'll be back late tonight, so... as they say on the pages of the Mystery Box Challenge...

    Box Me!

  • Could I get a box please?
  • @Obidiah, could you do me a fave and provide the links to those cards so I don't miss any of them?

  • Mystery Boxes

    Reverse Challenge

    This prize, opened by Obidiah allows anyone in this batch to give me a mystery challenge that I must complete.

    @Obidiah your mystery box contains:
    • Prize 232 - Reverse Challenge [Activated]
    • A Mystery Challenge: Create a card that "chooses target creature(s)" in your graveyard.
    @Corwinnn your mystery box contains:
    • A Mystery Challenge: Create an Aura you wouldn't want to enchant one of your own creatures.
    @ShadowReign You win the duel vs DukeOfPork! Your mystery box contains:
    • Prize 195 - The Champions Pendant
    • A Mystery Challenge: Create a Nightstalker creature card.
    @TheDukeOfPork your mystery box contains:
    • A Mystery Challenge: Create an uncommon creature that adds energy counters.
    @Jadefire your mystery box contains:
    • Prize 335 - A Weed: When you submit your entry, you may have jpastor (favorite -OR- destroy) all active land, artifact, and enchantment entries.
    • A Mystery Challenge: Create a Legendary Carrier creature card.
    @OhWyrm your mystery box contains:
    • A Mystery Challenge: Create a noncreature card with a creature in the artwork that's standing or swimming in water, but isn't a sea creature.
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    Live at

    Things to discuss:
  • I'll have you do a mystery challenge. (If that's how it works.)

    @jpastor your mystery box contains:
    • Prize 3.14159 - Pie: You gain the most valuable thing there is. Pie. Congratulations. 
    • A Mystery Challenge: Create a legendary creature with partner that is either a Mercenary, or a Shaman.

    If it's not, here's my challenge fulfilled. 

    Mystery Challenge: Create a card that "chooses target creature(s)" in your graveyard.
    Rakir Baron of Bones
  • @jpastor Refresh my memory, what is the Champion Pendant?
    • Prize 195 - Champions Pendant: You may duel the winner of the previous deadline. If you win the duel, you get the deadline points instead of them.
  • can I have a box?
  • @WarriorCatInAhat your mystery box contains:
    • Prize 272 - A Song Add: You may add 1 song to the spotify Mystery Box playlist.
    • A Mystery Challenge: Create an izzet-colored spell that allows you to choose one or both.
  • Thanks @Jadefire , @jpastor if it's optional,I'm gonna have to decline, kind of had enough duels this past couple of weeks, also I don't want to risk my 5-0 if I don't need to.
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    Create a rare or mythic card with a fortell cost greater than its mana cost.

    Portend the Scourge

    @jpastor Question about the playlist. Is there anything off limits or an genres that you don't want? As a fan of both metal and rap, I find my tastes can be off putting to others.

    Also, I shall take another of your finest boxes, preferably barrel aged and locally sourced.
  • @Suicidal_Deity I can say there are more Matalheads in here than you think. lol
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    I just mean in general. I have no idea what people enjoy within the mtgcardsmith community. I just know whenever you tell someone you like metal and rap (not even worth going into the countless sub genres with them) they usually make the face that I make when someone tells me they like country music.
  • @Suicidal_Deity I can't say this for other people, but I will never think less of someone simply because their taste in music is different than mine. I may not like certain genres of music, but people are allowed and encouraged to have their own opinion in life, and will never be anything less than those who have a different opinion.
  • • A Mystery Challenge: Create a Nightstalker creature card.

    "So your saying the Rakdos storyline has enough branching storylines and it needs to come to a conclusion? I see. What if I help write the conclusion? Of course I'll include a Mystery Box, it can't be apart of the Rakdos storyline without one. Alright, well I'll see you at the set. Ba bye."
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