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    The boy who met seven gods – Chapter 13: Bringing down the Kilmaeren, part 4/4

    The stairs led deep, at least 3 floors down before he came to the bottom. He came to a small room with an opening in the wall that led out of a bookcase. He walked through the hidden door and found himself in what seemed to be a small library or a hall of research notes. He looked through some of the books and many of them were made more than hundreds of years ago. There were mostly notes of research done on humans, animals and other living beings. Most of the notes explained the effects that were almost always death, insanity, frenzy or other bad effects. Other of the notes went through different methodologies but nothing mentioned what the research was about or the purpose.

    After quickly browsing through a bunch of notes related to the research he came to some accounting books. He browsed through many small operations and missions before he got to the accounting papers for the Kieran mines. He stopped and read it through a bit. Basil the browsed through the rest of the papers quickly looking over the locations. He browsed through among others locations such as, Sietuhn, Febala, Saghien, Mievan. He stopped when he noticed the one of the papers mentioning Nadra Vika. He took out the paper. “Operation at Fort Nadra”. Location: North of Nadra Vika. He read through the description which was very vague and mentioned nothing about the purpose of the operation. Only that anyone in the surrounding area would be put down before the operation could begin. The date: Late autumn of year 595. At the bottom of the paper were two signatures. Overseer of operation: Sir Philip Keline of Febala, “The purple crow” and manager: Harnor Lyvaris Basil made sure to remember the name Harnor Lyvaris before put the book aside and walked out of the room into a corridor with stone walls.

    He walked pass many doors that seemed to be storage rooms. He later came to an iron door that stood open. The door had many safe devices such as two large metal bars that could be attached to the floor and roof. He stepped inside an room that had blood and some black liquid spread on floor and walls. The room was otherwise empty except for a table with shackles to hold people or other things. “Anyone there?” Someone said from across the corner. Basil walked there and met the knight from earlier sitting on the floor. He was bleeding heavily from his abdomen and had a wound with black liquid over it on his shoulder. “What happened here?” Basil asked but the knight groaned while he raised his hand to point back towards the door. “You have to kill it before it escapes. It managed to wound it badly but you have to end it. Go. Now!” The knight shouted at Basil. He was in stress but something felt off with the knight, however Basil followed his order and walked out of the room where he had come from. He came back to the corridor and noticed a small trail of the black liquid leading further down the corridor. Basil took off his cape and wrapped it around the openings of his helmet in case the black liquid was harmful before he continued down the path.

    Help! Can someone help me! He came across multiple dead bodies of kilmaeren guards and some spell casters, all cowered more or less with the black liquid. Someone was screaming further down the path. He walked further and heard the voice coming from a room. He held his sword in both hands as he move closer. When he came to the door he took a peek inside. There was a large man covered in a black liquid with what seemed to be a dark mantra around him. He was bashing on a door from which the voice came from. Basil channeled the white flame through the Flame song and stepped inside.

    The monster man did not hear him come inside. Basil raised his sword and thrust it straight into the man’s breast and heart. The man made a sound that was something between a scream and a roar but he did not fall. He turned around and struck Basil so hard that he flew into the wall. The man turned towards him still with the sword through his breast. Basil took up a spear from a dead guard and began holding the man on a distance. The monster man did not care about the spear and moved straight towards Basil. He slashed the man’s eyes with a quick sweep with the spear. He man roared again. The door behind him opened and someone stepped outside. The man that had screamed earlier had a mace in his hand and smashed the monster’s head. When the monster turned around Basil stepped forward, drew out the sword from its breast. He channeled the flame as good as he could swing it at the monster’s head, decapitating the monster.

    Black blood streamed out of the monster’s neck, covering much of Basil’s armor and cape. Nothing came in contact with his skin however. The monster fell and Basil now saw that the man that had been screaming was actually an elf. “Thank you soldier, you saved my life. I will make sure to remember this.” Basil was confused before he noticed that he was enough covered with black liquid that it was difficult to know that he was Lisakdonian knight. The elf dropped the mace and sat down in a corner trying to recover his senses from the stress. He looked over himself and then back at Basil. “So what’s your name savior?”
    “Ehm what?” Basil asked still a little confused of it all.
    “Your name. If I should remember my savior I need a name of course.”

    Basil: “Oh well It’s Basil”
    Elf: “Basil? That doesn’t sound elvish? Don’t tell me I was saved by a human.”
    B: “ehm. So what’s your name then?”
    E: “You don’t know my name? So you are human then. Well well. It can’t be helped now. My name is Harnor.”
    B: “Harnor Lyvaris?”
    Harnor: “Oh you do know my name. So you’re one of Raimund’s men then?”

    Basil sat silent.
    Harnor: “Well if you’re one of his men I must assume that the attack is over then? Sad that the research specimen is dead. I wonder how it got loose. Maybe one of the men thought it would be a good idea to set it loose against the attackers.”
    Basil stood up and went to the door.
    “Well thanks again for saving my life Basil”
    Basil got to the door, closed it and then locked it.
    “Ehm what are you doing Basil?”
    Basil then walked over to the mace and picked it up.
    “Basil. What are you doing? Basil?”>


    Janet and Antonio were walking through the corridor in the secret basement. The army had arrived and the mansion was now full of soldiers. The leader of the Kilmaeren and some of his closest had been taken prisoner. They finally met Basil walking up the corridor. He was covered in blood and some black liquid underneath. They took him with them and walked up while speaking about what had happened. Antonio joked that they should jump into the river to wash themselves. Janet was more concerned what Basil’s had been through. Basil was not concerned. For a moment he finally felt satisfied.

    With the Kilmaeren currently destroyed. Lisakdonia and the army could begin to focus on a greater mission as they turned their attention towards the east.
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    Map of Eviera

    Just like the world map of Avelaide this map is very basic in the environmental representation. Only were a specific characteristic is present have the color been chosen as brown/Dark green/purple.

    Also something important.
    Cities and Lakes/Rivers are by far over represented in size on this map.
    There is a limit what I can do with pixels if I want to keep it reasonable.
    This map is currently 1200 x 1170 pixels. If I would have created a reasonable accurate map i would need at least 12,000 x 11,700 pixels which is a hundred times larger.
    Also not all rivers, forests, lakes, cities etc are shown in this map. Only the most significant or special for some other reason.

    The size of the Eviera continent is similar to the size of Australia. However not everything in Eviera is under Lisakdonian rule. I will at a later stage post a map including the different kingdoms and other states. All kingdoms and states stand under a Lisakdonian influence as either, vassal states, allies, trade partners with military agreements etc. The exception is most of the blue forest.

