Tournament of Champions 2 Rematch (The game has begun)



  • I’m trying not to reveal all of Tai’s story in one round, so I’m going to continue some training sessions and other friend stuff:

    “Hey, Tai!” Onara whispered to her tiny friend as they walked on a small path at night.

    “What?” Tai giggled back.

    “I have a hilarious joke!”

    The two friends kept laughing, walking, and talking under the calming rays of the silvery moon. A twig snapped behind them.

    “Did you hear that?” Tai asked, suddenly alert.

    “No.” Onara replied promptly.

    “Show yourself!” Tai shouted, “Who are you? Come out from the shadows!”

    To both the Angel and the Faerie’s amazement, the a raspy voice replied, “We don’t come beyond the shadows, all the contestants come to us.”

    “What was that!?” Tai asked her friend nervously.

    “I don’t know. I feel like I’ve heard these voices before,” Onara said, “I know one thing. Let’s get out of here. Now!”

    They didn’t waste a second. It took them thirty four seconds to get back to their rooms,

    “Do you think we should tell the tournament hosts about this?” Tai asked.

    “We were probably just hearing something,” Onara dismissed, “C’mon. Let’s get to bed ‘cause we have a great training day ahead tomorrow.”

    Tai nodded uncertainly, then closed her door, made sure it was locked, then went to bed.
  • Braekun sharpens his axe. He sharpen it and it is sharpened by him. He sharpens towards a grindstone he does. Sharpening and sharpening. He sharpens until!
    The can breaks and spills perfume all over him.
  • “In about 2-3 days (or 2-3 months as we've seen now)” - Four months ago
  • @TenebrisNemo Please continue when you can! I really like this tournament!
  • Oh yeah, I forgot about this. Was I in it?
  • R.I.P. Tournament of Champions
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    Well well well. It's been quite a while, hasn't it? I've been gone for…a bit, and am surprised to see a lack of progress on this amazing competition. Tenebris is at least still an active Cardsmith (Tenebris's most recent card was posted on March 12), so I expect this Tournament to continue eventually, like it did after Tenebris's last long lapse. Tenebris, we are reaching out again; any comments? We'd love to have you back!
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