Book Character Contest! (Closed for Judging)

Most everybody has a favorite book or book series. I want you to make a card of a character from one of your favorite books.
Here are the rules:

Balanced cards
Maximum 3 entries
Please tell which book your card is based off.
Cards must be created after 8/15/18

Cards will be judged on balance, flavor, and grammar/spelling. Citing the artist will help break ties but is not needed.

1st place gets 5 favorites and a follow.
2nd place gets 4 favorites and a follow.
3rd place gets 3 favorites and a follow.
Honorable mentions get 1 favorite.
My personal favorite card gets favorited.

Cards will be judged on September 10th.

Good Luck, and Have Fun!


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    Hailing from Alloy of Law, the fourth book in the Mistborn series by Brandson Sanderson, this card features the detective duo of Waxillium Ladrian and his partner Wayne!


    Waxillium is a skilled detective called upon for aid in the most mysterious of cases, while Wayne is a man who can disguise himself as almost anyone without fail, sneaking under radars. Although, they end up split up fairly often, so you've got to choose which you want to attack with.
  • Based on Tolkien's LoTRs:
    Flavor text is a quotation.
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  • I will probably submit a rick riordan and most certainly Cassandra Clare
  • Imma go with a flip of Caelana Sarodtjien into Aelin Galanythius from throne of glass
  • Imma gonna battlebond Jace Herondale and Johnathan Morgenstern
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    Mr Nancy, the trickster spider god Anansi from American Gods and Anansi Boys, both by Neil Gaiman, two of my all time favourite books. Expect more entries from me soon, as this is an awesome contest.
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    Entry number two for me. This is Sir Samuel Vimes from the fantastic Discworld series by Terry Pratchett.


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    My third and final entry. If I had to pick one book to be my favourite novel of all time, it would be the wonderful Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell by Susanna Clarke. From this the best character has to be Childermass.


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    First entry:

    Count Olaf from "A Series of Unfortunate Events".


    I hope a planeswalker is ok? Each ability depicts an aspect of him:
    +1: He disguises himself to avoid being caught.
    -3: He's a pyromaniac.
    -8: He burnt down the house of the Baudelaires (among other houses) to get his hands on the three orphans (among other orphans) and their fortune (among other fortunes).

    He's not very nice.
  • @ningyounk, I think that it’s great! Wait.. was the planeswalker template updated?
  • Nevermind. It wasn’t.
  • @Ranshi922 Nope haha, I just used MSE and Photoshop to make it look like a real card, but if you click on it you'll get the full-gold version as usual without the eyebrow coming out of the frame ^^
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    I realized that... when do you think that they're going to update the template?
  • Thanks for bumping this! I will submit something soon if I can find art.
  • OK then! Although the rules say that this contest will be judged today, due to lack of entries, I will be extending the deadline 1 more week.
  • I cant find art... none that aren't either chibi, don't have what i want, or are *shudders* illustrations from fanfics
  • Is it ok if I just make a placeholder for art until i come across something that I like?
  • I’ll do that tonight after I’m done homework
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    Here are two main characters from a book named Ico: Castle in the Mist, written by Miyuki Miyabe, and inspired by the PlayStation 2 video game "Ico."


    The story tells about a thirteen year old boy Ico, who is born with tiny horns in a small village. Once in a generation, a cursed child is born and on his thirteenth birthday's night, his horns finally grow long and curved. It is a mark of death, for each child with long horns is brought to the isolated and empty Castle in the Mist to be sacrificed. But when Ico is left to one of the castle's sarcophagi trapped and alone, a certain chain of events liberates him.

    At the beginning of his journey to leave the castle, he finds Yorda, a mute girl who has been trapped in a cage for countless generations. Ico sets Yorda free, and they form a special bond as they face the many obstacles and dive into the mysteries of the lifeless Castle in the Mist together. They desperately try to puzzle the right way to outside world and freedom.
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    edited September 2018 If you don't know the book, then I weep for society. It's from Alice in Wonderland. (Had 2 options for flavour text: "Have some tea and relax... " (It's only a slight reference to drugs) or Hmmm whats under hat number three ... shall we take a peek and see?)
  • @fms, I take it you took my advise!
  • Yes! I'll still be tinkering around with it (If only I had enough space for more flavour text). On Cockatrice we have an originals commander thing going on and I want to well...kill everyone with my "hats". -Picks up a fedora-
  • You have fedoras too!?
  • My first entry.

    One of the unmade, splinters of the enemy, an evil god, that is known to drive people into a battle frenzy, not caring who or what they kill. Nergauol appears as a red mist, hence the picture. (There was a better one online, but I couldn't get it to work.)

    Based on a character from Brandon Sanderson's Stormlight Archive
  • Where have I heard of Brandon Sanderson before? What else has he written?
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