Planeswalker's Journey



  • @ShaperKyon Break Down Defenses was meant to be narrow, as I needed something to deal with protected stuff, but your observation about Elemental Quake is correct. I can fix that.
  • @Aggroman15 Putting narrowness aside, Break Down Defenses is still weak. Maybe add a few abilities like "creatures you control gain trample until end of turn" that still go with the flavor.
  • Just a reminder that 36 hours remaining of this challenge.
    @ShaperKyon You're the only one that have not posted the card for the challenge yet.
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    @Jonteman93 Soon to be amended, though I'm falling behind on my story.

    I choose Option A and my new color is black. @MonkeyPirate2002 Unfortunately it seems that in the top 5 there are two white-blue-black aven planeswalkers.

  • I just realized that Kyoniq's Aethereal Ascent and Kyoniq, Shaper of Souls have the same mana cost and rarity.
  • So are we going to cut to the next round now everyone has submitted?
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    It was difficult to see anything but streams of some kind of blue-ish magic in the dense mist. He walked passed something that looked like burn marks on the near ground. The sun was shining far above but just a small shimmer barely managed to reach the ground through the mist. It was very quit except from the sound of the cats that followed him. Lossil had abandoned the cat planeswalker since before he had entered the land of seven rings. Five rings were occupied by the guardians of the trial. That flower garden around the tower from that strange dream must have been the inner, first ring. So what kind of purpose had this second ring? The cat planeswalker walked for hours towards what he though was the tower, a large shadow figure in the distance. As he came closer he noticed that it was just a tall rock that shimmered slightly. He continued further inwards. The magical strings or streams had become more common so he assumed that he was heading in the right direction. Some magical strings had formed symbols or letters of some kind. The broke as if they was floating in water as the cat planeswalker walked pass or through them.

    He grew tired of walking blindly so he tried again to connect to the flow of mana in the ground. Yet again nothing, as if the land of this second ring was more than just dead. The only signs of magic that existed beside himself and those cats that followed him was the magical floating strings. He tried to feel the magic within one of them but it was as if it did not want to speak. All the magic in this ring was beyond strange. It would be more logical if it was all an illusion of some sort. But could that describe the absence of mana in the earth? Probably not. He continued. The hours passed and he came by chunks of broken crystal, dead plants that seemed to have been summoned by someone and left to die. He came pass pieces of rusted metal pieces, weapons and armor. Then of course bones from skeletons of many different races and types as well as other things that did not seem natural to this place, well not to say that the place felt unnatural to begin with.

    The number of magical strings become and more and more and were now floating all around. There was one single string that did not float but looked solid in the distance. He walked over there and as he came closer the string took the silhouette of a snake, lying on a stone. The magical string in form of the snake crawled down the stone towards the cat planeswalker and up his leg to his ear.

    "Five trials has begun to decide whom shall pass through the deep shadows and approach the tower. In the far and wide jungle, the seventh ring, a being made of stone has been put to the trial by the fifth guardian. With might the earthly elemental broke a claw of the beast and thus persuaded the guardian to let him pass. One has been chosen."

    The magical string that made up the snake began to fall apart, breaking the illusion of the snake. The string floated upwards and disappeared. After a moment three other strings began to move strangely. They floated together and landed on the ground forming a larger snake. The snake crawled towards the planeswalker and stretched itself upwards to ear height.

    "Five trials has begun to decide whom three shall pass through the deep shadows and approach the tower. At the top of the mighty mountains, the sixth ring, a being that takes form of a human and a slender creature of the sky has been put to the trial by the fourth guardian. With courage the Tehan flew high with the dragon through fire and ash. Thus by filling the guardian with joy he was let to pass. Two have been chosen."

    The three strings fell apart and the illusion of the snake disappeared. Moments later, six strings floated together and formed a snake as large as the cat planeswalker. The snake crawled around the planeswalker.

    "Five trials has begun to decide whom three shall pass through the deep shadows and approach the tower. In the defiled grounds of the rotten swamp, a being of spiritual form has been put to the trial by the third guardian. With ambition the man formed an eternal from a forgotten scroll to intimidate the demon. The guardian did not approve the dark magic of the man and thus the spirit has been silenced."