    A little information regarding some of the marked cities in the map:
    Crastine: The capital city with more than 600,000 inhabitants. Before the Margeficus attack it had closer to 750,000
    Legorna: A small city famous for its wine and theater plays. This city is one of two main cities visited in the tournament of champions where the city's status and backstory is quite different. In the "real" story the city isn't very important.
    Frejdan: A large number of islands outside the coast of Crastine. The region is very important militaristic since it is where the majority of the Lisakdonian navy is located.
    Megatus The capital city of the old Xellaran republican empire. Before Lisakdonia took over the city it was the central city in Eviera in a diplomatic and political sense. The city has a population of almost 600,000 and is thus the third largest.
    Vileria: The largest city in Eviera since the Margeficus attacked Crastine. The city has a population of 670,000 but will not remain the largest city for too long since Crastine is growing back to its old size. Vileria is just like Crastine a central hub for naval trade. Most importantly the trade between the island Soal Isula and the main land.
    Milusium: The fourth largest city with a population of 550,000. Milusium was an important trading port under the Xellaran empire.
    Akiene: Once the capital of Akdonia.
    Febala: Once the capital of Lisiena
    Sirdaca: Visited in "the boy that met seven gods".
    Nadra Vika & Lacus Vika: Two small towns that were visited in "the boy that met seven gods".
    Astra Vika: The largest of the Vika sister towns and where a very particular greater hunter knight managed to defeat an exceptional Akon beast.
    Sietuhn:The largest elven city outside of the Blue forest. Or with other words the only remotely significant elven city outside of the blue forest.
    Giern: An important mining town.

    Monil Isula: "The mountain island." An island that has been taken over by Stelladoran dragon riders.
  • @Jotneman93 - Excellent work! I still need to catch up with your stories, but I very much like the maps!

    @Everyone - I think it's no surprise that I've been away, once again. I have time to focus on the current tournament situation at the moment. Let's hope it lasts.

    @ShaperKyon - If you want to, I may write something for your story after the next story segment I'm going to post.
  • @TenebrisNemo That's kind, but it's probably better to give that energy to more battles and let me bumble through.
  • "Hey, Guyzzzzzzzzzz?!?!"

    Says Jaholion, stumbling into the tavern, seemingly drunk.

    "Nya and Sylva, aye?"

    "Wonder be! I like both of you"

    Then, he goes through a not seen, but truly felt transformation. He stops seeming drunk, and starts radiating a powerful charisma, just like in the days of the beginning of the tournament, except even more so.

    "Ok, now that I scared off the rabble, I need to speak to you. I was spying for my Dimir allies, as always, when I found out something about Orzhov syndicate. They are rigging the tournament! The next fight will SOMEHOW be influenced by the Orzhov, though I don't know how!"

    And just like that, he vanished in a cloud of blue smoke, leaving behind none, except a magical dust.

  • @HeroKP How did Jaholion get back to Avelaide…?
  • @ShaperKyon He works with House Dimir, and combining their power and his inborn Ethereal skills, he was able to sneak back here. He couldn't stay for long though, because that would cause a space-paradox, so he told you the message and vanished without a trace.
  • @TenebrisNemo Thanks!
    The "bringing down the Kilmaeren" chapter was not the most thrilling to write so I don't know if they are very interesting to read either. I am more interested in the upcoming chapters so hopefully they will also be more interesting.
  • @Jonteman93 I thought it was just as interesting as the other chapters.
  • @shadow123 @TheCenterOfTheUniverse @DoctorFro

    I have an idea for a sidestory for our characters while this goes on, care to join?
  • (@pjbear2005 sure! I'm a bit busy at the moment, so I might not be able to contribute much to the story, but feel free to use Caphria in the sidestory)

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    sure, but I can't do much because of school...basically all I can do is make a card rarely
  • Why not? But I might have a long pause because of a lot of HW and Theater rehearsals
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    The boy who met seven gods – Chapter 14: Proposition of an invasion

    The weeks following the Sirdaca operation were long and uneventful. Many knights and soldiers were still active to seek and either arrest or kill the remains of the Kilmaeren together with those that had tried to take up the banner. Most quickly fell into obscurity leaving only a shell of the once feared organization. There was now another greater beast that now had to be dealt with.

    In the palace of Crastine queen Yiadelle, the generals, the masters of the order among others had begun a meeting to discuss how to deal with the war with Stelladora once and for all.
    General 1: ”When have Friyena planned to arrive for this meeting?”
    Order master 1: “Friyena have stated that she herself will not take part in this conflict nor anything related to the military actions of this war.“
    General2: “How about her champion, how about William?”
    Order master 2: ”The matter in hand have changed. William has changed. The William that was sent to Priepes was not the same as the William that returned.”
    Master Gorbeniac: “It is up to our lady goddess what she does with William. She did become less willing to use his abilities after the Priepes mission. Something might have happened that we are not aware of or are not allowed to know.“
    General2: “Maybe she only tested him.“

    General1: “This discussion is getting out of hand. Let’s return to the matter. The diplomacy with Stelladora has failed and they have marched into the land of our ally Lalden raging battle against both their armies and ours that ate stationed there. The Stelladoran fleets have attacked our fleets all from the Dormanian land to Monil Isula completely locking out any possible trade or transport of provisions and resources. The Lalden capital of Valdune has been taken over and if we don’t act soon they might take control of the remaining land of western Lalden including Velan.“
    General3: “We should send over an army and crush their pathetic invasion and then conquer the rest of their sorry land.“
    General2 “That’s ridiculous! It would be suicide.“
    General3“They have the main land of Dormania and even after six long years they still haven’t been able to conquer Lalden even with our stationed forces resisting them. I say that the gossip of their armies being dangerous is just bullocks. Their so called dragons are probably nothing more than misunderstood fire drakes.“
    General4: “Yes Walter, the invasion of Lalden has to be stopped and pulled back but an invasion of Stelladora is unlikely to succeed since we don’t have an army close to what we would need for such invasion to be successful.“

    Master Gorbeniac: ”Many dragons fight for glory and to receive the best mating partner. Those dragons domesticated by the Stelladorans are different. They have more in common with the behavior of bears than wild dragons. They only take risks fighting those that can harm them when they are very hungry or defending their own, their children.”
    Walter: ”So they are not flying on dragons but large, fire breathing bears with wings? ”
    Order Master1 “What kind of invasion, Walter?“
    Walter: “What kind? There is only one kind. To conquer their sorry asses back to the east.“
    Politican1: Why don’t we give the Stelladoran the same hot iron that they have been giving us these years by attacking their fleets and taking control of sea at their doorstep.
    General2 ”That’s not a viable option. We don’t have the fleet for such large scale blockade- Also the Stelladoran does not depend on a fleet for anything at large scale, not military actions nor trade. Also our fleet would be spread far too thin making them fragile to dragon attacks.”
    Politican1: ”Would it not be the opposite. More ships, more to burn? Less ships, less to burn?”
    General2: ”More ships, more arrows in the sky. Less ships, less arrows in the sky. Every single arrow has a chance to hit the dragon’s eyes something that they avoid at all cost since that single arrow would likely lead to an infection and thus death. You see. Dragons are very ferocious and seemingly unstoppable as their scales are difficult to penetrate. Because of that many dragons go through their whole lives without ever getting an open wound so they have not built up a defense against simple infections like everything else. So when dragons fight among each other they fight more for show than to damage their opponent…”

    General1: ”thank you!! A lecture in dragon biology and behavior is interesting thank you but it is not the purpose of this meeting. We have to come to a conclusion how to efficiently prevent and repel the invasion of Lalden.”
    Yiadelle: ”We have to make peace with them.”
    Walter: ”Peace!? Hahaha. No disrespect my queen but since your father went into an uncontrolled rage and killed the diplomats the Stelladorans will most likely not listen to diplomacy.”
    Yiadelle: ”Then we force a peace treaty.”
    General2: ”I’m sorry my queen but forcing peace with them would be like forcing a peace with a dragon.”
    Yiadelle: ”Then how do you calm a dragon?”
    General2: ”Well best would be to not get in conflict with one from the start. Otherwise you either need to kill it or threaten that you can with certainty kill it.”
    Yiadelle: ”Then we threaten the dragon by pointing a dagger at its eyes. Like you said, they can’t resist an infection very well.”

