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    "Wonder if she has protection from red?"

    Story time!-

    The moment she took off her helmet Vade thought his heart had stopped for the second time in his existence. But were the last time was cold, grim yet reassuring this was warm, giddy and confusing. He spaced out for a moment staring at her face wondering how her battle scared figure could hold so much beauty. He almost lost what was left from his nose when she pulled her sword out on him.

    "Who are!" She demanded. " Were am I! What have you done to me!"

    As she rose to confront her apparent aggressor, she winced in pain and collapsed into a heap, screaming in agony.

    The second he saw her in pain Vade's confusion was shoved aside and he rushed over to catch her.

    "Take it easy, you have some third degree burns and are suffering from severe heat stroke. Some of that armor is singed onto your body and I don't have the medical expertise needed to take care of that."

    Upon hearing of his obvious concern the knight became confused.

    "Wait who are your, why are you here, and what in the lights is a third degree burn!?"

    "Never mind that you need medical attention quick. Do you have a camp nearby, is there a town? Do they have a doctor or a medic?"

    "Never mind that I am Lady Elisia Rochveild, Knight of the Lance, now who are you!"

    The last title was a military title, implying a degree of command in the army, realizing its significance Vade responded instinctively.

    He saluted her and reponded with. "Vade Lucas, master sergeant, at your service mam!"

    Elisia paused her mouth hanging agape. While Vade stared shocked at what he had just sid. It was then that both people became aware of the current situation and had a terrifying thought.

    "Wait so who outranks who?"
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    As Brenthar walks through the portal he walks into a bustling city full of lots if different people and shops selling a wide variety of things, after taking in the view of the city he decided to get something to eat.

    After getting sustenance he started to explore the city. While walking around he started to notice the same person in different places but always near him like he was following him.

  • @BorosPaladin I would honestly say with the character premade in my mind that she is higher ranked than Vade
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    Here is my character And his bow Short story:
    Raised in the woods, Teliar made his bow out of a magic tree that made every shot almost impossible to miss. Legends grew as he started to protect his forest from hunters and lumberjacks, and he does everything to defend it to this day.
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  • Backstory:

    A cleric of the Order of the Black Sun, Erika is also a ruthless tax collector. The order itself is a branch of a much larger guild that is based in the another world completely. The founder of the order was probably a planeswalker of unknown origin.

    Anyway, as she is doing her job collecting taxes, she is stumbling along the group of adventurers (this group), and then joining them in hope to get a sort of profit from the dangerous adventure, since greed is also a strong trait in her, and since the Order also believes only in gold anyway.
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    Curos is among a set of three friends that grew up togther in an orphanage setting. They behaved more like siblings as they were the only elves there and were usually harrassed by the other orphans. Curos was normally seen as the weaker one of the trio, but he did his best for his "siblings." As they grew older, each developed skills to help each other as a group. When they were old enough to leave, they began exploring and used their skills to become hunters. They built a reputation that they took on tougher bounties and improved themselves with each success.

    One day, the trio took on a bounty that killed Curos's two siblings and the being laughed as he viewed it more suitable to leave Curos there alive as an example of his weakness. Curos soon began focusing his abilities to make him stronger in combat. Making him both wise and dangerous with his new training. Awaiting the day he avenges his siblings.
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  • Character:


    After being sentenced to death by the Ferahn Army, Laynhi sneaked out of the camp one night and managed to escape with his life. He fled to a nearby forest, where he lived as a hermit for seven years. Then, all of a sudden, he disappeared. He wandered from town to town, never staying more than a day. Despite his intentions, he managed to attract some gossip. Some think of him as a wise old man; others think he's a spy, but all the rumours have one thing in common: he will never stop exploring.
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