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Okay, so I thought I would post this while it was fresh in my head.

After seeing many tournaments take off I thought this might also because my contests recently haven't. Basically as the title we are going to build a guild based plane from your entries.

Here is how this will work.
- Each person will submit 1-2 cards that deal with a new keyword ability...if the ability of choice is owned by someone else ask them then credit them; this will not count against you.
- Each week your faction/guild will be faced with a challenge of establishment where you will have to make new card(s) that benefit your guild/faction; DO NOT JUST FOCUS ON YOUR ABILITY diversity is key.

- After people have entered their guilds we will start eliminating them. You must pass the test some guilds will fall...:(
- If we get enough people we will do knockout rounds to see what happens.

Knockout Rules
You will be given a challenge and an opponent...
Whoever does better than the other in the challenge plus prior cards moves on...
60% (Challenge) 40% (Prior)
If you lose you may ask to assist the person who beat the goal is to have more than one person working on the top performing factions.
Top 5 guilds win....finalists play for first but both make he cut

Semifinalists.... so you are both in also
For the fifth spot I will either take the player with the highest score up until their defeat or I will write up a challenge for those of you who did not make it to top 4

More to come this weekend...! :)


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    The Thánatos Collective is a group of shamans that hide in shadows. Mainly focusing on death and shadow magic, Data collection and assassinations (They are kind of like a mix of the Dimir and Golgari) a lot of them will work in the shadows or have different personas to keep themselves away from the law. They aren't criminals per say but making the world around them safer in darker ways. The higher ranks are more hidden than the lower ones and the boss is almost never seen by anyone other than his closest partners.
  • Colors will usually be Green, Blue and Black with a small hint of white.
  • Meet the Conquerors. Knights, warriors, and other fighting souls who are nomadic by nature in their search for evil and darkness to destroy (but don't just assume theyre all good guy lawful material. They have their methods...)
    Mostly comprised of legendary creatures, they are notable for their skill in mounted combat, represented by their ability to maneuver through combat uncontested with the Mounted ability.
  • If you two have friends who mtgcardsmith spread the word...this will be fun!
  • So we male pur own guild esque thing?
  • @DoctorFro

    Can we start stories with ourselves and other guilds?
  • I would prefer if u just make them for yourself...because I am still working out the kinks in the contest
  • @Ranshi922 either I didn’t read your comment right or it is slightly incomprehensible but yes you create your own guild
  • I forgot to describe colors: the Conquerors main white, secondary red, with others besides black as tertiary
    and sadly, I know no one else @DoctorFro :,(
  • @DoctorFro

    A few questions:
    1) Can the guild be a Ravnica guild?
    2) Does the guild have to be exactly two colors?
    3) Are old cards allowed?
  • Can I make multiple
  • imageimage
    My faction is the Dreornian empire, main color is white secondary colors are red and blue.
    The Dreornian empire was founded during the union of three separate kingdoms in order to fight against a prophesied hero who was destined to rule over their homeland. By combining their forces the new nation was able to defeat the hero's armies gain control of the continent and with the help of a collection of champions slay the destined hero separating the entire empire from the whims of fate. Nowadays the nation is composed of three separate kingdoms as well as a dozen imperial provinces and one capital city. It is ruled by two separate councils, the triumvirate which is composed of the three imperial high-kings descendants of the first three kings who founded the empire. and the senate which is composed entirely of elected officials. However the supreme authority in the empire belongs to the Emperor, a person elected to his position by the people for life. The emperor is tasked with defending the nation from all who seek it's end, maintaining cohesion and unity in the empire and guiding its people in it's darkest hours.

    That's the short version if you want to know anything else just ask me.
  • @bnew07
    Sure I dotnt see why not

    I will say no for now but you never know
  • I will post just as soon as I can think of a name for my mechanic. If you want to help me, the mechanic is in the mechanic encyclopedia.
  • Ok I'm confused @DoctorFro. Where in the rules does it say make up/create your own guild...? (Even more so, how did people figure that out and start dropping custom guilds?) I was going to make House Dimir but then you told @bnew07 no to Ravnica guilds... sooo we create our own guild? Guilds are 2 colors, so how will this work? Just a little confused here.
  • Finally got my idea down. Meet the woodland cult.

    They used to be a small rural religion until they met the planeswalker Lord Windgrace. He showed them how to use the land in their rituals and magic. He also happened to pass along his hatred for artifacts, technology and anyone who wants to advance the world. On cards, they mainly focus on using lands to their advantage and gaining benefits from lands moving around. Colors are, obviously, Black, Red and Green.
  • @sorinjace second under how this will work says faction/guild...I used guild as a term...meaning group of people that is why I did “/faction” with it

    I recently discovered this new card game called Vanguard that has amazing artwork cause I bought a random playmat.

    It inspired this tribe of the cyber dragons whom are dragon golems that can discard from the hand and pay a cost to discard a card from your opponent's hand. Their lore is they were originally created to watch over the mortal planes and insure the natural order was preserved, but decided instead to go full Thanos but do so in secret so as not to arouse the wrath of the gods that created them.
  • Hmmm. Just realized how broken Woodlands protector is. Not Harness as a mechanic, but you could be swinging for 5 damage on turn one, and the only downside is that you don't get as many land cards in your hand. I will have to watch that when I make more Harness cards, it is a really fast mechanic.
  • Hmm... @DoctorFro can I do a 4 colored clan? It just feels weird to do a 2 colored one since the guilds already exist, and the tribes exists for each triple color too.
  • @DoctorFro sweet. I'll come up with something but I have to give it some thought. :)
  • i will do a clan too soon.
  • @Corwinnn make a squirrel tribe!!
  • It’s okay this probs won’t start until we have at least 16 people so recruit away
  • I'd like to enter this contest. Should be a lot of fun. Got ideas for days.
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