Tournament of Prisoners (Saga lite)



  • 36 hours left for any extra lore and biography.
    The four matches will be fought thereafter in quick succession.
    So the matches will be quickly summarized in text.

    Afterwards, those of you who win will have 6 (almost 7) days to submit the stage of your character.
  • Ok, here are some spells that my fighter/ranger/mage (or druid) can use:
    Bestow Curse
    Call lightning
    Produce flame
    Obscuring mist
  • @Bowler218 Those spells doesn't tell me much. What does the spells do? They seem to range from many colors that are not green even though Aeveral is green based on their names.
  • Ok, i just grabbed some from one of the old ADnD books, here's some effects of them:
    Bestow Curse: puts a curse on a person that makes them have a penalty on skill checks
    Call lightning: exactly what it says
    Barkskin: turns your own skin into magical wood, making a natural armor temporarily
    Produce flame: exactly what it says
    Obscuring mist: makes a cloud of mist, giving concealment to those in it
    Darkness: makes a sphere of darkness
    Sunscorch: makes a lance of scorching light
    Those are the effects of those spells.
  • The large gates to Endhalmur opened and a couple of guards stepped inside. They took the prisoners that would fight today in pairs of two and brought them to the arena where the first round finally would take place.

    The audience could be heard long before the prisoners even had reached the end of the corridor of the death sentenced. They were eager. This was their joy. The sand in the arena was almost clean as this was the first fight for the week. The contenders were given the equipment they had been robbed off the first day. The chieftain sat silent and amused in his box looking at the two prisoners. Two large dragons were fighting or playing behind the arena. A spokesman spoke to the audience in an unrecognizable language. The audience shouted in unison. "Yhurm!",
    The spokesman then told the prisoners. "Fight to win, or die a miserable dishonorable death." Before he left the arena together with the guards.

    A bell was hit and the match had begun.
  • "Remeber, this is just like training. Fire the first arrow, shut them down. Use their weakness against them." Aeveral thought to herself, knocking an arrow and getting ready to move fast to the side as the gate opened.
  • The sun was descending beyond the horizon as the last light fell over the arena. The sand was covered in blood, knives and other scraps of cloths and metal. The dragon's were fighting over some bloody mess they had been given. Some of the Audience were laughing over the fact that one of the contenders had been considered a cowards and thus left to run the wildlife trying to survive as long as possible. Something no one had ever succeeded before. The four winners had been sent back to Endhalmur to wait for their next match next week when they would become two.

    The winners/survivors of this round are:





    Winners. You have 6 days to submit your next stage and any extra biography or information that you wish to post.
    Stage 2 must have a cmc of 4 to 6.

    Those not mentioned here have been eliminated and are out of this tournament. Feel free to post any higher stages of your contenders if you have created any. Otherwise I want to wish you good luck with your adventures.
  • Probably a little strong, but...
    Also are we allowed signature cards?
  • @notmyprimespeaker Since the size of this tournament is small, signature cards won't be judged in addition to your contenders.
    You can however post signature cards if you want as story/lore cards related to your contender.
  • I will make mine soon
  • @kandra127, @notmyprimespeaker , @Fallen_Lord_Vulganos, @Lujikul

    Since the interest in this contest is very minor. I want to ask you all.
    Should we continue?
    If at least 3 of you want to continue due to, let's say Sunday, we'll continue. Otherwise we archive this contest.
  • I would like to! I just need a bit to make a card!
  • I would still like to continue. My apologies, I've just been kept very busy as of late. I'll have Kiara's new card posted shortly.
  • Hardened by the traumatizing experiences of the first bout, Kiara's developed some control over her summoning abilities. Unfortunately, however, her fear is her current conduit for her abilities, as opposed to her joy from before.


    (Sorry for the double post.)
  • Of course let's continue!
  • @kandra127, @Lujikul, @notmyprimespeaker
    Great! I put a new deadline wednesday the 6th of February. 12 pm European central time. Since we have already posponed the deadline a couple of days.

    Those that have not recieved their next stage until then will suffer a heavy penalty in the matches.
    @kandra127 @Fallen_Lord_Vulgano So this is most important for you two.
  • @kandra127 Do you think you could hurry with the card maybe?

    I will proceed with the next match in 24 hours from now with the cards I have then.
    Since I need this contest to be finished by latest the 17th I can't wait too long sadly.
  • Since the deadline has passed two days ago I'm going to continue with this show.

    @notmyprimespeaker @Lujikul
    image image

    Now there was not really any real matches this round since neither of your opponents had posted their next stage. So your card had not had an actual match. Because of that you may decide if you want to post a new stage for your card at all.
    You won't be penalized if you don't. It's your choice.
  • Since I designed all of Kiara's stages in advance, I'll go ahead and post her third stage.

    In theory, her time spent in combat has helped Kiara to mature a little in addition to honing her abilities. She now has full control over her summoning, capable of calling massive titans to her side when she desires. And, just like all her previous summons, she's capable of empowering them.

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