Planeswalker's Journey 2: Return to Clancularius



  • IV. Breakout, part 2/2

    A low rumbling sound began to come from far away, and Caiana perked up. She had been sitting on the floor in the least wet spot. Law magic prevented her from casting any spells, and the Spark Eater was right – she had been unable to planeswalk away. When she tried, she seemed to run into a thick barrier and was dragged back to this world.

    The rumbling grew louder. It was coming from the direction of a cell wall. Caiana could now feel the ground and walls shaking. Prison guards outside shouted and ran down the hallway toward the sound, swords drawn and nullifying magic glowing. A few seconds passed, with the rumbling and tremors steadily increasing. Then, there was a tremendous crash, and the wall and ceiling collapsed, along with the cell bars. Deerlike, Caiana nimbly sprang out of the way of the falling rubble. The dungeon was now open to the sky as a wurm had burrowed through it. Roaring, it bludgeoned the prison guards with its bony head, sending them flying. A motley group of humans, goblins, and another humanoid race Caiana didn’t recognize charged behind it. Several of them directed two large beasts to destroy nearby buildings. Caiana felt the law magic falling away, and channeled some mana to grow a vine that cracked stone and lifted her onto the street. Reveling in freedom, Caiana allowed the mana to glow green and bloom into a flower above her head.

    A wolf bearing a rider loped toward Caiana and one of the strange humanoids, muscular and green-skinned, sprinted alongside. Caiana’s heart leaped when she realized it was Laewen and Fetharr. “Caiana, this is Kechak, the orc who’s leading this raid,” said Laewen. “Kechak, this is the one. The druid I spoke of. Caiana.”


    Caiana stepped down from the vine. “I offer you my thanks, Kechak,” she said, the name sounding harsh on her tongue. He cut her off in a voice just as harsh. “I can’t refuse to free the imprisoned,” he said. “Also, it sounded like fun.”

    “Halt! Surrender now or be apprehended. You have violated thirty-seven laws…” It was none other than Scroll, standing with his cavalry contingent down the street. They were now accompanied by a task force of mages and soldiers. A confrontation was inevitable.

    Kechak’s followers flocked to him. Caiana noticed the other prisoners among them. The wurm had left, but the two beasts remained, restrained by strong orcs. “This city’s corrupt rule unfairly chains and jails,” shouted Kechak. “We have destroyed the place of oppression. Now, for freedom, charge!” With a cry, Kechak’s followers sprinted toward their enemies. In response, the knights spurred their steeds forward.

    The initial collision was messy. With the aid of light magic, a knight managed to strike down one of the beasts. Kechak’s followers were relentless, giving them an edge, but the horses allowed the knights to outmaneuver them. Then the mages began to fire spells. The binding magic locked down many of the attackers.

    Kechak waded into battle, swinging a massive battleax which scattered soldiers and knights. When his warriors near him were wrapped in magical bonds, Caiana was surprised when he began to channel mana.

    He didn’t cast a spell; he was clearly not a mage. He just converted mana directly into heat. Simple but effective. A blast of fire allowed him to fall back and regroup.

    “What can you do, Caiana?” asked Kechak as the knights prepared to charge. She looked at the bodies of his followers bound with energy. The enchantments were made of magic. It should be simple to turn them back into mana.


    Caiana’s spell took the form of a rain. Where it touched the enchantments, they melted and trickled back down into the earth. The warriors sprung up and ran back to the rest. Kechak grinned. “Thanks for the mana,” he said, channeling it into another wave of fire. The cavalry forestalled their charge as the soldiers and mages crouched behind shields.

    The enemy changed tactics. The mages began to pick off individual warriors, flinging them away before they could reach them. “Gedef chakas iravin!” shouted Kechak. A team of goblins bearing torches ran out in front, then threw the torches onto the ground. They exploded on impact, creating cracks in the ground and charring the cobblestone. Caiana could feel as the street lost the ability to hold mana. “Now the wizards can’t cast their spells,” Kechak explained. The soldiers and knights rallied for a final charge, but Kechak stomped, again cracking the earth and sending a tremor. A nearby government building collapsed as Kechak forced more mana out of the land. Another wave of fire, and the enemy was driven back. “Beken e garuz len!” he yelled, and the last beast was released. It led the followers in a final charge.


    The beast, covered in brown fur, roared and slashed at the cavalry with its horns. As Kechak and the others went to work on the soldiers protecting the defenseless mages, Caiana noticed Scroll rolling off his horse. Rage boiled in her veins. Scroll got to his feet just in time to be caught in a punch to the face by Caiana.

    He went down again, drawing his sword as he backed away. Screaming a guttural cry, Caiana avoided the blade and delivered a kick to the gut. Groaning, Scroll dropped his weapon. Caiana knelt down and swiftly snapped his neck. As she followed the others running out of the city, a feeling of exhilaration and power rushed through her body. Scroll would detain no more.

    “I break the land to get the last bit of mana out of it,” explained Kechak as they walked across the open plain outside the city. It’s not good to hurt the land, but sometimes you need that final push, thought Caiana.

    “It’s time for me to leave,” she said. “I have to continue my journey. I’m going to the Tower.”

    “Fine, I will go with you,” said Kechak. “All who want to may come.”

    “I don’t need protection,” said Caiana. “I will not be bound.”

    “Of course,” responded the great orc. “But we have much to teach each other.”

    “Fetharr and I are coming too,” said Laewen. “I am not needed in Yaequa. Together we will defend nature.”

    “Fine,” relented Caiana. “To the Tower. Let us forge our own path.”

    “Guraya, you’re in charge,” said Kechak, pointing to a female human shaman. “Take the garuz and all who will continue to fight Lord Ganaren.” The great beast growled, and most of the group stood by Guraya. A few of them, mostly goblins, came over to Kechak.

    The groups parted ways. Guraya headed across the plain, while Caiana turned upriver with her entourage. She knew that, with these companions, she’d be unstoppable.

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    Eden, The Wildborne

    Bearling RecruitGrizzly DemiseDoom Bear

    Niche: Unblockable, Infect.

    Bearlings (Including Eden) Come exclusively from the plain Ascazatz. They birth the strongest warriors, the fiercest hunters, and the greatest armies. Their speed and strength is only balanced by their small wit, which can be used not only to plan ambushes but to quickly exploit their powerful attacks and slowly wear them down. However, even with these boons, it is rare that bear hunters live a full life. Bearlings are carnivorous, and fish is their go to snack. However, eels, serpents, humans, and even dragons have fallen prey to the bearlings' voracious hunger. Their farms, towns, and settlements reside in deep forests, and protected by a (rather feeble) magical barrier. However, the Bearlings capital city (Azantisplatz) has been dug into a expansive, city-sized cavern with fresh water and fireflies for light.
    Eden was a highly revered bearling noble, whos kindness rippled through the land consistently. However, another bearling noble, Gruund, was a torturous, corrupt noble who wished to control all of Azantisplatz. When an assassin was sent to murder Eden, his planeswalker spark ignited, flinging him into this new plane. Now, he must return to Ascazatz, for he fears what will happen now that Gruund has full control.

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  • But everything is actually a bunch of dots of light that our mind pits in a comprehensible way, so none of this is real!
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