Planeswalker's Journey

After a dramatic moment you feel that you are pulled away. Your spark had just ignited and you planeswalked.
You wake up in this new unknown world. You try to planeswalk away but something is preventing you from leaving.
You are stuck and after a while you find out that your only way to leave this plane is to reach the source which is stopping your departure. You have to reach the tower in the middle of the world.
You are as well being hunted by the something called the spark eater.
But you are not alone in this vast world. A bunch of other planeswalkers are also stuck here and they also seek the tower to escape. However only one will be able to leave in the end.

Welcome to Clancularius! The unknown plane.
You are a new unskilled and inexperienced planeswalker.
You have appeared in an unknown place and it is up to you to describe/create this place.
The plane is like a unpainted canvas and will be painted by you who have appeared here.
During your journey you will grow in power and the spells and creatures you can summon will become stronger and better.
If you lack behind you will risk being targeted by the spark eater.

This journey is in the same vein as the Tournament of champions thread and have been on my mind for a long while. To achieve greatness in this journey you'll need to be at least a little active.
At the beginning you will choose a color for yourself and your spells. You will be able to increase the number of colors later.
You begin as a mono colored 2, 3 or 4 mana planeswalker. This planeswalker needs to have a name in common to you. Be it your username, part of your username, your real name or a nick name.
You will begin with a niche for yourself and your spells. This niche can be reformed as time passes.
Examples for niches are: Creatures matter. Necromancy. Spells matter. Artifacts. Creatures with deathtouch etc.
You will at the start have three spells/creatures to your disposal.

You begin with the following attributes/limitations but will as the time passes grow stronger and increase your attributes.
Note: These attributes does not include your planeswalker card.
Colors of mana: 1
Maximum mana cost: 3
Max- Legendary spells: 0
Max- Mythical spells: 0
Max- Rare spells: 0
Max- uncommon spells: 1
Max- commons spells: 2

You may create cards whenever you want as long as you have the slot for that specific card. You can however not create planseswalker cards that are not your planeswalker itself. Also these cards won't cost any slots to do but won't give any value either except flavor and story related ones.
Then each Friday I will give a new mini challenge. These will have no deadlines and you don't even have to do them if you don't want to.
You may post more than 1 card for any challenge if you have the slots.
I will also distribute new attribute points and some for you to choice. These may be to increase your color count, your maximum mana, or rarity slots.

Before each new challenge after the start the spark eater will hunt. The number of players that will be taken can be zero up to 3 people based on the total number of planeswakers. When a planeswalker is taken by the spark eater then that player is out of the game.
Those that are taken will be selected by a point system. Lets call it Planeswalker value. (pv)
This value is determined by the cards you have submitted.
Each card will have its own value and the combined value of all cards is your pv.
Cards made for challenges will be worth twice as much during that week.

The value of each card is based on the ordinary:
*Grammar, given artwork source and such

But also
*Relation to your niche
*Range of spell uses: Have something for the most common occasions. You won't get far with only 2/2 for 2. This will be easier done with higher mana costs and more colors. You don't need an answer for everything. Even an eldrazi titan can be beaten with 15 squirrels.
*Rarity and/or legendary (Higher rarity given the card a higher maximum value.
Common: Max 5 points
Uncommon: Max 10 points
Rare: 20: Points
Mythic: 30 points.
Legendary Max +10 Points (Legendary Rare: 30p. Legendary Mythic 40p)

In short
Better card: Higher value
Higher rarity + legendary: higher value
Better coverage of answers for different events/challenges: Higher value
Challenge cards during their challenge week: twice value

How do you Join
To start you'll need to submit your choice of start color, Your planeswalker and your niche before the start date for the first challenge.
Your planeswalker needs to:
Be of your choice of color.
Be 2-4 cmc and mythic.
Have a name in common with you. (Eg username, real name or nickname)
The three cards to your disposal are not mandatory to start but you risk being eliminated without them.
Story telling is not mandatory in this journey and won't be valued. However feel free to tell stories on your own or together with other players. Like your background. Where you start your journey and what you do and such.

Card Rules
*Old cards are allowed
*Cards can be changed and withdrawn until the next spark eater hunt/challenge begins. (Which happens each Friday)
eq. A card made on Wednesday can be changed during Wednesday, Tuesday and Friday before the hunt but not after.
*Cards should not have a color identity outside of your available colors.
*You cannot create cards that use slots which you don't have. (Exceptions are made for your planeswalker card(s))
*Planeswalker cards cannot be anyone else but your planeswalker (Unless they are lore/story cards).
*If you make a lore/story related card that is not one of your planeswalker's spells you may overlook all rules but you must signify that it is a lore/story card.