    General4: ”Stelladora is not like one dragon but rather a hundred dragons with double the amount of eyes. We could probably point a dagger at a few of them or one or two large ones. But we can’t deal with everyone.”
    Yiadelle: ”Then we point the daggers towards those that matter. My dad used to say that the Stelladoran were only a union because of Stellearon, Ecedolon and Eagrolyn controlling the lesser kingdoms with fear and an iron fist. That if the three fell somehow the others would fall out of control and tend to themselves. They look like a union but they are not fully unified and neither are their armies.”

    General4: ”So what you are saying my lady is that if we take the royal families of Stellearon, Ecedolon and Eagrolyn hostage, most of the minor kingdoms would back out of the war and we could demand a peace treaty with the whole union?”
    General1: ”We could reach both Zeislanta in Stellearon from Lisathra and Grailline in Eagrolyn from Lalden and Valdune within a few weeks from landing. Beldon in Ecedolon is far outside of our reach. However if what you propose is true then the kingdoms in the west, south and north should back out as the two major capitals are taken. Ecedolon would provide a significant resistance but by taking the other two we would be given time and an opportunity to negotiate peace. In best case we’ll get a white peace with the union or at least most of it. In worst case we’ll free Lalden and force Stelladora’s offence back as well as clearing out the trade route. It would give us enough time to rebuild the fortifications in Lalden once again.”

    The discussion continued for some time before they had brought up three different propositions. No majority could be made by a first vote so the propositions were changed slightly until the majority showed support for this military action and thus it was settled. Lisakdonia would sail to Stelladora with two armies. One travel north to Lisathra and pass towards Zeislanta. The other would directly go to Velan and liberate Valdune and Lalden before going towards Avurum and finally Grailline.
    There was one major factor that the generals and masters were unaware of. During this time a dragon rider named Ammar Avitus in Beldon had just achieved something no one had ever done before. He had gained the trust and companionship of a great dragon.
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    Map of (most/majority of) Stelladora

    This map includes a large portion of Stelladora but most importantly the three capital cities and Lalden.
    The map includes a part of Aekudin in the south.
    I became lazy with this one so I excluded any "normal" forests and some other stuff.
    Just like the map for Eviera only a handful of cities and rivers have been displayed here.
    I did not also not include the borders of the major and minor kingdoms with the one exception of Lalden because of obvious reasons.

    Lalden is marked with three different colors, yellow, orange and pink.
    Yellow: This is the original land which belonged to Lalden as Lisakdonia began their trade with Dormania. The yellow regions are separated into two parts. Lalden Proper (above the Rosa river) and Lalden Minor (Beneath the river).
    Orange: Includes Lands that was conquered by the Lisakdonian-Lalden ally forces and lands that were received through treaties and agreements.
    Pink: Lands that were taken over by many different means and reasons during the centuries. This was done by influence from the high traffic of Lisakdonians inhabitants in the areas, trade routes above and some beneath. Corruption influences that made the kingdoms break the alliance treaties with other kingdoms, artificially created rebellions and such.
    You could say that the orange parts are lands conquered/annexed by Lalden with the help of Lisakdonia while the pink regions were "conquered" by Lisakdonia and her agents in the shadows.

    Stelladora could prevent this but they were not a strong union and the lesser kingdoms rarely supported military campaigns set in motions by the big three since the lesser kingdoms were not treated very well. They had nothing to really win by it and also it would prove difficult to assist the region since the two rivers were trafficked by the Lisakdonians. An attempt to assemble a navy would have been seen long before anything could be done.
    The big three could either assemble fragmented armies or only rely on their own forces. So they let Lisakdonia and Lalden slowly take over the region.
    (It is somewhat similar to how France and Great Britain let Germany take control of Austria and Czechoslovakia before ww2.)

    A little information about some of the cities:
    Zeislanta: The northern capital of Stelladora and capital of the Stellearon kingdom. This city has a population of approximately 450.000 and it is the city which Radhe visits during tournament of champions 1.
    Beldon: The eastern capital of Stelladora and capital of Ecedolon. This city is located high in the mountains but its not a very large city with a mere 250.000 inhabitants. The city has the highest number of dragon riders in Stelladora and is home to Ammar Avitus.
    Grailine: The southern capital and capital of Eagrolyn. This is the largest of the capitals and almost as large as the other two combined with approximately 650.000 inhabitants.
    Valdune: The capital of Lalden. A humble city with no more than 170.000 inhabitants. You could say that Valdune is the Dormanian counterpart to Legorna. At the moment of chapter 14 in the story, this town is occupied by Stelladorans from Eagrolyn.
    Priepes: (Or as I would like to call it. Propaganda town). This is a mostly a military port used by the Lalden-Lisakdonian fleet. This is the town that is mentioned by Arvon Wheetle in Tournament of champions 1. It is said by Stelladorans that William came here and slaughtered the occupying military even after they had surrendered. The Lisakdonians say that the occupants never surrendered and even burned parts of the city to strike at Lalden and Lisakdonia. Describing everything that went wrong here would take another page but simple speaking. What happened here is debated and used as propaganda by both sides. But as always. The truth lies somewhere in the middle.
    Velon: Another port city and one of the last free cities in Lalden at the moment of chapter 14.
    Silna Island: An island and city that was mostly built up by the Lisakdonians as a base of operation quite long ago.
    Vazhendra: The place where Radhe ended up in Tournament of champions 1.
    Kieraroknastad: Don't go there. The people would remind you of Danish people. (Joke)
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    Three of the other contestants had gotten a note from Pele to meet in a secluded area in the forest near town. The note looked quickly scribbled and with the current events they knew it must be urgent.

    Koorir, though he was massive, made his way through the forest without disturbing anything more than some crushed leaves and twigs. After the calming walk through the forest he started to feel like he was being watched from the shadows than he saw a campout ahead.

    Tai flew through the forest with ease, weaving through the trees and constantly on guard for what might come out at her. Making sure to keep a look out for any darker than normal areas and noting the occasional conspiracy of ravens in random numbers until she came up upon the campsite.

    Caphria was flying above the trees wondering why the little pyromancer wanted to meet her in the dense part of the woods but the current situation demanded actions over questions. Flying above the forest was comforting but there was still the feeling of darkness over everything around, the ravens sitting around on trees didn't help either. As she was flying she spotted a campsite down in the forest.

    They all came across each other as they approached the campsite warily but ready for a fight. They went through the trees to find a clearing with a tent and a bonfire in the middle and than Pele came around the fire to greet them.

