Tournament of Champions 2 (The game has begun)



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    Oh okay im sorry. @TenebrisNemo
  • ( @Battlesocke - Sorry, but the converted mana cost of your champion's 1st stage must be 3 or less. )
  • @TenebrisNemo

    Oh, thanks for your positive feedback! (BTW it's Jaholion, not Johalion. Johalion is his cousin twice-removed)

    I'll make sure to learn from my mistakes.
  • @TenebrisNemo if we don have a sig card in yet when is the what if are match is later in the first round...could we have until the day of your match to make the sig card?
  • ( @DoctorFro - Sure, no need to hurry. Champions are the most important cards after all. The signature cards of this stage are optional. )
  • Alright great!
  • So, when are the champions going to be chosen to enter the tournament?
  • I thought that was the first round.
  • @TenebrisNemo Maybe some kind of 5-10 lines of summary of the fights would work. Then you can give a little information how the matches are thought but they won't take much writing time.

    The warrior had fought with might and honor but the rogue did outsmart him time after time between the old buildings. The rogue had lead the warrior to a location where she had laid traps for him. The warrior had fell into the trap but he was quick and used his shield to protect from the falling spikes before they could reach him. He had fooled the rogue by pretend being killed. The warrior took a his sword and threw it at the rogue but she was faster. She dodged the sword and threw a dagger straight through the warriors neck, ending her opponent.

    Or something like that.
  • ( @Jonteman93 - FATALITY!

    Yeah, if it's ok for everybody. But as the winning contenders grow stronger and make it closer to final matches, the battles will get more intense. )
  • Alright I am fine with that...but can we at least use the names instead of just rouge and soldier?
  • @DoctorFro It was just an example without specific characters.
  • That is fine with me (Though my opinion may not matter)
  • Fine with me as well.
  • Whistler takes a seat in the corner of the tavern, then pulls out a small wrench and begins fiddling with his upper-left arm.
  • Wait a minute; these are fights to the death?
  • ( @ShaperKyon - Yes, but your characters are brought back to life after each match if they die within an arena. If they die outside of it, then they stay dead. )
  • Are the contenders sent home after losing or do they get to watch the rest of the fights? If Sylva loses early can she still watch her friends fight their matches? If so that would be great.
  • Jaholion is selling ice cream in the city square.
  • Tai: That Jaholion is up to no good with his ice cream!

    Pele: Yeah! I will burn down his stand!

    Tai: And I will help you with my powder!

    *30 minutes later...*

    Jaholion: Hey, everybody! I've got a new ice cream flavour! It has fire sprinkles in it!
  • If I remember correctly they have either 1 week or one day the. Must go home
  • @HeroKP

    Ooh fire ice cream

    (Need any Dragonfruit)
  • [ @pakashara - Whenever a contender loses, he/she/it is no longer allowed to sleep in the place which has been reserved for tournament contenders. Losers are given one day to pack their things and leave the plane.

    However, if your contender gets a permission from a specific person (usually a tournament host) to stay somewhere, then they are allowed to stay for as long as they want.

    @HeroKP - History repeats! ]
  • @HeroKP @TenebrisNemo

    "I just happen to have some fruit right here in my bag"
    Pele says as she pulls out a dragonfruit 2 pineapples and 6 small starfruit
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    Pele likes fruit
    If you cant beat them join them
    Looks like I'm gonna make some ice cream
  • @TenebrisNemo

    Can a character ask a host if a contender that lost if they can stay longer?
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    The evening of that day was pretty uneventful.

    Since last night, Tourach had only been meditating in her room and occasionally glancing to the outside world through the window of the room.

    'The last thing I remember was sending Sarazov to that mission.' Pondered the lich.

    And she also realized another more pressing matter this time.

    'The day of the main tournament is getting closer, and therefore the crime about the lost guard and the recent activities of the cultists would be fall unto me due to my usage of dark magic.' She stood up and gritted her teeth.

    'Curse my recklessness! There was no way the judge didn't somehow aware about such situation... and if he finally know about my actions...' She clutched her forehead head in her frustation about the possible witch-hunt with she as the main target.

    'Turn him into a puppet? Too easily detectable. Kill him outright? Too much commotions, and sooner or later it would be revealed, and that would be very bad for my reputation, and for my well-being.'

    For someone who was once revered so much, still Tourach had a lot of weaknesses.

    '... And what's with this memory lapse anyway...'

    Then it clicked.

    'Ah, I see it. That kind of thing.' The lich smirked.

    In the end, she finally decided to leave her room, went down to the hall, and start her search for the judge of the tournament.

    To confess her crimes that she had done before. But with the fact that the order she was currently rebuilding was based on profit instead of a death cult one, and the ritual of worshipping her part was only the side effect of the contract for those who are weak-willed.

    And pleaded herself to join the tournament until she somehow lose. It was a great way to increase her and her profit-based Order's 'good' reputation.

    After all, anyone who's strong enough can join the Order for just the profit part without getting mind-controlled anyway.

    If the Order somehow could thrive in that new world she was living in.

    'And if I die in the punishment of my past crimes before, my only hope is in the contingency plan whatever it is.' She frowned while was walking towards the mansion of the judge through the crowded street from the information she obtained by stealing the memories of drunk people in the tavern some days ago.

    After all, even if she lose the tournament, the plan to rebuild the Order would be just fine anyway, but only at a more discreet and slower pace.

    @TenebrisNemo (What would Gaspar's reaction be?)
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    Backstory for this comes later...depending if Koorir makes the cut
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