Image selection does not work

I select multiple photos to try, some over 1000 x 1000 and very high quality but the "upload image" part always rejects EVERYTHING I put in HELP PLEASE


  • It'll usually tell you why it's rejecting it. Either that, or you're trying to make planeswalkers/tokens with a mobile device, which doesn't currently work out.

    If you share the reasons it tells you it's rejecting them, we can probably help solve the problem.
  • Depends @corgi_overlord what device are u doing it one
  • Yeah, it's totally zoinked on mobile.
  • Mobile is having issues with uploads for regular cards can't create cards over the phone now, lots of cardsmiths I'm friends with on here can't make cards at all unless we hit up the local library.
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    And no luck with the Legacy uploader?
  • If you're on mobile like me, drag your finger slightly when you tap the upload image screen and release then the prompt to load an image will appear. Took me a while to get it to work but it does now :))

  • I haven't tried it on Mobile, Does anyone else have issues on Mobile?
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