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  • As Pele was sitting around in the registration room she felt Constable flap his wings
    "What are you doing?" She said in a quiet hiss.
    "Just stretching." He cooed.
    "Well don't do that it attracts attention and we don't want that yet" She whispered back.
    "Fine" He crowed back "Drama Queen" He said quiet enough so she didn't hear him.

    But what the two of them didn't know is that they weren't the only ones who heard the conversation

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    Suddenly, everything went quiet. The doors to Jaholion's room (/laboratory/blacksmith) swung open. Jaholion himself stepped out of the room. He came out boldly, looking more smug than ever before. Then, with a sputter of cogs and a slight magical "boink!", out of the room came... Jaholion.

    The first Jaholion said: "Behold - my latest project. As my creation proves - you can combine magical constructs with physical automatons, contrary to most other gods say"

    With these words, he flicked a finger at the second Jaholion, and he seemed to fade back, revealing a humanoid robot in his place.


    "As you can see, I can create this double at any time, and you will never be sure if it is really me when I am in battle. See, the only way of knowing the differencebetween me and the double is-", but he cut himself off.

    "I probably shouldn't tell you that just yet"

    And he marched off back into his chamber.
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    Jazhara glances toward Pele and asks: '' I didn't know other mages with no affinity for druidic art could speak to animal kins, where is this bird from and how can you talk with it him ?''
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  • The door opens normally with a creak, and a seemingly normal human walks in, carrying two swords in two scabbards, one for each side.

    "Really? Just a normal human?" Snorts one of the tavern regulars, laughing as the woman approaches the registration table. The woman shrugs it off, stopping a foot before the table.

    "Appearing as a normal human just stops people from getting out of my way," the woman replies. Then, the registration paper rises off the table, and a new name is seared into the paper underneath Tourach's: Caphria. At the same time, two feathered wings erupt from Caphria's back, spreading out all the way.

    "The problem is," Caphria continues, "I enjoy the company of all manners of beings, and having my wings in the open gives people a belief that I am to be worshipped and revered, not approached and befriended. I fight with the people, not just for them."

    Sitting down in a corner, Caphria took out one of her two swords and began sharpening it. The sword quickly began to smolder, before she sheathed it and began watching the rest of the room, contemplative.

  • @TheCenterOfTheUniverse Dang that's a good intro! Now I need more than just a backstory.
  • @icyyou It isn't my signature that's with my actual card it's just for my story
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    "Uhh... It's a long story" She said
    "A really lang story" Cawed Constable
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    @HeroKP - I'm sorry, but signature cards can't be creatures/planeswalkers. You could create an artifact card that becomes a creature, though. )
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    Tai appeared in an unusual place.

    There was a bright ball of light in the sky. That’s odd, she thought. Glistening in the morning sun, was an intricate hall. She stepped inside. “Hello faerie! You must be Tai!”

    Tai was startled as she responded “Yes”

    There was an old wooden table with two candles. The man sitting there was short, not for her, but for those human-like figures. He had short brown hair and a red line down his cheek. In the dim light she could see only her name on the old parchment.

    The man muttere under his breath, “Black Hair, Brown Eyes, Attractive Wings,” he paused and looked up at her, “I am Ari.”

    “Nice to meet you,” Tai responded dedicated to make a good first impression. There were guards all around her, presumably for mischief that crosses a line.

    “Please give me your pouch, we need to examine the safety of it.”

    “Be careful,” Tai responded, “It’s dangerous.”

    He dumped out the powder. Shimmering purple powder to put people to sleep, deep blue powder to cause pain both mentally and physically, green to create illusions, red to cause destruction, and yellow to heal the injured.

    “Powder,” he laughed, “like that’s dangerous.”

    Tai wanted to show him wat they do at the moment, but she didn’t.

    “I’ll show you to your room,” Ari said.

    Tai followed and left.

    -Signature Card-

  • Should I do a dragon of an elf who can control beasts? I found great art for both of them
  • @SpiritDragon What does it even matter dude?
  • I'm doing dragons. I need the other art for something else
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  • @TenebrisNemo do our characters die if they lose a round?
  • I hope not....
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    But they are taken out of the tournament and they are magically healed
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    Here's my entry:
    The saloon doors swung open, and the contenders were surprised to see a four-armed automaton enter the room. It walked over to the tournament sign-up, gears whirring and clicking, and wrote its name on the sheet. "So why do they call you Whistler?" Vir asked.
    The automaton turned its blank face towards him, and replied in a monotone voice, "You shall see in due time." It then walked over to a corner and stood there, awaiting the first round.