    "Thanks for coming" She said "We have work to do."
  • @Jonteman93 I've been meaning to ask but how do you make your maps there really impressive.
  • @BorosPaladin I just make them in paint. First I make the grand land structure zoomed out before I zoom in and fix the shore more accurately as well as adding rivers, mountains etc. It's really not difficult when you're in the middle of it. It just takes a lot of time if you want to focus on details.
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    The boy who met seven gods – Chapter 15: The last weeks in Lisakdonia, part 1

    Janet opened the door to the order’s forge. A young man was working on a damaged piece of armor when he noticed Janet. He pointed towards a door at the lower end of the forge. Janet nodded and walked to the door beneath a short stair. She walked into a smaller room where a dozen knights maintained their equipment. Basil and Antonio sat at a work bench. Antonio was in the middle of covering his sword with some thin oil. Basil was rubbing his shield with a red piece of cloth from a mix of some liquid and red paint. He was stroking the cloth over the red background of his shield carefully to avoid touching the symbol of Friyena’s symbol, the spear with two burning wings and a divine circle. They were so focused that they did not notice Janet stepping in beside them. Not until Antonio took up his sword and channeled the white flame that first burned with a light blue flame before turning white.


    “Oh Janet! I did not see you stepping in. He said as he moved over the jar with oil to Basil’s side as he took up a small vial with a clear liquid within. He opened the vial and carefully dripped it into a new clean piece of cloth. He rubbed the clear liquid onto the sword with care.

    “You have been maintaining your sword three times already since we returned from Sirdaca. Don’t you think that’s a little too much?” Janet said while looking on Basil’s work whom were too focused to recognize her presence.
    ”Not according to Sir Galahad. We have to make sure our equipment is in top condition for every single ceremonial event and even smaller stuff. It’s funny when I think about it. When I left Kelmatein I dreamed that I would become an honored knight that did nothing but defend the people from evil and being popular with the ladies. But my sword, Malumion, the Evil Slayer has been in more encounters with a piece of oiled cloth than the blades of our enemies.” Antonio said as he dripped over a little more of the clear liquid from the vial to the cloth.

    Janet smiled as she took up the oiled cloth and held it before her. “Ah yes. The cloth of a thousand oils. The most terrifying evil in all of Avelaide! It is so evil that not even Antonio of the Kelmatein can slay it with his sword, the evil slayer Malumion! Mohahaha!” Antonio chuckled as he finished polishing his sword. “Oh Janet. You mislead fool. Don’t you understand? My plan was never to slay the clothes. My almighty and flawless plan has just gone in motion as I, Antonio, wielder of the Malumion does not seek the destruction of the oiled clothes but to take control of them. Then I shall with them behind me force the living beings of this world to their submission. In the end all shall bow down to me as their supreme leader as I take my rightful as ruler of the world! Mohahaha!

    ”Antonio, mightiest of the cloth lords. What will be your first order to our mere mortals as you take over the world?” Janet said sarcastically while bowing to Antionio.
    ”My first order as supreme leader shall be. A question to you my dear follower slaves. Where is My other followers by the name of Alice and Rowan?” Antonio said with high stature.
    Basil was finished the red paint and now reached towards the piece of oiled cloth to cover the frame and parth that had not been painted. Janet gave cloth to Basil before she answered in normal voice ”Alice and Rowan are in the library to study spells as they said.”
    Antonio and Janet both chuckled. Basil looked up from his shield slightly confused. “What? Study spells? Since when did Rowan get interested in spells?”

    Janet and Antonio continued to chuckle and almost laugh because of Basil’s obliviousness. ”It is not spells that Rowan is interested in and probably not what they are studying either. They are studying something more. Bodily.” Said Janet with a smug smile as she let her hands touch Basil’s shoulder to more clearly express herself.
    ”You sure?”
    “The signs have been there since long back but it became obvious after Sirdaca. Well it is high summer so the lovebirds have been active to build their nests and lay eggs. The air is filled with love. Some just can’t seem to see it yet. Antonio smiled as he looked from Janet at Basil before he seated his sword. Janet blushed slightly but Basil understood it completely different.
    “Building nests and laying eggs? Are you saying? Have you and Amanda? Basil asked eagerly totally missing the intent of what Antonio meant.
    Antonio was slightly chocked over Basil missing the intended point and instead hitting another.

    “Well. I had planned to tell you all during a better moment but you got me. It was not intended but Amanda told me a few days ago that Levirga has blessed us.”
    “That’s wonderful! I did not even know that you two have tried” Janet’s excitement had grown by the fact that Antonio would become a father.
    “Well as said. It was not our intention but Levirga thought that we are ready so who are we to disagree?

    Basil looked up slightly concerned “But if you’re going to become a father. Are you still planning to become a hunter knight?”
    Antonio drew a part off his sword from the sheath while looking at it. “I have been thinking about it as well. I would want to reduce the risk of my child going without a father so I will take the safer bet and become an educator instead. I have been speaking to master Gorbeniac and master Galahad and they say that I need more experience before I can make the try-out. So unless something grand like the rumored Lalden liberation comes around, I’ll have to wait for probably another year or so."

    The friends continued to speak about the child as Basil finished his maintenance. They met Alice and Rowan later that day and it was clear that Rowan had not learned anything at all about spells that day. They told the news to them about Antonio becoming a father. Days passed with ordinary routines until the rumored Lalden liberation was confirmed. However the operation would be much larger than expected so many saw it as an easy chance to rise in the ranks including Antonio followed by his friends. General Nicholas Celsus would lead the liberation of Lalden and General Sylvester Solum would lead another mission towards Zeislanta. Two great names of equally great leaders.

    It was called the invasion to end the war and the biggest military action since the crusade a hundred years ago. The following three weeks the army and the chosen and voluntary knights would use to prepare. This was the opportunity many sought after to take revenge for their lost ones that had perished by stelladoran blood gold or the Margeficus that was still rumored to have been sent by the Stelladorans. A thought that would blaze up once again but this time it would it set ablaze the heart of a whole nation.
  • The boy who met seven gods – Chapter 15: The last weeks in Lisakdonia, part 2

    He ran trying to avoid the army of the undead that was chasing him. In the distance a city was under siege and burning. The sky was filled with dragons that descended to cover the sea of undead in flames before ascending again to avoid some shadowy characters. It was clearly a battle but aside from the obvious it was all too chaotic to comprehend anything else. Basil felt a cold feeling crawling over him as another character appeared as from thin dark air on a hill. One of the dragons in the air had a rider that seemed to have noticed the character that just appeared. She turned towards the character and descended to cover him in flames but as the dragon came closer, black-purple flames began to burst out of its mouth and eyes and it fell to the ground with a slam. The rider which wore Stelladoran armor flew off the dragon and landed on the ground with a yelp of pain. Basil ran towards the girl to help her up. When he went on his knee to help her up the dragon she had rode on earlier raised up with the flames still burning from its mouth, eyes but also from scales at different places. The dragon groaned as it turned towards Basil and the girl. Basil covered the girl as the dragon spewed black-purple flames over him and its rider.


