Planeswalker's Journey 2: Return to Clancularius



  • OK! That took longer than expected. Thanks for putting up with the long wait. Before we get into eliminations and the next challenge, I have a couple of things I want to mention.

    @Fallen_Lord_Vulganos, @kandra127 You guys have cards that have CMCs over your current limit. I did not count those in your point totals, but you will not be eliminated because of points lost from not having those cards, as I should have caught that and it doesn't make sense that you should be eliminated for my mistake. (The 1 increased CMC you will get from this challenge will not count for being able to keep those cards, as you did not have it when the cards were made.)

    @HeroKP, @Bowler218 You guys both have 3 common cards as your starting cards, so I wasn't sure what to do. I just put the card from each of you that seemed the most like an uncommon in your uncommon slot, (That would be Young Skystrider and Bloodflame respectively) so if you want to fix that, or correct me on which of your starting cards should be an uncommon, please do that.

    I am done with judging and am adding up point totals, but I have to go to school now. I will post the next challenge when I get home.
  • I meant to put bloodflame in mine, i was rushed at the time
  • shoot. forgot about the CMC restriction.
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    New world, bloodfire's journal chapter 2
    The mountain air was cold, but the pure red mana coming off of this particular one was keeping him warm in the early morning. Some birds flew overhead, and he followed them. They led to a small spot in the mountain. There was something here that was new to him. A kind of magic surronded by woods and plants, he called it green mana, and saw a stream nearby, and called the mana coming off the water blue mana.
    He heard footsteps behind hin, and turned around. He didn't see anything nor sensed anything. "This world is weird, strange noises comming from behind me," he thought to himself, "maybe their's magic I don't know about."
    The sun was coming over the trees, and lit the path to the edge of the mountain. There was a small town, and some farms surronding it. There was a big river, and a lake it connected to. There was an ocean, and saw a great beast move under the waves, and he knew it could destroy the town or protect it forever.
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    @Aggroman15 Alright, it's been way more than 6 hours. Are you ready to rumble?

    P.S. I should be doing my homework right now.
  • This night, you feel a strange presence at the place where you sleep. You fall asleep, and are transported into the dream realm. You see a snake made of strange glowing strands, and recognize it as the Spark Eater you saw when you first came here. You are not alone here, it says, there are others like you. They also have this suppressed ability, and will also be fighting to get to the tower. However, in the end, only one can go home.

    One of these others has been sent away. 13 of you remain.
  • ( @pjbear2005 Beary Good Friends wasn't showing up on the thread, so I found it on your page. You said nothing about taking away the entry, so I am still counting it.)

    OK GOSH DANG IT GUYS, I'M TRYING MY BEST! I HAVE REAL WORLD STUFF TO DO TOO! Well, all sarcastic anger aside, it's finally time for the next challenge! But first, (I'm guessing you are getting tired of me saying that) it's time to say who has been eliminated.


    @pjbear2005 I am sorry, but you have sadly been eliminated this week. I hope you'll continue to have fun and feel free to continue following this journey if you would want to.


    Here I will tell you all of the point totals for everyone. I attempted to fairly judge all the cards based on the criteria I stated at the beginning:

    "Each card will be graded on a scale of 1-10:

    -2 possible points for being an appropriate power level for it's rarity (This basically means being balanced for it's rarity. It can be strong, but it needs to be balanced.)
    -2 possible points for fitting your niche
    -2 possible points for flavor
    -2 possible points for correct MTG wording/grammar
    -1 possible point for having the artist sourced
    -1 possible point for artwork choice (Having art that fits the card)
    -2 possible points for being able to solve the challenge it was made for, if it was made for a challenge"

    @MonkeyPirate2002 - Mo-Pir Reincarnated - 50 Points
    @AxNoodle - Binge, Phaser Novice - 48 Points
    @ShaperKyon - Caiana, Faithful Druid - 48 Points
    @MemoryHead - Xandra, Voice of Whispers - 46 Points
    @BorosPaladin - Marcell, the Grim - 45 Points
    @Mantis17 - Cicasudi - 40 Points
    @HeroKP - Hiro, Wisdom Summoner - 37 Points
    @Fallen_Lord_Vulganos - Elaine Fein - 35 Points (Not including your one card over max CMC)
    @LyndonF - Fang, the Necromancer - 35 Points
    @Bowler218 - Bloodfire, Lone Spark - 34 Points
    @KorandAngels - La'Ayiv, Angelic - 29 Points
    @TheSuturedHeartMan - Tesim, Longing - 28 Points
    @pjbear2005 - PJ, Support Shaman - 26 Points
    @Kandra127 - Teri, Memory Searcher - 8 Points (This is because the rest of your cards are over max CMC, and thus not counted.)

