Should they do a From the Vault Timeshifted?

I was just thinking about the time spiral block and how interesting it was, especially Future Sight because of how many new and unusual things they did, such as out-of-color abilities and things that didn't even exist in MTG. Then I thought, what if they did a From the Vault Timeshifted for all of the Timeshifted cards? What would that look like and would it be cool? Let's discuss!


  • First of all, I think the Timeshifted cards in the Time Spiral set would be in the modern M15 card border. Also, they would have the original rarity on the set icon, not the purple color. However, I think they should do the purple color rarity on the "Planeshifted" cards from Planar Chaos and "Futureshifted" cards from Future Sight, and they should have their original card frames and not new ones. Thoughts?
  • I think they need an M30 card border. A new "Future" border that blows our minds!
  • That would be cool, but they won't do it because the last change was M15 and it was literally almost no different! They still should do it though.
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