Mono-color hybrid

Is there a way to do mono-color hybrid mana? dual color is {w/b}, and phyrexian is {p/b}, so I assumed mono-color would be something like {2/b}, but that doesn't work.


  • Hi there! Sorry, but to my knowledge mono-colored hybrid costs are not currently supported by the MtG Cardsmith card creator. But if you ask nicely, @mtgcardsmith might take that into consideration for a future update!
  • Huzzah!!
  • umm... @mtgcardsmith... please?

    I like monocolor hybrid because you can build more flexible casting/activation costs that create interesting choices. A card with {2/b}{2/b}{b} for a casting cost or an activation of {2/r}{b} each create tension between building to exactly the color mix suggested or eating the higher mana costs but still getting the card. Dual-color hybrid is great for highlighting the areas that the colors agree on, but I like mono-color hybrid for giving additional ways to do that. It's also good for colored artifacts- playing a balance between the old-school pure colorless casting costs and giving advantage for in-color effects to use that color mana.

    Anyone else have particular feelings about "twobrid" mana?
  • I agree that it would be nice to have twobrid mana available
  • I third this motion!
  • If you need to design one like that, does it. However, I don't think it can do hybrids with the colorless (diamond) symbol.
  • @silentone2k
    I've personally been hoping to log in and just find it here one day.
  • It's been about a year and I find myself looking for exactly this ability again. Not sure if the preference is for a new thread or some necromancy... But still hoping to log in and find this ability.
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