    The six strings of the snake floated together and then fell apart and the illusion of the snake was no more. A bunch of string began to float in a stream. There were fifteen strings in the stream rotating around forming a large snake. The snake appeared before the planeswalker.

    "Five trials has begun to decide whom three shall pass through the deep shadows and approach the tower. Deep in the ocean, an Aven being has been put to the trial by the second guardian. With a sharp mind and a cunning plan the Aven changed the flow of the ocean around the leviathan. Thus by tricking the guardian he was let to pass. Three have been chosen."

    String after string began to float away from the breaking illusion of the snake. Moments later a large number, probably more than fifty strings began to move around in the mist seeking each other to form a huge snake. The snake was just visible in the mist and as large as a wyvern.

    "Five trials has begun to decide whom three shall pass through the deep shadows and approach the tower. The sun shines in the open field where a bird being has put to the trial by the first guardian. With determination the bird created a violent and dark storm to cover the sun and the angel in darkness. The guardain's sun did not falter as the light continued to cover the field. Thus the bird has been silenced and the three have been chosen and the tower awaits."

    The strings fell apart like an explosion of blue colors breaking away the illusion of the snake. The cat planeswalker stood there for a while thinking about what the snake had said. But then the magical string around him began to move. They moved somewhere behind him. More and more strings moved and even appeared from the mist being drawn together until not a single string was left in sight.

    The cat planeswalker spoke.
    "Tell me snake, or should I call you spark eater serpent. What is the true purpose of the second ring?"

    "You already know the answer."
  • Eliminated

    Demetrius, Lone Survivor has been silenced and sent home.
    Alex Jones, Warlock has been silenced and sent home.

    [ I don't have access to your planeswalker image @Bobman111 ]

    @MonkeyPirate2002, @Bobman111
    Sadly you two have been eliminated here. I hope you have had fun as long as it lasted.
    Since you two ended in the top 5 I'll follow you both.
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    OOF. Well, I guess we have our final three then. @Jonteman93 If you don't want to tell, that's fine, but who was going to be eliminated last round before me and @Bobman111 said that we needed more time, and you extended the deadline? Just curious.
  • @Jonteman93 seems like attempting to attack the snake does not provide desirable results...

    Oh well, I can’t believe I actually made it this far! I wonder what I did wrong though...
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    @Aggroman15 It would have been Bobman.
    @MonkeyPirate2002 I would not say that you did anything wrong in particular. You did good and came very far but in the end only three can enter the tower.

    Here is a last summary of the card slots you have used and have access to.
    I believe this is correct.

    @Aggroman15 - Option A, B, A, B
    CMC: 8
    Commons: 6 of 8
    Uncommons: 9 of 9
    Rares: 7 of 7
    Mythics: 3 of 3
    Legendaries: 3 of 3

    @ShaperKyon - Option B, A, B, A
    CMC: 8
    Commons: 8 of 8
    Uncommons: 9 of 9
    Rares: 7 of 7
    Mythics: 3 of 3
    Legendaries: 3 of 3

    @AxNoodle - Option A, B, B, B
    CMC: 9
    Commons: 8 of 8
    Uncommons: 8 of 8
    Rares: 7 of 7
    Mythics: 3 of 3
    Legendaries: 4 of 4
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    Story Blurb Time!

    Aggrol, Sean, and Sam had finally reached the land of 7 rings, but there seemed to be a magical barrier around the first ring. Hey, Aggrol? I have a suggestion. I made it this far when I was a contestant, and all I had to do was wait until dark came, and then it let me in! Neat, huh? Tide interjected with another one of her tips. So the group waited until dark, and when a shadow fell over the barrier, they walked straight through into a jungle area.

    After about a day walking, they came to another barrier. But try as he might, even at night, Aggrol could not get through. Suddenly, many animals and elementals converged on his location. "Do you think they're nice?" said Sam. But the creatures did not attack, and soon they heard a deep rumbling sound coming from within the forest. An enormous beast burst into the clearing and said, "Reveal your power planeswalker, Reveal the might that can form a destiny. Only if you succeed shall we let you pass." "Ok." Aggrol responded. "Bring it on."


