MTG Giftsmith 2018 - Currently $500/500!

It's no secret that today is #GivingTuesday, which makes today the perfect day to announce our plans for December.

Our expanding community of creators and makers has had a great year! This year I want to take an opportunity to give back to a cause I think is incredibly important. In celebration of the upcoming 2018 Hour of Code, MTG Cardsmith will be donating December premium memberships (new & existing) to We invite you (if you can) to join us in supporting this great charity to educate and teach kids about programming and computer science.

Our fundraising goal is to be able to donate at least $500 together. When we reach that goal, all current premium members will receive a unique Avatar for their accounts as a badge of honor for helping grow technology education in under-served communities. You can join in by Subscribing with your account or Gifting premium to another cardsmith.

If you are only interested in donating directly and supporting the cause, you may do so at directly at Thank you so much!

NEW: In celebration of all this Giftsmithing, we'll be releasing a new feature in early December, that we're calling the Set Stitcher. In fashion, this new utility was built over the course of just a few hours and provides a quick way to "stitch" cards of your custom sets together into a single image. The idea was to give creators a way to build custom background and single images to download and share card concepts across the web!

This December, please help us give back with a celebration of Magic and Code! Happy Holidays!


Current Donation Total: $500/500

We are so close! We're also excited to announce the new Avatar for everyone who helps us reach our goal with a current premium subscription: CODEX



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