    Neigh! Nadja shook her head as the door to the stables opened. Basil was standing at her side brushing her as Janet came around the corner towards them. Janet approached Nadja and greeted her by patting and hugging her face. ”Antonio said that you have had nightmares again.”
    Basil continued to brush Nadja’s side as he responded with a slightly grumpy tone.
    “I won’t go to master Gorbeniac no matter how much you nag on about it.”
    Janet patted Nadja’s black mane while cuddling her. “I know but that was not why I came here”.

    Basil put away the brush as he was finished and then turned to Janet.
    “If that’s not why you’re here then why are you here?”
    Janet stopped cuddling Nadja but still kept her hand on her head. “For the same reason as always. I want to see how you are doing and make sure you are ok and… I care about Basil and it hurts me when you are being hurt or sad.”
    Basil remained silent for a moment as he opened up the fence and led Nadja towards the door of the stable. Janet followed as they went out to the field enclosure where Basil set Nadja loose to roam with the other horses. Janet waved at Nadja as she ran away to the others.

    ”Was that the only reason you came here.” Basil said as he went to the shed to pick up a broom. “There is no “only” in caring for other people Basil. Also no, Antonio got the idea that we should get together and go to a tavern this evening since we are all free and it’s only two weeks until we travel to Lalden. He got some other people as well on it and fought it would be fun.”

    Basil took up the broom and a bucket. “Yeah. Sure, why not?”
    Janet gave him a quick hug “Great! We’ll meet at the Letholdus statue at dusk. See you there!” She released Basil and headed towards the front of the stable but before she stepped out the door she turned and waved at Basil. Basil stood still for a moment and looked at the broom and bucket. He smiled mildly by pure reaction before he went back to clean Nadja’s stall.


    The sun had lowered beneath the horizon and the last sunlight now only covered a small section of the horizon sky. Three ordinary clothed men were walking towards the south of Crastine while laughing at some jokes. They came to a large building that was lit and filled with music and song. A young woman and a young man were sitting on a bench at the edge of the tavern. “The Eagle’s nest” was the name of the tavern which the three men stepped inside. The tavern was full with people singing, drinking and dancing. On one table two men were doing a kind of dance-off against each other while the surrounding people where cheering. The three men ordered beers and sat down at a table that had enough free room.

    “Magnus, Leonard and Andre! You’re late. Said Antonio sitting at the opposite side of the table with a tankard in his hand. Basil was sitting to his left and Janet to his right with Alice, Rowan and two other girls sitting beside them. Magnus was the one in the middle of the three men. He is a 27 year old war knight with average long black hair and short beard. Leonard had brown air and a longer beard. He was a 28 year old hunter knight. Andre was younger at 25 years age being an educator knight with red hair from Kilmatein like Antonio.
    ”The night is still young Antonio but there does not seem to be a lack of people here regardless.” Magnus said while raising his tankard for the table. Leonard was busy eating a whole grilled chicken, potatoes and a chunk of bread that he had ordered.
    ”Well it was actually not my idea initially I just spread it further haha. I need to get a refill. You could get to know each other guys meanwhile.”

    The people presented themselves to each other and their professions. “So why is the reason you became knights for the order?” Magnus asked and as Basil was beginning to answer the question Antonio came back, but instead of sitting down on his regular place he hustled himself in between Janet and Rowan pushing Janet towards Basil. As he sat down he began to answer the question. “Well most of you already know why I’m a knight except Leonard. So the reason I became a knight was because in our family it is tradition that the firstborn becomes one and I decided to follow the tradition. Basil here became a knight because he lost his family to the Margeficus. Alice became one because she wanted more than just become a spell caster. Rowan became one for the glory and honor. Janet here became a knight to help and save people since she herself was saved during the Margeficus’ attack.” Janet became slightly grumpy by Antonio’s behavior but she nodded to his explanation.

    “Most of us lost someone to the Margeficus. I lost my brothers and Leonard here lost his mother and sister but of course we were already taken into the school before the attack happened. Now we might finally get revenge for them. That is if it is true that Stelladora and Decaotus arranged the attack. He did come from the central sea and their land was untouched after all.”

    The hours passed and the group joined the rest of the tavern to sing or dance during some occasions and had in general fun. They later sat down and listened to Magnus’ and Leonard’s adventures and spoke about their own. Late into the night after many beers, songs and stories they decided to go home. Alice and Rowan had already left. Janet had fallen asleep on Basil’s shoulder and Antonio have had a little too many beers since he had challenged Leonard to a drinking contest. Magnus and Andre helped the terribly singing Antonio home. Janet had also been drinking more than usual so Basil helped her home.

    Magnus, Andre and Basil left the Tavern with the singing Antonio and the half sleeping Janet walking towards the barracks. The barracks were quite far away so it became difficult for Basil to supporting Janet all the way. Magnus offered to help him supporting her but Basil declined and told them that his family house was very close so he would walk her there instead. They decided to follow him there at least which they did. When they got to Basil’s house the three men said good night and continued towards the barracks. Basil helped Janet into his parent’s bed. After he had put her to bed headed towards his bed she said one sentence in her half sleeping state. What she said was not completely unexpected to Basil but he had preferred if he never heard them.

    "I love you Basil"
  • I will make some adjustments in a future version of this story.
  • The boy who met seven gods – Chapter 15:The last weeks in Lisakdonia, part 3

    Eleven days until departure to Lalden.

    More and more soldiers had arrived at Crastine as they came closer to the departure. Basil was walking with Antonio and Rowan together with their horses. They had packed bedroll, tents and other equipment for the journey ahead. They were waiting at the Letholdus statue looking at the soldiers that had just arrived. From among the chunk of soldiers came Magnus, Leonard and Andre together with their own horses towards the three boys. They greeted each other and mounted their horses as they began moving towards the northern gate.

    “So what’s the plan?” Rowan asked Leonard while trying rearranging the package to become more even for his brown horse.
    “A dark animal or beast have been seen near the town of Lerca, a small bit up Turrun. A local shepherd saw the animal but fled back to the village before taking any risk. The local militia looked further into it and found some dead animals and rotten plants. So they contacted the order and it became a mission for us hunter knights to investigate and deal with the problem if possible.”
    Magnus coughed “Lesser hunter knights”. Leonard raised his fist towards Magnus who laughed back. “I didn’t ask you to follow me out there” Leonard said while riding further forward in the group. “We are not going out there for your sake. We are going with you to have a good time in the wild while letting the girls have some time on their own. For some of us this might be the last time we see the nature of Lisakdonia after all.

    They had left Crastine in the morning and the sun had already disappeared beneath the horizon when they arrived in Lerca. They set up camp outside of the town close to the Turrun river. There were no hopes in searching the area in the dark. After they had set up the camp, Rowan and Leonard went out to search for firewood while the other four went down to the river to fish. The last sunlight in the horizon disappeared just after the moon ascended over the sky, covering the area in calm light.
    Rowan and Leonard came later back with the firewood and set up a fire. The boys continued to fish and eat and have a good time late into the evening. At one moment they heard a pack of wolves howling to the moon followed by another howling sound. The boys decided to go to bed while two would keep guard. Basil and Magnus began the guard duty.

