Planeswalker's Journey



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    ͠W e b o ͝t ̴h a ͘ŕ ̢e d̸ i҉ f f ̴e ̛r ̡e͜ n ̀t̛ e̛ n t͡ ̷i ̸t̨ ͠i ̀è ̀s.
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    ́I̢ ̛ho̵pe y̢o̶ú ̀can ͜und͢ers̡tand̡ th͟is͜. Hè'̵s ̀a̸n̨ id͞i͢o̧t aft̛er àl͡l̡.
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    You have had the feelings ever since you arrived in this world. Something was calling for you like a fly is drawn to light in the darkness. But just like a fly seeking light, there is something else lurking in the darkness with intentions of making you its prey. Like a spider waiting patiently in its web for an unaware fly to be trapped.

    The darkness of night is sweeping across the world as the sun descends beneath the horizon. Just as it has done for many days before but this night is different. You go to rest, maybe you sleep or you don't need to sleep, just a night to sit down and rest those legs or wings. This night is different. In the darkness of night you hear a mumbling man. You don't hear what he is saying. Awake if you are you look around to find the source but it is not around you. It is coming from inside your own head. You sit down and close your eyes and focus on the voice.

    You are dreaming away with the mumbling man still in the distance of your own mind. Then the dream materializes in front of you see a tower. A tower so tall it reaches above the clouds themselves. At the base of the tower there is a huge garden, covered with the colors of the rainbow. Flowers, trees and white stones organized in a beautiful formation.

    "You are trapped. This world is a cage for all those that are not bounded by simple worlds like the mortals. Unlike a cage you are not a prisoner for I shall lend you the key. All you need to do is to come to me. I await in the top of this tower that you see before you. You are not alone however for 22 others just like you are also locked in this world, and I only got one key. Only the greatest of you will in the end receive the key so you will be tested during your journey. Not only by obstacles put in your path but you are also hunted. A hunter that seeks the weakest of you is forever watching. A serpent of the ethereal that crawls among the leaves to hunt. A monster completely unknown and unseen by the population of this world and only a threat to those that are not bounded by it. For this serpent cannot enter this world completely so it can only hunt those with strings stretching into the void between worlds. But do not fear for only the flames that sparks within you stretches out. If you fail you shall remain alive but your gift shall be forever taken from you."

    As the voice diminishes into nothingness the tower and everything around it starts to de-materialize. Just before everything turns dark you see a huge shadow moving across the flower garden. Then everything turns black and you return to your body. Was it the shadow of the serpent or of something else?

    The time passes and one day the sound of a crawling snake is heard. You watches the ground all around but no snake can be seen. You then feel how the invisible snake crawls around your leg and up your body before it stops at your neck and whisper into your ear.

    "One voice has been silenced tonight. 22 remains"

    The snake then crawls down again and disappears.
  • Eliminated

    Paulas, Venom Mage has been silenced and sent home.

    You have sadly been eliminated this week. I hope you'll continue to have fun and feel free to continue following this journey if you would want to.

    This week one was eliminated but that might not be the case for future weeks.
    Each week anything from 0 to 3 might be eliminated based on different things.

    Challenge 2 will begin later today.
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    '... Another who are like me... 22 left... I knew that something hasn't always been right since my arrival here.... these... familiar feelings.


    Am I... terrified? No, no, no... this can't be happening... I can't lose my power again!'

    An avalanche just happened in due to a tremor that was caused by a furious armor-bound spirit.

    Then afterwards, a gigantic pillar of shadowy mana that also went through the clouds above was erupted from a mountain near the city of Vinheim.

    An eruption so grand that it also emitted a sudden shockwave of awe and trepidation to the common people in that particular city.

    - || -

    "B-by the gods! What is happening? This is the end! Everyone runs for your life?" Shouted a shocked adult male citizen as he saw a pillar of darkness that erupted from the nearby mountain.

    And the whole city went crazy as a numerous amount of citizens either ran away or rode on their horses to escape the city.

    - || -

    On a terrace of a typical european-styled castle, there stood two people who just recently observed the sudden event that had just happened in nearby mountain.

    "Archmage, what just happened?" Asked a bearded male person in regal golden attire with a calm undertone, although he's actually also terrified to the current event.

    "I-I'm not sure, milord. It seemed like a very powerful wizard just had a... magical outburst. And I highly doubt that that is a very good wizard due to that much usage of black mana..." Answered a rather young female person in a typical blue wizard robe with golden trimmings with a posture of a seemingly devoted nun of a church.

    "This is a grim omen for this city... and possibly for this world itself..."

    "Milord, how about sending some scouts to investigate the scene?"

