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I'm trying to create a creature card with a lot of text but the text goes off the right side of the card and too far down. It doesn't adjust to the border correctly. Is there a way to fix this?

I'm not sure where else to post this. Here is the link to the card.


  • Block it differently or make things shorter?
  • That problem, unfortunately, has been getting more common with time. I suggest adding spaces and praying it looks okay.
  • @Xaeris - This is the best I could do with most of your wording...

    Whenever Iron Man enters the battlefield, deal 5
    damage to target creature or 2 damage to target
    {t}: Iron Man deals 1 damage to target player.
    {r}{r}, {t}: Iron Man deals 2 damage divided as you
    choose among two target creatures.
    {3}{r}{r}: Iron Man summons Hulkbuster Armor.
    Put four +1/+1 counters on Iron Man. He gains
    trample. When this ability is activated put an
    Avenger counter on Iron Man. Activate only
    if Iron Man has no Avenger counters.

    But it's still a tad too long...
  • Yeah I think I've decided to leave off the "Iron Man summons Hulkbuster Armor" part. I wanted to leave it because it's cool, but it's unnecessary.
  • OR JUST PRESS ENTER, say you have this "When Hunter dies, exile target opponents creature" say the "exile target opponents creature" parts goes off of the border, if it does that, go back into edit mode, pick the word that goes out of the border, put your cursor behind, and press the ENTER key!
  • @EnvyReaper, pressing spacebar a bunch works better. It doesn't mess up the blocking on the rules text to the side.
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