    Ten days until departure to Lalden

    The night turned to morning. The fire was almost extinguished when Antonio woke Basil, Magnus, Rowan and Leonard. Andre had seen something further up a cliff that had disappeared further up. Something animal like but with yellow eyes. They formed three groups. Rowan and Leonard would ride up towards the cliff. Basil, Magnus and Antonio would ride into the forest and search for the trace that had been mentioned the day before. Andre would go to the town and talk to the guards to gather more information. Then they set off. Basil, Antonio and Magnus rode up to the cliff where the animal had been seen. The path there was rather steep but not too much trouble. Well up on the cliff they found nothing else but a lone tree and some old bones from a deer stuck beneath a boulder. They continued along the Cliffside for two kilometers without founding anything that was out of the ordinary. They came to a part of the cliff where there had been a landslide earlier so the ground appeared to be quite unstable.

    “If the animal came here it must have continued up towards the mountain or down the unstable ground. No matter which one we can’t bring the horses if we decided to follow the path up unless we turn back here.” Magnus said as he jumped off the horse and approached a path upwards too steep for a horse. Antonio and Basil also dismounted their horses and looked around to see if there was somewhere else the animal could have escaped. Basil walked towards the landslide too look closer but stepped a little too close. The ground beneath him cracked and he fell down along the landslide. He did not fall long before he landed on the ground and continued to glide down the steep ground. He stopped at the edge of the forest which was at least twenty meters beneath Antonio and Magnus. “Basil! Are you okay?! Magnus shouted while avoiding the edge of the cliff. “I’m fine!”
    “Try to remain where you are! We’ll turn back and come and get you from beneath the cliff. Magnus shouted before they mounted their horses and took Nadja with them back along the cliff.

    Basil sat down on a broken tree stump as he waited. He only had his sword as his shield were hanging on the saddle on Nadja. As he waited he drew out his sword and held it up towards the sun which made the steel reflect the light like a silver mirror. He noticed a slight shimmer of yellow on the blade. He looked towards the forest and saw two yellow eyes starring towards him from within the shadows of the trees. Basil got a cold feeling through his left arm and decided to pursue the animal rather than waiting there. He ran towards the eyes that disappeared into the forest.
    As he ran he found a bunch of blood soaked bones and wool spread across a small area. Looking at the sheep remains his arm began to hurt slightly. He held the flame song steady in his right hand as he continued down a path where more bones and wool lied. The pain in his left arm became more intense and began to disrupt his focus. He grabbed his sword firmly and channeled the white flame. He began to realize that it had been a dumb idea to walk in here alone. He began walking towards the sun in the east where the camp was. Even with the burning flame the pain did not falter. Then suddenly a growling sound appeared from behind him. He turned towards it and came face to face with an approaching black wolf. The wolf looked exactly like the one that had attacked him and Lily as children. Another wolf appeared from behind him followed by more wolves that surrounded him.

  • Basil took burning Flame song with both his hands and held it over his shoulder. He growled back with anger at the wolves “Came at me if you dare!
    The sound of paws slamming at leaves and sticks came from behind him. He turned around with his sword swinging towards the attacking wolf. The strike hit it straight on cleaving its upper body off. Basil shouted in anger as the dead wolf landed on the other side. The other wolves now attacked him together. Basil struck down the two first ones that attacked but was overrun by the third. He dropped his sword and landed at the ground. The wolf tried to attack Basil’s head who struggled to keep the wolf away from him. The wolf tried forcefully to get in a bite while another wolf ran around to attack Basil from the other side. Basil took his left hand that was in pain and grabbed the wolf’s head. He screamed as he channeled the white flame through the arm. He held onto the struggling wolf who tried to get out of his grip. The other wolf now attacked Basil from behind him and managed to scratch his left ear. Basil used his free right hand to force back the attacking wolf as he screamed. He used all his energy and focused it through his left arm. The wolf screamed as white flames burst out of its head and it stopped moving.

    Basil took the wolf’s body and threw it back towards the other wolf before he raised himself up onto his legs. The wolves kept their distance from Basil. Basil screamed with fury at the wolves. Basil was so exhausted that he only managed to keep himself on his own legs by adrenaline alone now so the wolves just had to wait. Basil was shaking of anger and adrenaline as he tried to think of a plan. The wolves changed their focus towards the east just before two horses appeared attacking the wolves. Magnus and Antonio managed to strike one wolf down before the others ran away. Basil fell down on his knees. “Antonio, help him to Lerca and watch over him. I continue to chase after the wolves.” Antonio nodded to Magnus’ order and helped Basil up on his horse to bring him to the town. Basil’s left ear was bleeding but nothing worse than a slight wound. Antonio joked with the exhausted Basil about how Basil should share his action a little. Basil chuckled while trying to not collapse. They got to Lerca where Basil got to rest for a couple of hours with Antonio’s company.

    When the sun went down in the evening, Magnus, Leonard, and some other people, two of which appeared to also be knights, returned to the town. Rowan was being helped by two guards as he seemed to have been wounded by something and was in worse condition than Basil. “What happened?” Antonio asked Magnus who seemed very much tired. “It was a large Prokéd. The beast attacked Rowan and would have fallen offer if not Kaylin here had saved his skin. Magnus pointed towards a female knight that was riding beside Leonard and some other male knight. The beast is at least dead and the wolves as well. If there are anyone left roaming it is up to the town guard to deal with them now.” Magnus was not on his usually good mood which was quite understandable. Rowan was taken care of and they decided to spend the night in town instead of in their camp.

    Nine days until departure to Lalden

    The morning arrived. Rowan was still in bad condition but good enough to ride home. The town thanked the eight knights for their deeds before they departure. Kaylin and her male partner continued west instead of going with the boys so they wished each other good bye and set off home towards Crastine.
    The journey back took until the evening and as they came to the stables they were met by Janet, Alice, two other females and a dog. Alice was not very happy over something and did not get any happier when she saw Rowan in his condition. Alice went to Rowan and helped him off and put the horse in the stable “What happened with him?” Janet asked. “Ehm, long story. So what have you girls done these three days?” Antonio chuckled modestly. ”It’s a long story, But we got time if you got time, and we know that you got time.” Janet responded. So the group put the horses in the stable and went to speak about their adventure.
  • I have come to the realization that if I tell everything that happens during these days we'll never leave Lisakdonia. So I will shortly summarize some of the more important stuff and only give a proper chapter to the important last day. I will explore these days more in detail in an eventual future version that I will post if I ever get this one finished hehehe...
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  • The boy who met seven gods – Chapter 15:The last weeks in Lisakdonia, part 4 (A summary)

    Eleven days until departure to Lalden

    The boys left in the morning for their Lerca. Janet and Alice who had nothing planned for that day decided to ride out of Crastine as well. They met up with the two girls that were friends with Magnus’ gang which they had met a couple of days earlier at The eagle’s nest. Helen was a brown haired 25 year old battle knight just like Magnus. Aelia was a 26 year old captain knight from Kelmatein so she had their natural red hair. She was the oldest daughter of seven in a noble family without sons. Even though Helen was rather friendly, Janet quickly became more comfortable with Aelia since she had a charm that was very similar to Antonio. A typical trait among the Kelmateins, also she was quick on deciding where they would ride during their trip. During their trip they came across an old dying man that had been mugged. He had a young dog with him that was unable to help his master. The man begged the girls to take care of his dog, Sam. The girls took care of the dog and helped the man home but he died before they reached the house. The man had no family except an angry brother so they kept the dog without telling him about it.
    They decided to return to Crastine and so they did. They shared to take care of Sam during the rest of the day while doing things on their own or together.

