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    @BorosPaladin A bit of feedback on your cards:

    For Skydrop Riders, it needs to say, "Whenever Skydrop Riders attacks and isn't blocked, create two 1/1 white Soldier tokens tapped and attacking." This is because otherwise, you have no way to tell when to create the tokens.

    Military Glory should be an Enchantment - Aura with Enchant Creature, as it otherwise just sits on the battlefield doing nothing instead of being attached to a creature.
  • @BorosPaladin If you do decide to remake Skydrop Riders you might as well change its subtype to Griffin which is a real MtG creature type.
  • Just a note that I updated my previous entry post
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    Thank you for the feedback. I'll adjust skydrop rider,I really was not shure how to make this design so your comment is apreciated. As for military glory I must have forgot to do that. I think this is the first time I made an aura.
    Thank you for the comment it seems the internet can't agree whether it's spelled gryffin, griffin or some other variant.

    I have now edited my entries.
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    @BorosPaladin You have 1 common, 2 uncommon and 1 legendary slot left.
  • Just a friendly reminder that there are 3,5 hours left.
  • Tokens, you say?
    My Max CMC:
    My current slots left are:
    1 Mythic Rare
    1 Rare
    1 Uncommon
    0 Common
    My color(s) are:
    Red and Blue
  • Your scouts have found something. Something that is oozing with magic.
    You are convinced that it is worth to take a further look into so you have set off towards the location and make up camp as the night falls over Clancularius.

    "Hey! Whose there!" One of your guards shout from the trees. It falls silent for a moment. A sound of something crawling between the trees approaches.

    "Two voices can no longer be heard from the wilderness. Two voices have been silenced tonight. Now only eight voices whispers between the trees."

    The snake crawls back into the wilderness. A few seconds later the guards run out towards you. "There is something in the jungle/forest!"

    Well. Of course.
  • Eliminated

    Connor, Boros Champion has been silenced and sent home.
    Aldor Rheyn has been silenced and sent home.

    image image

    @BorosPaladin, @Decaldor
    You two have sadly been eliminated this week. I hope you'll continue to have fun and feel free to continue following this journey if you would want to.
    This journey is growing tougher and tougher and both of you have done a great job with some awesome cards.
  • This journey is ranking up and now even the most motivated might find themselves in the line of fire.
    Here is the ranking as it is now before challenge 9.

    1st @ShaperKyon
    2nd: @Fallen_Lord_Vulganos
    3rd @MonkeyPirate2002
    4th @Aggroman15
    5th @Bobman111
    6th @Arceus8523
    7th @AxNoodle
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    Challenge #8 (Split challenge) - Planeswalker's heritage

    You are guided to some old ruins/dungeons where your men said they had felt the powerful magic. They had not dared to enter alone as something seems to guard the place.
    You shrug it off and enter the dark.
    The old place is quite large and you found yourself walking for more than an hour with a handful of your men behind you.
    Something large is moving in the shadows as a hunter watching its prey. You can feel the essence of old magic. It feels quite familiar though.
    Then something attacks your men behind you. It managed to kill a few before you counterattack the creature. It falls before your feet. You investigate the corpse/ashes of the creature and recognize that it had been summoned here magic just like yours. By a planeswalker. But the magic is old and the magical creature has been weakened by the years passed. What is it guarding?

    You move further into the ruins/dungeons and are attacked by more creatures but as earlier you and your men bring them all down without losing too many of your own.
    You make your way to an open chamber. In the back of the chamber is a statute holding an artifact of some sort. You feel a powerful magic surrounding the artifact. You try to take the artifact but something powerful is preventing you. A powerful enchantment has been laid on the artifact preventing you from taking it. After some more minutes you come a conclusion.

    You could either destroy the enchantment to free the artifact for your own use.
    Or you could destroy the artifact and make yourself the medium of the magical enchantment that echoes of a planeswalker's magic.
    You cannot take one without destroying the other.
    What is your choice?

    Challenge option A
    You break the artifact to receive the enchantment for yourself.
    * Destroy the artifact.
    * You may create the powerful enchantment (must include the new color).

    You are given from this option:
    * An additional color
    * 1 mythic slot
    * 1 rare slot
    * 1 uncommon slot
    * 1 common slot

    Challenge option B
    You break the enchantment to take the artifact for yourself.
    * Destroy the enchantment.
    * You may create the powerful artifact.

    You are given from this option:
    * 1 higher max cmc.
    * 1 legendary slot
    * 1 mythic slot
    * 1 rare slot
    * 1 uncommon slot
    * 1 common slot

    There is uncertainty of your future. Make sure you are prepared.