    (It was at this point that I began playing Survivor's Eye of the Tiger, which I had pulled up for when I started writing the fight scene.)

    Aggrol summoned a pillar of fire, but the beast swatted it away as though it was nothing. He shot a large chunk of earth at the creature, but it didn't even phase it. He found a well of water in the ground and forcefully blasted it up, hitting the monster, but it did nothing. "Tide. Any tips? Nothing's working." Nope. I had to fight a leviathan, which was literally in my element, and I botched that and got trapped in that stinking statue. So I've got nothing. "Well, that's just great. My personal information dispenser has nothing to offer." Aggrol muttered. The great beast rumbled with what sounded like a laugh. "Is that all you have to offer, puny planeswalker? I need true strength. Do I need to... motivate you?" It began moving toward Sam, Sean, and the hydra. It scooped them up in it's enormous hands, and held them tight. "Will you show me your power now? Or will these innocent lives have to be cut short?"

    That was the last straw for Aggrol. His eyes lit up a fire-like orange, and he turned to face the guardian. Aggrol seemed to radiate power, and the guardian could sense it. "Hm. It appears we've finally found our motivation." It dropped the others. "Now, let's see some better attempts here." It charged Aggrol, who put up a wall of blazing stone. The beast rammed into it, and seemed to be hurt. Aggrol began going on the offensive, blasting the monster with water, fire, and earth. The beast could hardly defend against the relentless assault. It staggered back, until Aggrol put up a wall of earth behind it, and it stopped. Aggrol grabbed on to one of the beast's claws, and lifted it up as though it was a kitten. He swung it around, until the monster's claw snapped off, flinging the beast across the forest, where he abruptly hit the barrier and lay, motionless. Soon, it staggered to it's feet. "You have seen what I can do, guardian. And next time, I will take more than just a claw." Aggrol said. The beast responded, "That was a good fight. You may pass, on one condition. You must leave your hydra here, to join my army." Aggrol looked at his hydra. They had been through so much together, but Aggrol sensed that it would be happier here, guarding the seven rings. "I accept." Aggrol said. And so they left the hydra with the guardian, and continued on.

    As soon as they were past the barrier, Aggrol passed out. He finally came to in a mountainous sector, where he saw a large dragon flying overhead. "What happened? Did we win? Where's my hydra?" Aggrol questioned. Sam, Sean, and Tide explained what had happened. And with that, they continued their journey to the tower.

    End of story blurb
  • Hm. It appears I am the only finalist who has not used all their slots. I'm not sure how many more we will get, so I'm pretty OK with that.

    Good luck to all!
  • @Jonteman93 I see what I did wrong. Everyone else used all of their slots but I don’t.
  • After being let to pass by the trial guardian, the path ahead through the other rings were open without any obstacles. The mountains have calmed down, the undead have withdrawn, the sea has frozen and the sun in the fields does no longer shine with burning light.

    The three eventually came to the second ring. A ring of mist and no light except from that of magical floating strings. Some strings moved in a particular motion as if they wanted the planeswalker to follow them. More strings joined to lead the planeswalker through the dense mist. After hours they had arrived at what appeared to be another magical field. The planeswalkers managed to step through but their followers could not pass the field. They had to leave them behind.

    The three last planeswalkers came out in a colossal garden that bloomed with all colors imaginable. Flowers, trees, bushes and everything that could grow and bloom. Butterflies and birds were flying around the flowers. Bees were gathering nectar from the flowers. The planeswalker noticed something that looked like a humanoid working on some flowers. He got closer and noticed that the being looked like some kind of human. It had a female body with long white hair and silver eyes. She wore a dress long enough to slightly touch the ground beneath her. She was beautiful and seemingly flawless. The being did not care about the planeswalker as she took care of the flowers. Another similar being could bee seen at the trees picking oranges. This was was also plain and seemingly flawless. They almost felt like something between an elf, an angel and a spirit yet nothing of them. The planeswalker moved on towards the tower that took up a large portion of the horizon as he came closer. More of the caretakers were met taking care of the garden.