    Whistler's signature card, based off the classic DnD spell.
    Link to Whistler's card page:
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    A young girl walks in, a wolf the size of a bear along side her. She sees many strange people and quivers with excitement. She walks over to the signup sheet and writes her name down. A chuckle is heard from the back of the room, a large minotaur seems to be the cause of it.

    "Is something funny?" She asks.

    "What's it to you kid." Says the minotaur with a smirk.

    Nya stares at the creature then all of a sudden vines the size of trees begin to shoot out of the ground and grab the minotaur and shake him around. Then the vines disappear. Nya walks over to the barkeep and hands him a large sack of gold coins. She is then ushered to her room by a nervous looking elf.
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    Before Tourach entered the audition hall, she quickly cast a meld-with-the-darkness spell to avoid unnecessary questions why an undead wizard, you could even say a lich, was roaming around the city that seemingly too good for a walking undead like her.

    Besides that, she also cast a low-tier darkness spell to make the overall condition in the room darker as an act of distraction.

    Nobody seemed to be noticed as a dark shadow that creeped towards the challenger sheet and filled the name of a certain undead on the challenger sheet.

    People and the other challengers seemed to be confused for a bit due to the slight dimming of the hall, but the commotion quickly faded away after the light returned to normal condition.

    Shortly after she discreetly materialized herself in a sitting position on a seemingly long wooden bank in a corner of the room that only occupied by a seemingly normal male guardsman in a sort of armor, with her attire still hidden under her gray cloak.

    "Wha- who are you?" Startled the guard.

    Tourach just glanced at the person and started to focusing the black mana in her eyes.

    After a moment, her dark influence spell finally has taken hold. A man with lesser willpower such as an ordinary guard can be easily broken.

    The guard's eyes were glowing slightly with purple hue. And he just stared blankly at her.

    "... my blood, my flesh, my heart, and my life, all for the Dark One." Muttered the newly converted guardsman blankly.

    'Good, now go back to the city and convert those who are weak willed. Aim only the homeless and the outcast and wait for my next order. Enact the ritual only under the cover of night in a secluded area. And do it all discreetly. Nobody other than the converted shall know about this situation. Now go, my faithful follower.'

    The female lich simply conveyed a message via a simple black mana based mind-link spell. A useful spell that can be used to communicate with a person that was already converted. Although it was more than a command spell instead of a two-way communication due to the use of black mana. A slightly more parasitic domination spell to be exact.

    The guard just bowed slightly and inconspicuously left the apparently crowded hall.

    'I still have no clue how much of my power has been returned. Still, it's a good start after all.'

    She just smirked very slightly, while was still sitting in a ladylike but humble manner.

    The Ebon Hand will begin anew and soon her lost power shall be reclaimed again by her and possibly also adding it to an extent that even she didn't know about it.

    End of flashback
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    Ok, fixed the whole thing, now it is just an artefact. It is basically the same thing, but doesn't violate the intergalactic laws of magic or whatever...
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    Little did Tourach know that she was being watched. And more than watched - Jaholion understood everything she did.

    "A little bit naughty, aren't we - girl?" Jaholion said

    Tourach gasped. Then, not losing a second, she tried to convert him.

    "Now, let's not do that, pal. First of all - I won't report you anywhere, this sounds like the sort of thing I would do way back in the day. Second of all - don't ever try to use that on one of the gods. You will only watse your time. We have to have a lot of willpower to keep the universe together, and sure enough, we do. And also, I pinky promise not to tell anyone about this"

    And with this cryptic remark, Jaholion went back into the tavern.
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    'I see. I was too reckless at my act before. A suspension in the plan is wisely needed here. And the gods in this world should be quite problematic too.' Thought the cloaked female lich. A smirk was still apparent on her face with her eyes still closed.

    Still sat on the bank, she pondered about the challenge the tournament has to offer.

    'I believe a rest is adequate in this moment, for now at least.'