    I go with option B and take the artifact.
    Jonte's example cards:
    image image
  • @Aggroman15

    Are both Rising earth and Rising fire considered entries? Since you had 1 too few rare slots upon posting them.
    Also was The Overlay an intended entry?
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    Here's my cards for the challenge. Story coming soon. (I am choosing Option A.)


    And my new Planeswalker card!


    Can you count my second Rising creature generator for my new rare slot? Also, The Overlay was just a story card. I intended it to be an entry, but it makes more sense as a story.
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    @Jonteman93 "Make sure you are prepared?" I'm assuming that means to round out your spellbook but...really?! It's so ominous. :-D
    (Also GaAahH I'm drowning in all the new card slots!)
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    @ShaperKyon Who knows. It might be the last cards you get. Hahaha.
    It isn't though. People will get at the minimum card slots required for challenge 10 and 11 so no worries there. Or maybe?

    I'm gonna give a little more information about the rankings to calm some of your nerves.
    There is kind of two groups within the ranking.

    Position 1- 3 is one group and 4 - 7 is the other.
    There is a higher difference between position 3 and 4 than between 4 and 7

    1st @ShaperKyon A
    2nd: @Fallen_Lord_Vulganos A
    3rd @MonkeyPirate2002 A
    4th @Aggroman15 B
    5th @Bobman111 B
    6th @Arceus8523 B
    7th @AxNoodle B

    Remember that challenge points are still counted as double.
    These have only once made one elimination difference thus far but might be important for this one. So if you are in class B (4-7 above you might want to keep an eye on the other three's entries this week). This does not mean that group A is safe but they don't have to look into it as much if at all.

    Here is a reminder of card values:
    Legendary: +10 points
    Mythic: 30 points
    Rare: 20 points
    Uncommon: 10 points
    Common: 5 points

    Also the two factors. Curve factor and cover factor. Curve factor haven't really penalized anyone significant at all thus far. Cover factor have made more work but have been kept low. However. You might want to take a look into them. One could say that they will be a killer soon. hehehe.
  • Well it was fun while it lasted.

    I knew I should have made more than just creatures.
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    @BorosPaladin You did well. I liked your cards. But as we know, all good things come to an end. Keep up the good work.
  • @BorosPaladin I think you made it far and you did really well. The requirement in points have increased really much the last weeks so it is difficult to hang on.
    I bet that if a second Planeswalker's journey is started and you join that one, you'll get even further.
    It has been fun to have you in the contest and if you want to feel free to continue following this journey for the few weeks that is left :)
  • update
    I realized that I had counted wrong earlier when I decided how many challenges were left. Since there are 7 of you left now we will have 2 eliminated on Friday.
    The next challenge 9 will be 2 days long but it will be a little unconventional.
    I would recommend you to take a look through your spell book in case something's -missing.
    Challenge 9 will not require you to make any cards. There will be a challenge bonus but it will be based on your entire spell book and not only cards you make. This is the main reason for the short deadline.
    Challenge 10 will be a limited card challenge. You don't need to save any card slots for that one.
  • @Jonteman93 I'm breaking the enchantment and taking the artifact instead. I am going for Option B:


    As you said previously, we need to have spells that will better help our deck. I'm thinking of making more spells (specifically creatures) in order to stay alive later.

    Spell slots left:

    Rare: 1
    Uncommon: 2
    Common: 4
  • @Jonteman93 so I looked through my spell book and found that most of my spells costed 4 mana O_O. That is NOT good for a control deck. I decided to make this card to even the curve and make it easier for this deck to get stuff down on the board.


    Spell slots left:

    Uncommon: 2
    Common: 4
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    Looks like I have a linear curve of 2 with an anomaly on the 2-drops- pretty good for a denial control deck.
    Artefacts 2
    Creatures 4
    Instants 7
    Sorceries 1
    Enchantments 1
    Counterers 10
    Support 4

    All the data is about before today’s cards in my spellbook.

    I choose Option B.
    Challenge Cards:




    Normal Cards(Please Read Errata On The Bottom Card!):


    Note that the last card is in the spellbook but is in a different set and style with newer grammar and the flavour line because it doesn’t directly fit my niche. I just thought it would fit in the kind of deck well so splashing white is easier.
    ERRATA: Add on “Whenever you would pay {u}, you may pay {w} instead.
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    @Jonteman95 I think it's pretty obvious what this card allows you to do...


    Spell slots left:

    Uncommon: 1
    Common: 4
  • 18 hours remains until this challenge ends.
  • image
    Updated Planeswalker.
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