    "Yes, Aleyssa, I know. But what is next then? This kind of threat is too big for us to handle. Even if I ask the king for reinforcements afterwards, I still don't believe that we can avert this... disaster. Gods help us." The bearded person heavily sighed.


    "We have to leave the city. Inform all the troops to leave their posts, and call all my personal bodyguards to prepare to leave this doomed city. We shall return to the capital to seek refugees and inform the king about this disaster. This may be a cowardly action, but I have no choice here... either this or death. And I would especially never put my own family in danger."

    "Y-yes, milord." The female archmage saluted and shortly vanished afterwards by using a teleportation spell.

    Much of his desperation, the bearded person quickly went back to the castle to prepare the needs to leave the possible imminent doom that could befall him and his family.
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    Challenge #2 - Curse befitting of the dead

    You have a direction. You make your way for days without any distractions out of the ordinary.
    Then one day you are attacked by a creature. You strike it down and after a short moment more of them appear from the surrounding area. You are prepared to face the dozen of enemies that have appeared before you see that the one you had earlier struck rises up once again. No matter how how many times you strike them down they continue to rise again and again.
    You have fallen into an undead ambush.

    The challenge
    You need to stop these undead from rising time and time again after you have struck them down.
    Or just stop them permanently.
    You can choose yourself if these are zombies, skeletons or both.

    Deadline - 13 September. (More correct Friday the 14th 10:00 London time GMT+0)

    New stats

    * 1 Higher maximum cmc
    * 1 Rare slot
    * 1 Common slot

    Next challenge you will be given a choice.

    Jonte's Example cards
    image image

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    @ShaperKyon It depends. Sometimes I think of a specific card and search for artwork that works with it. Other times I think of a general idea what a card should do and then artwork. Other times I just look around at different artwork and see if I can think of a design based on the artwork.

    @TheEnderDragon The earlier maximum cmc was 3 so it's 4 now.
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    The Hydra King
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    "We're not prepared for fighting this kind of magic!" Demetrius yelled over the sounds of the moaning undead. "We have to retreat!"

    Demetrius knew he could easily fly out of reach from the undead, but that would leave his flightless comrade to the despicable creatures. It was too much of a risk to commence. Yet he had another idea...

    "Thedure, get to cover!" Demetrius commanded right before he cast his spell:


    "Well, what are you waiting for, Thedure?"

    Spell slots left:
    Common: 2
    Rare: 1
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    Lugik, determined to continue towards his goal, forcibly denies the plausibility of the existence of the undead in this "dream" and continues onward.

  • Are we allowed to make colorless artifacts? They aren't strictly in our color, but they could easily be used by our planeswalker.
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  • @Aggroman15 Yes you are allowed to use artifacts.
    Just remember to keep them somewhat balanced and logical.
  • Thedure forges a device in his hand. It's a small glass bottle.

    A light blue aura drifts around the bottle then floats into it.

    "Aether." Thedure explained to Demetius. As he sealed the container.
    "Powers all of my machines. Always comes in handy."

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    "Ah yes, Aether," Demetrius exclaimed. "I've heard of such substance. From where I came, Aether was merely a mathematical theory; the source where all magic flows. I was a scholar of such theories, and to see such a phenomenon occur right in front of my very eyes only makes my heart burn brighter.

    "I guess we better get leaving. I would like to not fight those undead a second time, if you know what I mean. By the way, how are you even able to harvest Aether?"
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    Here are my cards.

    image image
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    "On Kaladesh Aether is everywhere. It's captured and refined, so it can be used as fuel. There are people who are made entirely of Aether, called Aetherborns."

    "There's also a metal I've heard about made of Aether called etherium. It was rumored that the arm of Tezzeret was made of such substance. But one doesn't just walk up to Tezzeret and ask 'I that etherium?' So it's just a rumor."

    "Do you know of anyone else how shares our predicament or anyone native to this plane? They might know how to get us out of this. Also I saw this giant tower in the distance. Seems suspicious."
  • @TheEnderDragon

    "Speaking of which, did you have a strange dream last night? 'I await in the top of this tower that you see before you. You are not alone however for 22 others just like you are also locked in this world, and I only got one key.' There was a man who talked about the tower, and how there are many beings like us; Planeswalkers trapped on an unknown land. What worries me most, though, is how we escape."

    "We planned to escape this plane together, and yet only one person is allowed to leave. If the time ever comes, we may have to decide who will leave. However, let us not fret about that. We have many more tasks at hand, and deciding on the final ultimatum should be the least of our worries."

    "For now, we should try to find a town. I'll scout ahead in the morning and look for a nearby village. It would be best for you to stay put so that I could easily find you, unless you have another idea..."

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