    The garden was huge but it was not as large as the other rings since the walk to the tower only took a few hours. When the planeswalker came close enough to see the gate to the tower, two other planeswalkers could be seen approaching the same gate. Just outside of the large gate were a large fountain with a caretakers gathering water in buckets. The three planeswalkers met outside of the gate were another caretaker stood and waited. She slightly bowed to the three planeswalkers as they approached her then she held her hand that was glowing with magic towards the huge door. The door responded and markings lit up as it began to open. The door was very large that even Aggrol felt small walking inside.


    They came to a huge circular hall with a pillar in the middle large enough to be its own tower. It stretched up inside the tower and the top could not bee seen. A spiral stair was located at the corner that lead up. The middle pillar reached into an opening in the floor with metal fences preventing anyone from falling down. The opening led down into a hollow space filled with moving mechanisms and cog wheels. Far far deep down something was glowing brightly almost like an inner sun. It appeared to be located as deep as the tower was tall and was only visible because of the bright light it emitted.

    A caretaker stepped out of another room. She bowed to the three and with a gesture asked them to step into the room. It was a large dining hall were dinner of all kinds had been put to the table. A buffet dedicated to the three quests.
    After the dinner had been finished the three were lead to a sleeping chamber each.

    The morning after they were offered food again before they net a caretaker at the stairs. She bowed to them as well before she held out her hand towards the ground. Her hand glowed and the floor resonated with glowing marks. The floor they stood upon was a platform that began to move upwards the stairs like an elevator. As the moved up the tower they came across room after room at the side all looking very similar. They were all relatively small with a glowing orb in the middle and full book shelves on the sides. Every one of the rooms had different names above them. "Dominaria, Zendikar, Tarkir, Theros" and every other plane imaginable together with hundreds of unknown ones. Some of the rooms contained orbs that were absent of any glow and life.
    Now and again they came passed by rooms of other purposes. Libraries, research facilities and many purposes that the three did not recognize. The circular stairs began to feel smaller as they moved up thousands of levels to finally meet the so called game master.
  • Hey @Jonteman93
    Are you gonna do another Planeswalker’s Journey after this one’s done?
  • @MonkeyPirate2002 I don't know. At least I won't start one within a short period.
    If someone else would like to start one then they are free to.

    I will discuss some things about this journey after it is finished. What can be improved and what went right so future journeys can be made better.
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    Adopted by destiny

    The tower and the central pillar had shrunk to only a fraction of how large they had been at the bottom thousands of levels down. The platform finally came to a stop as they got to the top of the stairs. The stairs stopped in a room similar to that on the bottom only very much smaller. The pillar in the middle was now smaller than an ordinary pillar that reached from floor to roof. In an opening at the wall stood a male and female caretaker. The three planeswalkers followed the two caretakers up another circular stair but this one was only two levels tall. The first of the levels where some locked away rooms. The other level was similar to the one two levels beneath.

    A circular room with a large round stone table in the middle that almost took up the whole room. On the table was a magical map of all of Clancularius with the pillar representing the tower. Around the pillar where the seven rings and around them where the wilderness. Flows of mana streamed around the map representing different beings or other things. The roof of the room had a concave form with rune text and marks covering it all, from where the pillar met the roof and down the walls. The walls were covered with either book shelves or tablets with runes written on them. They walked pass the map to the other side of the room where yet another stair was located. The stair split apart to the right and left. The woman walked to the left while the man walked to the right up the stairs. The stairs went a half rotation around before they met on the next level at the top of the tower.

    There Was a roof and pillars with windows between them around the circular level but the central pillar stopped with a large glowing orb of mana on top. They were so high up now that it was almost possible to see the distant continents in the distance and even as the sun was shining across the world the sky was slightly dark blue. On the other side of the central orb stood a man, watching out in the horizon while holding his right hand towards the sun. He moved his fingers as if he was holding the sun. The two caretakers bowed to the four and returned down the stairs.

    "Aggrol, Axnoodle and Kyoniq. I welcome you to my home."

    The man withdrew his hand which now held a small yellow burning ball. He turned around towards the orb in the middle revealing that he looked somewhat similar to the caretakers only very much older yet healthy at the same time. He had average long white hear and a beard unlike any of the caretakers. He wore a dark red robe with some pouches, a white tree branch and other stuff in a belt around his waist.