    Anyways, without further ado, here is the next challenge!

    Challenge 2: The Horde

    (This one is half-copied from the first PWJ, because you are fighting something, but it is different.)

    You have been traveling for a surprisingly long time, approximately a week and a half, without anything else interesting happening, when from somewhere in a nearby cave, you hear the sounds of hundreds of footsteps. Streaming out of the cave come a whole ton of goblins. After the goblins comes a much larger entity. Planeswalkers from a plane with this species will recognize it as a demon. They charge at you.

    The Challenge

    You must create one or both of the following:
    -A mass-removal spell to deal with the goblins, thus rendering the demon without an army (Must mass-remove small creatures)
    -A regular removal spell to deal with the demon, thus rendering the goblins without a master (Must just remove one creature, big or small)

    What is removal in this context?
    -Return to hand

    Statistics Update

    You will be granted:
    -1 more max CMC (Bringing your max to 4)
    -1 Rare slot
    -1 Uncommon slot

    You do not, I repeat DO NOT have to use these slots for the challenge. You can save as many of them as you want, or use all of them. It's up to you. Just keep in mind that cards made for challenges have the potential for 2 extra points if they fit the challenge.

    For those of you thinking this is impossible for your character, think outside the box! Be creative! Now, without further ado, Good Luck, Have Fun, and Happy Cardsmithing!
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    Card no.1:


    Card no.2:

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    Goblins? Easy!
    Looming Sickness

    Demons! Also easy!

    ... But what if I GOT the demon instead?
    Deal on Death

    Remaining slots:
    Mythic: 0
    Rare: 0
    Uncommon: 1
    Common: 0
  • image

    This is my single-target removal entry if I don't specify otherwise at a later juncture.
  • Think outside the box? I did that with the previous challenge!
  • @Bowler218 You don't necessarily have to, I was just saying that for anyone who may think that this challenge is impossible for their character.
  • Although red exploration? That is difficult to make.
  • @Bowler218 when you really think about it, red has access to plenty of looting options. It’s not that difficult for a red character to explore, they’re just more reckless than others.
  • True, true.
  • @Aggroman15 So what is the due date?
  • Ooohoh, when you nod your head yes, but you wanna say no
    What do you mean?
  • Whats our current max cmc again?
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    Went up this challenge
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    Why choose one when you can do both? This creature was inspired by the liches from the H.O.M.M. series.
  • Are we allowed to run away?
  • Mine comes soon
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    feel free to deduct points because this is the most often used art for "holy smite" on cardsmith.
    DIE, FIENDS! (will add Alasia to La'ayiv's story later. if i make her card, she is a story card)
    am i the first person to make a removal a non-aura enchantment?

  • La'ayiv slowly became aware that the drakes had stopped chasing him.he glided back down and looked around for clues on their disappearance. a woman, probably a human, was casting some type of spell. la'ayiv approached her.
    "did you scare of the dragon things?"
    "i repulsed the drakes"replied the woman."I'm Alesia."
    "I'm La'ayiv". he said."why did you help me?"
    "because we have bigger things to deal with."
    a troop of what appeared to be goblins where marching in a loose rabble towards them. behind them, a huge, fiendish creature was. a demon.

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    "Come forth, my children. I humbly ask for your aid against these enemies. In return, I will grant strength that would rival the World Eater herself. Stand by me, and I will provide you the power to survive another day. Come forth, and RISE!"



    "Giant friends are AWESOME!!"

    (Also here's another card for the challenge:)


    Card slots left:

    Rare: 0
    Uncommon: 0
    Common: 0
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