New Phyrexian Singles

I started in Dark Ascension, one of the greatest periods of Magic. Though my cohorts were aficionados of vampires, werewolves, and zombies, I found much more interest in the mechanical myr of the Scars block. While Sorin was the champion of my superior's deck, Wurmcoil, Argentum Armor, and Mindslaver were mine. I thought it was artifacts in general since I also love mana rocks and one-eyed scarecrows, but with Kaladesh only giving me one or two new toys to adore, I realized New Phyrexia has my heart. A living weapon by any other name is not as sweet.

So you, dear peer, I ask to share a piece of your spin on my favorite plane (Phyrexians, artifacts, kor, koth, anything) or the story of what plane or card type or whatever it is that defines you as a designer or a player. Also feel free to give feedback or request cards here! Have fun with it~



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