What Needs To Be Added To Cardsmith

What I have put down so far:
- Dual Colored legendary frames
- Khans of Tarkir Watermarks
- Dragons of Tarkir Watermarks
- Unstable Watermarks
- Planeswalker Emblem Maker
- Dual Colored Planeswalker frames
- More Set Logos
- Transforming Card Maker
- Split Card Maker
- Kamigawa Flip Card Maker
- Card set emblem Maker
- Theros Enchantment creature frames
- Full art land Maker
- 4 Ability planewalker option.
- "can be your Commander" Planeswalker option.
- Dual color artifact legendary frames
- Legendary Enchantment creature frames
- Dual color legendary Enchantment creature frames.
- Saga card maker


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