The first challenge and the journey begins the 31th of August

I appreciate feedback and new ideas. I will rewrite these rules and instructions accordingly as new information is gathered and new ideas pop up.


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    I will also be a part of this journey by creating cards and doing challenges. Kind of like an NPC

    My choice of start color is green.
    My starting niche is quality creatures or creatures with keyword abilites and growth by +1/+1 colors.
    My Planeswalker card:

    My spells:
    image image image
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    Too long did not read version

    1: Chose a color and a focus that your planeswaker begins with.
    2: Create a 2-4 cmc planeswalker of that color that represents you with name.
    3: [Optional] Write a little story about you and where you end up.
    4: Your start attributes/card slots:
    Colors of mana: 1
    Maximum mana cost: 3
    Max- Legendary spells: 0
    Max- Mythical spells: 0
    Max- Rare spells: 0
    Max- uncommon spells: 1
    Max- commons spells: 2

    5: You may create 1 uncommon and 2 common cards of your color since these are your available slots. You might also save them for later.
    6: The Journey begins 31th of August.
    7: A challenge begins. You are given some slots for cards that you can create. You may create cards for the challenge for temporary bonus points, make some other cards or keep them for later.
    8: [Optional] Describe the world, the people, the kingdoms/lands/realms, anything that you come across during your journey. Try to avoid global phenomenal that affect the whole world significantly.
    9: The players with the worst cards run the risk of being eliminated by the spark eater.
    10: Grow in strength and learn to cast new spells etc.
    11: Repeat until the last showdown in the tower.
  • Yo, i think I'll join, and I'll focus on a deepsea theme
  • @Billthesomething That sounds very interesting. I'm eager to see what you'll come up with :)
  • Oh its time.
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    This is a super cool idea! Unfortunately, the one that I wanted to do originally has nothing to do with my name, but no matter! I'll just create a new one!
    My planeswalker has been updated because of a flaw with the 1st ability, and a couple other things needed to be balanced.
    My Spells:

    Color: Green

    Niche: Making lands into creatures, making things big with +1/+1 counters

    Species: Elemental

    Homeplane: Degare

    I may post some of my story later.
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    Oops! I forgot to say the artist on the cards. Please don't punish me too harshly! :)
  • Are we allowed to use old cards and are we alllwed to have multiple entries?
  • @Jonteman93 could you explain the mini challenges more clearly bc the whole card slot thing is confusing and with not a lot of detail it is hard to comprehend
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    1:His color is black.
    3:image image image
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    Alright mine is subject to change bc I made it spur of the is a shortened version of my middle name and my personality :)

    Color: white
    Niche: Being friendly (having lots of creatures :))


  • I'll add more later.
  • Alex Jones was just a young man with dues to pay. So he took to thievery. Then on one of his heists he found a mask and after putting it on it gave him superhuman abilities. He could mess with people's minds, move through walls, but at the cost of his sanity. He slowly went insane and became extremely sadistic. He would use his powers to destroy people's mind. After discovering his newfound power he created a massive criminal syndicate known as the Shadow of Eden. He lead this for many years until one day he got busted. As he was about to be captured his spark ignited and he left the plane in a hurry.(To be Continued.)
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    I chose the color blue, and my niche is digging through your library. A lot. Fortunately, my theme is "imagination is your greatest tool."


    The name is a derivative of my username to sound more like an actual name. I'll write up Lugik's story in a bit.

    Edit: Basically everything but the art of Overlapping Voices has been edited, and Atlas of Potential has been upshifted in rarity and increased in cost. Formed Will has also been withdrawn as an entry in order to have a flex slot. (Wow, that curve is painful.)
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    I'm playing as:
    Nann Floyd
    (I'll remake this on MTGCardsmith as soon as I get back to my computer...)
    (FYI the name is an anagram from my actual name)

    Color: Blue
    Niche: Drawing cards, Instant or Sorceries, Looking at opponent's stuff, Trying to understand things and gain knowledge

    Consul the Books
  • Here's the story behind my guy. Possibly more on the way eventually.

    Aggrol is from a plane called Degare, a world that is ruled by it's elemental species.

    From a young age, Aggrol showed a natural aptitude for shaping the earth around him, and even showed talent for creating new elementals like himself. He used his power to create all kinds of elementals, whether it be to do his chores, get revenge on his enemies, or just to have someone to talk to. Then, one day, he discovered that his abilities were much more than he had previously known. He was able to make his elementals grow to tremendous sizes, and even create elementals out of other species by a process he dubbed "elementalizing". But then, one of his elementals grew too large for him to control, and began a rampage, destroying his home village and the surrounding area. Seeing the destruction caused by his creation ignited his planeswalker spark, which threw him to Clancularius.
  • @Bobman111 The name of your planeswalker sounds like a movie title.