    "You must have so many questions."

    He walked towards the orb while holding the orb in his hands. As he walked towards the orb it began to change colors and then reveal a landscape. It revealed young man, a child and a horse with a cart at the edge of a mountain. The cart was stuck and the man was struggling to set the horse free before a landslide of rocks hit them. He managed to release the horse who ran away with the child to safety but the man was now doomed as the rocks fell towards him.

    "Your most important question though. Why? Why all of this? What's the purpose?"

    The man said as he took his hand with the small burning orb and reached it into the large orb. Inside the large orb the small one burned up and the man disappeared in a flash of yellow light just as the stones were about to hit him.

    "Planeswalker are the children of destiny. Given a chance to break free from the boundaries of worlds and mortality to change the destiny of others. In good or evil acts."

    He took out his hand from the orb who returned to its normal state.

    "But you. You are different. You spark was not ignited by destiny, you were never meant to break the boundaries of worlds but neither were you meant not to. Lady destiny guides your hand by your own actions and those around you. She decides who are meant for the great good, the great evil and those that are not meant for anything greater than themselves and those around them.

    He raised his hand and the orb began to show how each of the planeswalkers had been given their sparks and the journey they been on.

    "It was not by destiny you were given your spark but it was by destiny you all stand here now. It was by destiny that those that failed to get here did so. You were not born by destiny but you might be adopted by her. I give her the children she wants, those she guides, those that are meant to take this opportunity and break out of their worldly boundaries."

    The orb now changed to a bright burning yellow color.

    "You have been on a long journey and you are close to the end but it is not yet over. All three of you have been chosen by destiny to stand here but only one shall be chosen by the lady of destiny for the great powers. Now reach your hand into the burning light and tell us. Who are you?"
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    Final challenge - Who are you?

    "Reach into the flames and tell us who you are. Reveal the life you have been living and the journey you have taken. Tell us who you are and destiny will choose on of you to embrace as her own."

    The challenge
    Show who you are.
    You can create or update your old planeswalker card or leave with the one you currently have (your newest update)

    You planeswalker cards have earlier not been rated or worth anything but that changes now.
    Just like a book where the cover does not tell you much as you begin to read. When you have finished the book and closes it you watch over the cover once again but this time it tells you something. You are that cover to your spell book. The first and final piece.
    Your planeswalker card is worth 50 points but that is not really relevant since this is the final challenge so it is actually worth 100 points.
    This is also your last chance to submit cards for your spell book.

    This time the deadline is up to you. Tell me when you are finished and satisfied updating your planeswalker card (Or maybe you want to keep the current one). If it would take too long I will set a deadline sometime.
    I would prefer next weekend but like I said. It is more or less up to you.

    Good luck planeswalkers!
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    I think my planeswalker is good - I am ok to move on when everyone else is.
    (The emblems of the planeswalker creates the effect of Ksown, the creature that is a representation of my power - extra deepness in how my character is shown ;) )
  • @Jonteman93 I think contestants should get less card slots and make the quality of a card more impactful.
  • @MonkeyPirate2002 Same here. That shall be useful information for Planeswalker's Journey 2 if there ever is one.
  • @MonkeyPirate2002, @AxNoodle Yeah I've gotten that critic a couple of times now and I have thought how to change or replace the system. I have a couple of other points as well regarding this journey that I will bring up after it is all over.
  • I had an idea for a contest similar to yours @Jonteman93 except it would have bosses that the players fought on in order to progress through the contest.
  • @Jonteman93 Wait a minute…What happened to your planeswalker Jonte? Last we saw he had passed the Trial of the Guardians and was in the Second Ring, but afterwards you only mentioned Kyoniq, Aggrol, and Axnoodle.
  • @ShaperKyon NoBoDy KnOwS o0o00O0oo0Oo0oO0o0OO0OO.
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    Well, I'm not regretting not using all of my card slots. Anyways, I am going to be remaking my planeswalker, as I have decided that the blue part is less unblockable, and more bounce. My guy is coming soon, along with some story.
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    @Aggroman15 Oh, the irony is so delicious!
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