    Ten days until departure to Lalden

    This morning Janet spent together with Aelia and Sam on the order’s courtyard and training facility before they turned to hand over Sam to Alice and Helen at the library. Aelia decided to take the opportunity while they were there to look up a little about Lalden. Alice was reading her usual books about spells while Helen was writing some letters, probably to her family. Janet sat down with Aelia who red out load about Lalden which Alice was not very fond of. Alice asked in a rather rude tone to be quite but Janet took the book from Aelia and read even louder to mess with Alice. Alice blamed Janet for reading too little and thus had a weak wind. Janet responded that Alice spent too much time reading and thus was weaker in direct combat than the others. The quarrel continued until Helen had enough and proposed that the girls decide in the arena by combat which one was correct. The two agreed. However the small arena was occupied for the rest of the day so they had to take it the day after.

    Nine days until departure to Lalden

    As the sun reached its highest point. The four girls together with Sam and a few spectators arrived in the small wooden arena. They equipped themselves in the specific armor and the blunt white swords specific for knight duels before they met inside the circle of the arena. Aelia informed the few spectators of the two fighters and the fight began. Since it was a duel. There was no real risk in hurting the opponent with the blunt blade but the white flame and Alice’s spells could. So they had to use their spells sparingly to avoid hurting their opponent severely or they would be punished equally harsh. Alice began the fight by casting force spells which were usually effective without hurting the opponent too much. Janet was on her hand not defenseless against the spells as she could “cut” through them with her flame as she tried to avoid most of them. Alice was a relatively skilled spell caster for her age but the white flame was by the wizards at the academy considered a professional class spell so it would not be beaten by simple force spells.

    Alice turned to more professional spells such as limb burden and mind seize but as she quickly noticed, Janet was better with the flame than Rowan so the spells did very little effect. Janet moved over the ground holding her sword towards Alice to protect herself from her spells. Alice took drew her own sword and channeled the flame as Janet came to strike towards her. Janet lower the intensity of her flame just as she struck to avoid risking harming Alice too much. The swords clashed with equal force but Janet was a better swordsman as well so she managed to make a quick maneuver with her sword to twist Alice’s sword out of her hand. Alice, who did not want to lose to Janet pushed her hands towards Janet as she channeled a fire ball to force Janet back. The fire wasn’t very powerful but Janet did not take the risk and remain close to Alice so she backed off and raised her sword. Alice realized that she was the underdog by the rules. Her non-harming spells were too weak of impact to penetrate Janet’s shield and her other spells were either too weak to penetrate or too dangerous to use in the arena.

    Alice continued to cast less intensive spells as Janet moved around the ground. Janet then moved towards Alice as earlier. Alice threw a small fire ball before she channeled both her hands with different spells. A great fire ball in one and a force spell in the other. Janet would definitely avoid the fire ball and be hit by the force spell. She threw the ball which Janet avoid by rolling on the ground but before Alice threw the force spell Janet threw her sword at Alice and hit her breast plate. Alice groaned as Janet rolled over Alice sword and took it up. She stood up and pushed Alice down and jumped on top of her with her sword over her neck indicating that she had won.
    Alice was grumpy and in a bad mood for the rest of the day until the boys came back in the evening. Janet however was in a spectacularly good mood. She managed to silence Alice for a day which was a price in itself.
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    The boy who met seven gods – Chapter 15:The last weeks in Lisakdonia, part 5/5 (A summary)

    Eight days until departure to Lalden

    More knights and soldiers from the eastern coast, Megatus, Milusium and the surrounding regions arrived each day to Crastine for the upcoming departure to Lalden. The day was spent in the training facility to get to know other knights which they would fight together with in Lalden and Stelladora. Basil and the others met new friends and rivals from mainly Megatus and Milisium but also Akeine, Febala and even Sepakius.

    Seven and six days until departure to Lalden

    If they were not training and getting to know their new companions they were showing the newly arrived knights were they would sleep for the week. Otherwise they were doing chores or other smaller missions.

    Five days until departure to Lalden

    Almost everyone that had been assigned or voluntarily planned for the mission ahead had now arrived. This day the people of Crastine would get to see those that would departure in just five days. Queen Yiadelle, the order masters and the generals would hold a speech to those assigned. Basil and the other guys had just managed to put on their armors when the girls stepped inside the room to get them. They met up with a larger group of knights, probably a hundred or so. They walked out from the order’s barracks and out on the busy streets. Civilians, mostly Crastiniens but also from other parts of Lisakdonia greeted them and some followed them as they walked towards the western plaza. Soldiers were walking the streets to keep order among the civilians and give more easy access for the knights.

    When they got to the plaza they were met with a formation of 15,000 soldiers or so. The statue in the middle and the houses around the plaza were decorated with flags and a large crowd of civilians stood behind the formation of soldiers and at the sides. Assigned guards were preventing the civilians from coming to close to the army. The soldiers in the formation were all facing towards the stairs and platform before a large mansion where more flags stood. Basil was taken by the pure scale. They had known that the invasion of Stelladora was a big deal but it was not until now that a visual image was given for the scale. The line of knights walked beside the large formation of soldiers to the front where a separated group of knights stood in formation. The knights took their position among the knights and waited. The next twenty minutes more knights arrived to the formation.

    After the formation of knights had been complete the doors to the mansion opened. First came eight flag bearers that took their position towards the army with flags in their hands. Followed by them came eight royal guardian knights. Basil recognized most of them since not all of them were positioned in Crastine usually. After the royal guardians came Queen Yiadelle, Master Gorbeniac, master Maria, master Galahad, two other masters, general Nicholas, Sylvester, Walter and a bunch others. They took their positions. Yiadelle began by telling the knights, soldiers and the civilians welcome but it was General Nicholas who spoke mainly. He spoke about the dire need that Lalden was in for their help. The crimes that Stelladora had committed by breaking the peace and they spoke how they did not seek to harm Stelladora but to end this pointless war. They spoke about the history of Lisakdonia and the pride the people hold their soldiers and knights in. He spoke about the fear and sadness that covered the kingdom after the Margeficus attacked and much more.

    Nicholas later gave the word to Sylvester, Gorbeniac and others. One of highly interest was a woman from Milisium that would join as second in command under Nicholas for the Lalden liberation. The speech continued for almost two hours and was only paused now and then for the soldiers and knight to do some coordinated maneuver to impress the crowd. When the speech was over the speech holders returned inside the mansion followed by the guardians. The soldiers and knights turned around towards the crowd before they set off to either speak with the crowd or go back to their usual deeds.

    Four & three days until departure to Lalden

    The next day was spent going through the plan for the operation. The different division captains were called to the generals to go through the strategies, logistics, equipment, etc. The knights were given more information regarding if they would work within division or as freelancers within the army during the Lalden liberation. Only a few handfuls of knights would participate directly in the fighting unless necessary. Other times were used to train to keep the body prepared for the fighting ahead. Otherwise the time was used for small chores or free time.