    First Movie: Alex Jones
    Second Movie: Alex Jones 2: Beyond Death

    It actually makes your character sound really cool to me thinking of him in an action movie.
  • @Aggroman15 OMG you're right. I also just realized that's the name of one of the greatest memelords of all time. Look the name up.(Still keeping it tho.)
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    I had a real hard time coming up with concept for my Planewalker, at first I wanted to be Mono-Black, but decided to go with Mono-Blue, cause I chose to go with a theme of Ocean-Horror. I'll write up his backstory in a different post.

    image image image
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    @Aggroman15 You could post the artist or the source for the artwork in the comment section of the card. The punishment, even though small is best to avoid as best as possible :)

    @DoctorFro Right I forgot to write that. But yes I will allow old cards.
    I will update the instructions above.
    We'll keep the number of entries to 1 since your planeswalkers are representing yourselves.

    The mini challenges is an event or a problem that I'll give in short and vague description. Your mission will be to create spells that can solve these problems (or don't if you want to save your card slots).
    For example: A necromancer is attacking a village/city/town with an army of zombies. The Necromancer is able o resurrect the zombies over and over. Create one or multiple cards to deal with this problem.
    These cards will during that week be worth twice as much pv (If they actually does something to solve the challenge).

    I hope this answer your question :)

    @Lujikul Your card, Overlapping voices 4 mana but the current maximum is 3 (for non-planeswalker spells) :)
  • Ok glad I saw this! Will participate soon!
  • @Jonteman93
    Oh snap. I'll get to fixing that.
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    I'll throw my hat into the ring for this. Meet Archie and Estus, a pair of planeswalkers from Regatha. They are both red-alligned. They act differently, think differently, dress differently, and have different sets of skills, but they share one crucial connection: they're the same person.
    That's right, Archie is a planeswalker with dissociative identity disorder. This means that at any given time, Archie or Estus could be in control of the body while the other is totally unaware of what the one in control is doing. They are aware of one another, though they can do nothing to keep the other contained. Control is swapped, as far as they're aware, seemingly at random.

    Archie is a rash and rugged figure, not taking much time to plan his encounters. He often keeps very little interest in things. Though he can keep interest in larger quests, he doesn't particularly maintain hobbies or minor goals. He is set on getting the most out of life by doing the most. The proposition of being a planeswalker means there's even more for Archie to see, but since he's stuck on Clancularius, he's going to do everything he can to get off it while also doing everything he can to explore anything and everything that peaks his curiosity. He never stays in one place for long and is constantly on the move. His brazen attitude can oftentimes lead him into trouble that could've been easily avoided with planning, and his solution to problems is always on-the-fly. To him, Estus is a nuisance, slowing him down and dragging him into planning and training he doesn't feel is necessary. He largely refuses to use his alter ego's training, regardless of the subject, unless it is convenient to the exact moment he is in.

    Estus, in contrast, is a very emotional individual that likes to sweat the small details. He has a deep interest in the arcane arts and seeks to further advance his arcane skills now that a plethora of worlds with all kinds of different magics has opened to him. Of course, this means finding the way off Clancularius first, which means he must equal devote himself to this mission. Estus is highly prone to following his emotions and his mood can change on a dime as a reaction to what's going on, one moment being angry and the next jovial if a situation has turned for the better. He sees planning as a crucial step in any adventure and likes to know what lies ahead on the road; uncertainty gets him worried and makes him prone to outbursts of either anger or sadness. He thinks Archie will get them killed with his reckless behavior and treats him as a danger. He is looking for a way to put Archie to rest entirely, if at all possible.

    My design theme is double-faced cards and experimenting with new possibilities for them, the main one being cards you can cast either face of for different effects. I have a lot of card design ideas for this, but since this is only round one, I'm going to keep things relatively simple for now. I want to save some of my more unique ideas for later rounds. As for the walker's names, Archie uses the first three letters of my username (ARC) and Estus uses the last three (EUS).
    (Note: If this next one doesn't work because of the backside cmc, just let me know and I'll change it.)
  • @murkletins
    Thanks! Are you planning on entering?
  • @Arceus8523
    Maybe, but we'll have to design a few cards first to see if we're ready.
  • @Arceus8523, those cards are (censored) AMAZING! I love the concept! What engine did you use, I rreeaallllyy want to try out that mechanic in a few cards!
  • Does anyone know how to post your card directly on the forum?
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