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  • @ManaChrome, I wouldn’t mind looking for arts, one of the artists I use will mainly use vertical images. So chances are that I won’t have to worry. Also, somebody submitted 2 of the cards I made to the site. I thought it was you put it seems it wasn’t.
  • @Ranshi922 Gotcha.

    Also, what do you mean by "Also, somebody submitted 2 of the cards I made to the site."?
  • I mean that two of he cards I submitted here were added to untap.in
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    Okay, so, out of boredom, I went through and recreated all 51 current entries as full art cards. I tried my best to keep the original art of each card in tact. If the original art didn;t stick, one of two things happened:
    1. I couldn't find the original image used.
    2. The image was already used on an existing MTG card.
    As much as possible artists are credited. I would upload all the images directly to this post, but due to the sheer number of them, I have refrained from doing that. If you wish to view them all, just follow the link!
    I must say I'm pretty happy with the end result and there are some incredible entries across the board here!
  • Thanks @Arceus8523! Definitely going to be using some of these for the final project! I'm probably still going to be remaking some of the cards since some of the art from all the entries blends in too much with the white text DX. But really, thanks a bunch for going out of your way to do this!
  • @ManaChrome
    Yeah that was the big issue. It seemed to be only a small number, though, which is nice.
  • what?! ALL of the entries?!
  • @Ranshi922 I mean, yeah. It doesn't really take much to basically "copy + paste" cards with basically a different framing and possibly different art. :P
  • @Ranshi922
    I mean a small number of cards where the art and text blend in.
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    @Arceus8523, I love how they came out! My brothers saw Battleblessed Seraph and Foresaken Archon and their jaws dropped!!!

    There’s a problem. They are the same image file so I can’t upload it
  • @Ranshi922
    I think can separate them for you if you need to.
  • That would be helpful. XD
  • @Arceus8523 that is AMAZING! I loved how Dead Town and Peruse the Mind turned out the most of my entries.
  • I’m thinking about making a entry with Infactuate, purely because it would be kinda op if it worked.
  • New Entry #3:
    Reno, Exemplary Summoner
  • I found an art that probably will work for the full art version:
  • @modnation675 I'm currently working on making these cards in the contest into full art! I was wondering if you could explain your "The Spark of Yarn" card, because I'm kind of confused with the "nontribal card type" clause since "tribal" is a supertype like "legendary."

    I believe that you meant "creature type?" But I'm not really sure. I'm just hoping to get your insight on how the card works so that I can simplify it if needed and so that I can explain how the card works myself when I'm doing the exhibition match! Sorry if this is a bother, but thank you if you decide to answer!
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    Meanwhile, as a card bump, here is @Ranshi922's most recent entry!


    It definitely has an awesome flavor of an epic summoner wandering through the plane! Cheers to more innovative and brilliant designs!

    However, I'm sorry, but I did make changes to the art (depicting Reno as a female, but this is mostly so that the white text can be seen easier when compared to the art you provided), the typing (they lost the "spellshaper" subtype due to the line almost elongating vertically due to how long the type line is), and fixed a bit of the wording ^-^. Sorry if this offends you in any way, I'll change anything if you wish, but I'm just doing this for the sake of players who will be seeing these cards for the first time so that they can understand it easily ^-^
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    Also! Here are a couple of things to keep in mind for this contest! (This is to make the players who are going to be playing with the cards a bit easier for them to comprehend and read the card.)

    1.) Keep the cards simple! These cards are meant for the entirety of the MTG community! Try not to make cards tailored for experienced players, as this makes players who are relatively new to MTG to squint their eyes to understand the card. But try not to make cards specifically for beginners, as this doesn't pull in experienced players for experimentation. Sometimes, cards with the simplest designs have the most interesting of outcomes, check the previous "card bumps" for proof! Try to find a balance that can pull in a majority of the MTG community!

    2.) Keep the cards short! The players will be constantly reading the card and motioning towards the card for any triggers or any ongoing effects, so please keep the cards relatively short to avoid confusion! About two paragraphs of text that take up about three lines of the text box is the goldilocks zone for an easy-to-read card! You are allowed to make long worded cards of course, but I do discourage it a bit.

    3.) Use art that isn't relatively bright! This is for the full-art project specifically! I recommend using art that isn't too bright to avoid the odd contrast between the white text and the bright artwork, so I recommend avoiding art that depicts bright fires or beams of light. However, if there is at least a chunk of space towards the bottom of the art piece that is relatively dark, I suggest using that if it fits your card!

    That is all from me! Remember that this contest ends on 8/31/2018! So be sure to get your entries in or spread word of the project in your own contests for this lil' community project! Good luck to everyone and happy cardsmithing! Ciao for now!
  • https://mtgcardsmith.com/view/calloused-troll

    Here's an entry. I'm a little shaky on rarity, but I think this is powerful and bomby enough to make mythic.
  • This! This is everyone is an example of a genius design kept simple! XD Thanks @Undead for the entry!
  • https://mtgcardsmith.com/view/stalwart-serf

    Entry number two. I'm not sure whether Befoul is too complex @ManaChrome but I'm really fond of it as a mechanic.
  • @Undead I like it! But I'm a bit scared of it coming into aristocrat decks that focus on sacrificing creatures and gaining life. But I'll include it anyway and have the players speak after our exhibition game!

    The players of that game are going to be the judges for this contest ^-^ So it'll be fun to see the reactions of the players!
  • https://mtgcardsmith.com/view/sultai-captain

    Entry number three. This requires a hard choice between delving for cards and creating zombies.
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    @ManaChrome, I would like to address a few things with some assurances:
    1. I completely understand the use of a female. As I was looking for a different art, because the original wouldn’t work vertically, I found myself thinking, “There are next to no make Summoners that are in a vertical image, I could always make it female, but that would make her a rena.” In the end the art I submitted was a bit more feminine than masculine, so I get it.
    2. I like the new wording and it is better to not confuse people with a mechanic that could just as easily be said flat out.
    3. The slightly altered wording is nice so I have no objections, only that I can possibly renaming it Rena, Exemplary Summoner
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