    Two days until departure to Lalden

    Basil and Antonio stepped out from the tailor. They both held packages in their hands. Since all knights had the day off hey decided to take a walk down the harbor where some knights had planned some games or something. The Harbor was more calm than usual since the trade has been temporarily moved so the military could get free access to the harbor. Even though the departure was only two days away the harbor was not yet filled with ships of the army but only a few. Almost the entire navy was located in Frejdan. Many of the ships could even be seen from Crastine in the distance. Basil and Antonio walked to the location that the specified location and found a hundred or so people singing or trying to. They were practicing songs to the gods for good fortune during the operation.

    Janet who was among the groups noticed the two boys and ran off to them. She noted the two packages. “Really? You know there is only one day left and you decided to take them today. What if they are the wrong seizes?” Antonio responded. ”Well. Ehm. We did not think about that. At least we got these today. Rowan haven’t even gotten his yes.”
    To which Janet responded. “Rowan have not grown out of his old ones yet.”
    Antonio was looking over his package as Basil spoke up. “How about you then Janet. Have you tried yours yet?”
    The knights were continuing to practice a new song in the background that made Janet eager.
    “I have had it for three weeks. You’ll see tomorrow. Now let’s practice a little. I doubt anyone would feel honored if you forgot your lines in the heat.”
    Janet took the boys’ hands and walked back to the singing knights.

    As the night approached. Basil went out to an florist before he made night.
  • The boy who met seven gods – Chapter 16: The last day in Lisakdonia, part 1

    Dark grey clouds swept over Crastine followed by heavy rain. Basil, Antonio, Alice, Rowan, Magnus, Andre and Aelia began to run to avoid being wet. Leonard walked as usually without any care for the rain. Helen held a hand over her head and Janet welcomed the rain that swept over her. Antonio and Aelia chuckled over Leonard’s adamant behavior and Janet’s cheerfulness. They were not far away now, only fifty meters or so. Janet and Helen began to move faster as the others ran towards the large house. “Are you sure Magnus that they let me and Leonard in today?” Andre asked Magnus just before they stepped through the doors. “No better way to find out than to find out I guess” Magnus responded as he shook water from his hair.

    They stepped inside a large lobby mostly of white marble and red cedar. An old male supervisor welcomed them. After the Leonard stepped inside the old man assigned two assistants, one male and one female to lead them to their respective section. The walked further into the building before they divided at a pathway into dressing room doors. The women went into the right and the men into the left. Sound of laughter and speeches could be heard from further within and the air became more humid. After they had removed their clothed they handed their belongings to two servants in the hallway behind the dressing room and before the bath.

    After they were finished and had given their belongings to the servants they stepped out into the main bath. Magnus walked directly to the marble wall on the right that had an opening just beneath the roof. “Have fun now girls!” He shouted towards the opening. Someone that sounded like Aelia responded with “Thanks. The same now for you boys!” The two groups laughed slightly. “See. There were no problems like I said” Magnus said while bunching into Andre. “You never said anything to guarantee that we would get inside” Andre responded by jokingly push Magnus back. The bath house was filled with men sitting in baths laughing and speaking. Most of them were somewhere around the 30’s and probably half of them were knights while the others were captains, supervisors, lieutenants and other military or logistically responsible people together with a few nobles. In a separate section of the bath were some generals, commanders and some high nobles. The boys found a fitting bath were they could sit down and just relax for an hour in the warm water.

    After an hour of a relaxing bath a servant came by and told them “Gentlemen, the performance will begin in less than an hour. Don’t be late” The boys went up and dressed into their formalwear for the upcoming performance. Rowan dressed in black pants and a black shirt. Above the shirt he wore a purple formal jacket with yellow buttons that ended at his waist. His shoes were short and black with brown leather beltings. Magnus wore dark blue pants, black shoes but with a white shirt. On top he wore a white suit that ended at his waist but had a tail that ended just beneath the backside of his knees. On the back he had a red lion sewn in with what looked like light yellow flames bursting out from its mane. Antonio wore dark brown leather boots, dark green pants and a golden shirt. On top he wore a green overcoat that reached all the way down half his boots. The coat’s was decorated with golden markings especially around his neck and at breast height. A rather usual style among average noble Kelmatein men. Basil wore black short shoes, silver grey pants and shirt. On top he wore a red jacket similar to Rowan’s but slightly longer. The jacket had white buttons and other white decorations. At last Basil took a white purple lily that he had gotten the day before and put it in his small breast pocket. Andre and leonard had managed to get into the bath but their names would not be on the list for the performance so they had no formal wear to war.

    They walked out of the dressing room back to the lobby. It had almost stopped raining completely outside so they all went outside instead of taking the indoor hallway to the side building that was connected to the bath through a small section in between courtyards. A quite significant amount of people had begun to move towards the large performance house through the courtyard. Andre gave a hand gesture towards Magnus “Have fun tonight and we’ll see you tomorrow before the departure.”Magnus gave an equal hand gesture to Leonard and Andre before they walked down the street. Only a few drops of rain still fell outside as the four boys waited for the girls to arrive from the bath. Only a few moments later the four girls stepped outside of the bath house.

    Helen came out first through the doors. She wore a wine red and white dress with a special silver necklace looking piece around her neck that held dress firmly while leaving her outer shoulders and arms free. She wore a short red glove on her left hand but a long sleeved glove on her right arm. The dress did not reach as a whole piece down the legs, instead it separated into two parts that covered the legs outsides but not completely the inside so it was visible that she wore white leggings beneath. Aelia wore a more standard blue dress with a golden center leading from her neck and widening beneath her waist. Her left shoulder was free but her right shoulder was covered by a short cape looking piece of cloth with a version of Lisakdonia’s logo on it indicating her knight captain statues. Alice wore a simple purple dress with a crystal opening over her heart area revealing a green gem necklace and her female structure. Janet was dressed in a cyan dress with white long sleeves at her arms. The section between the white arms and cyan dress was tailored with a golden decoration. The same around her neck and waist.

    Alice was quick at walking over to Rowan and force him up from the stone he was sitting on and grab his arm. Magnus chuckled over the action before he bowed and offered his hand to Helen who accepted. Janet moved slightly quitter to grab Basil’s arm after seeing the other two pairs formed. Antonio looked around slightly confused before he turned to Aelia asking her for her hand by trying to be as charming as possible and adding a wink. The others including Aelia chuckled by the over the top wink. Aelia moved into Antonio while grabbing his arm with such force that he almost fell. “Come now charm boy. Let’s have some Kelmatein fun this evening!” They then walked to the large entrance and into a decorated lobby with a large double stair in the center. A young man behind a desk asked for the eight’s full name and profession upon which he made eight marks in the book.

    They then steeped beside the large stairs through a large door and into an auditorium. The scene was covered with a large red curtain and the room was filled with voices from probably soon to be two or three thousand knights, nobles etc. This was an event for those that would departure to Stelladora tomorrow and other involved after all. Well, everyone except the low or average ranked soldiers. The eight found some good seats where they sat down in their formed pairs. The time passed and after almost twenty minutes a conductor came out on scene where he bowed to the audience and wished everyone welcome and that they would soon see a spectacular performance.
    Now the opera could begin.
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