    Still sitting on the bank, she went into a trance to calm herself down. As a lich, she didn't need food or water. Only the souls of the other living beings or the black mana that could replenish her lost energy.
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    After getting settled in Nya decided to wander around a bit. After seeing many cool things she started walking back to the tavern but on her way there saw 2 people talking who looked different than anyone else. One of them left and the other sat down on a building somewhere. She followed the one who left and watched as he entered the tavern. After that he sat down at a table with a drink. She joined him. Once she sat down he looked at her confused.

    "Who was that lady you were taking to?"

    "Just someone, anyways what's a kid like you doing here?"

    "I have joined the tournament."
    The man eyed her suspiciously.

    "A little kid like you, joining a battle tournament?"

    "Yes, and I will win for the glory of selesnya."

    "Selesnya, I don't think I've heard of them." Nya looked at him in surprise and began to tell the tale of her home plane of ravnica.
  • ( @pjbear2005 & @pakashara - It is rumored that the contenders who face death within an arena have been brought back to life after the match. But obviously those who die are the ones who lose.

    @Bobman11 - Nya has quite long ears for a human, don't you think? )
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    @TenebrisNemo I spent like 35 minutes trying to find art and this was the best I could get. Also she is already part of a story and she is a human.
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    Rigorous Judge

    By nightfall, the whole city was rather quiet. Some contenders had gone to sleep in their rooms while others were still spending time within the tavern's hall. Not too far away from the tavern was a mansion, where the city's mayor lived. Inside one of the mansion's guestrooms was a middle-aged man with noble clothing. He was sitting at the table while writing a letter. A drinking glass and a bottle of red wine were next to the inkwell. The room was dimly lit by candles and by blue moonlight, which came from the windows behind the table.

    A moment later, the door of the room opened and three men walked inside. They stopped in front of the man's table. Two of them were guards and the one in the middle was one of the tournament's judges. A chubby, bearded man who was holding a list. They were silent as they stared at the man behind the table.

    "Speak," the sitting man greeted coldly while he was still writing his letter.

    "My lord Gaspar," the man in the middle began and put the list onto the table. "Fifteen contenders from across the worlds have registered for the tournament so far."

    Gaspar put the quill's tip into the inkwell and took the registration list from the table with his left hand. "In two days already?"

    "Yes. Few of them have put up quite shows. Odd phenomena have occurred within the tavern. People have become nervous. In addition to that, one of our guards has gone missing."

    "I will send word to the soldiers," Gaspar said and took a sip of wine from the glass with his right hand.

    "We suspect one of the contenders may have taken part in it. Did I also mention that a new ethereal man has also registered?"

    Gaspar slammed the list onto the wooden table with his left palm. "Tighten the security. The soldiers will find the missing man. Go back to the tavern and await for more contenders."

    "Yes, my lord," the bearded man said while bowing and took the registration list.

    The three men left the room as quickly as they entered it. Gaspar looked at the red drops of wine, which splashed onto the inkwell from the glass as he slammed the table.

    "The last thing Lisakdonia needs is another Zaralim."

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    After Tia was shown her room, she went outside to the garden. Tia came across some drooping pink flowers, some sand, and small patches of dry grass. This place needs a little life, she thought. Tia reached into her pocket and tossed some sparkling yellow powder into the air. As the powder touched the flowers, they slowly bloomed. As the flower hit the grass it spread across the sand and turned lush green.

    “Hey Faerie” there was a tall woman with a long crossbow and a sort of curved dagger, “ No magic in these fields, go practice somewhere else.”

    “And why’s that?”

    She opened fire. Tai quickly flew out of range from her arrows and dropped back down on the training field. With that, the woman huffed away. Tai came across a girl with blonde hair.

    “I’m Sylva,” she said.

    Her tone was pretty, but she looked fierce. A good opportunity to get better, she thought.

    “I need to get better,” Tai responded, “Wanna train?”

    “Let’s get on it.”

    There was a guard to the right of them surveying the whole thing.

    Sylva lashed out with a hammer. Tai dodged. Sylva jumped up high. Throwing her hammer and pinned Tai to the ground. Sylva landed with ease. Tai needed to get better. She took the hammer of Tai.

    “Round 2,” She said.

    Tai took no time to take sand and mix it with her black powder. She threw it at Sylva causing a major distraction. Sylva battled of the coulumns of sand while Tia readied a lunar spell. A mystical blue lance formed in her hand.

    “Now, we’re equal”

    “See you at the grounds tomorrow!”
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