A Legendary Challenge (Current standings 3)

The deadline is drawing near, my friends. Time is almost up. If you are not on this list, you may post more cards to try to overtake a spot. These, so far, are the best cards that I have managed to find from what you have posted. If you want to post your cards on the challenge, go to the original discussion (http://forums.mtgcardsmith.com/discussion/4146/a-legendary-challenge/p1). The deadline is February 1.

First Place:
Rendriel, Teller of Tales
By: @Temurzoa
Rendriel, Teller of Tales

Second Place:
By: @Faiths_Guide

Third Place:
Mujah, Seeker of Sinners
By: @TenebrisNemo

I cant wait to see what you guys have next! Happy Smithing!


  • Instead of making a new post every week, maybe just update on the standings each week on one post.
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    @pjbear2005 Thanks for the advice! Honestly, thats a way better idea! I will make a new post for the end of the challenge, though. Thanks a lot!
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