The Multiverse Contest

Hello, fellow cardsmiths! Welcome to the Multiverse Contest! This contest is all about Plane cards. No, not Planechase cards, but cards modeled after a plane. For example:


(Disregard the plane subtype on this example. I had it pointed out to me that Plane was a supertype on Planechase cards, so it couldn't be a subtype.)

-Cards must be legendary lands that represent a plane of your choice.
-Cards can be of existing planes and your made-up planes.
-Create a card that you think represents the plane. Tell why you think it represents it well.
-If you are using a custom plane, please provide a short description of the plane.
-Cards will be judged on balance, flavor, and, to a lesser extent, grammar. Saying the artist will help break ties.
-Cards will be judged on November 15.

-1st place gets a follow, 5 favorites, and a spot in the Hall of Fame!
-2nd place gets a follow, 4 favorites, and a spot in the Hall of Fame!
-3rd place gets a follow, 3 favorites, and a spot in the Hall of Fame!
-Honorable Mentions get 1 favorite.

Good Luck, Have Fun, and Happy Smithing!


  • This is weird it says that cards will be judged on September 15, but on my computer you posted yesterday. here's a plane anyway :)
    Sorry if I totally broke the rules with the unstable thing.
  • Right. Oops. I copy-pasted from a previous version of the contest, and forgot to change the date. I'll fix that.
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    Hm. This represents Innistrad, as it's a part of it so... would this work hm?


    And if so, may I make another card or two from Innistrad?
  • @Shadow29870 Sure, it can count. The original concept for the contest was to represent the whole plane, but I guess you can represent parts.
  • Heh, thanks @Aggroman15. It's kinda hard for planes like Innistrad to find a full pic.
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    Yeah! First one to make one for Ravnica!
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    Amonkhet! Zombies! Yay!
  • imageimageimageimageimage
    I made a cycle does it work?
  • I think so
  • Can I use an old card?
  • Dominaria lies at the center of all things, but none more so than history itself. Nearly every entity and event of note in the grand tale of the multiverse pivots upon this axis, and as such it is only fitting that when you pivot this card, you can accomplish great things if history is on your side.

    Ravnica is a place of coming together - though whether people gather to fight or to cooperate is down to their own inclination. It is a gathering place for beings from across the multiverse, and the stage upon which great alliances are formed and great enemies defeated. On Ravnica, if you wish to make a new acquaintance, look no further than the nearest gate.

    Though the realm of Kamigawa is not what it once was, it remains a place of infinite mysteries where the spiritual and corporeal dwell together in a careful symbiosis. A planeswalker could be forgiven for thinking of Innistrad as the haunted world, but which is more beset by spirits: the land where ghosts arise by night, or the realm where they are part of every day life?

    Superficially, Kaladesh has so much in common with the world of Mirrodin before its fall, but they are different at heart. The endless machines of the realm of metal expressed the soul of a mechanistic world where such devices were relics, rather than wonders. By comparison, the inventors of Kaldesh reflect the ceaseless creativity that lies at the core of its identity and illuminates the souls of its inhabitants.

    A dragon's lair needs must be a wondrous place. Whether obscure or looming, austere or gaudy, such a place has without doubt been chosen for countless legendary qualities, and no dragon's domicile epitomizes this more than the Meditation Realm of Nicol Bolas: a seat of power, a refuge utterly protected from the rest of the multiverse, and at the same time a jumping off point to the universe.

    At the heart of Zendikar lies a life force like few others. A primal force that stirs but slowly even in the wake of the savage destruction brought upon that plane by the coming of the Eldrazi. When it wakes it will truely be a force to be reckoned with, and as the land settles and the world slowly recovers, this long-dormant power cannot help but come to the fore.

    Was the defeat of the Phyrexians worth the destruction of a plane that might well have been viewed as Phyrexia's polar opposite? Urza certainly thought so, and so little remains of Serra's Realm save memories and the shards of its essence carried across the multiverse by the glorious creatures Serra created. Even now, when the angels congregate, the songs of Serra's heaven are sung and its glory is remembered.

    The legend of Rabiah and its countless mirrored shards is little known throughout the multiverse, and even those who know it hesitate to treat upon those forgotten sands for fear of losing their way. But for those who dare there are great wonders to be had. It is said that every treasure of the multiverse may be found somewhere among the shards, if only one can traverse the esoteric barriers that separate them.

    Perched upon the eldest and outer-most edges of time and space, Equilor is a trove of insights, but one that must be approached with utmost care. It is said that the denizens of this forgotten place laid bare secrets of the universe that Urza himself could hardly grasp, but to study such things is to embark upon the education of eons, a journey upon which even an immortal might well be lost to time.
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