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    Zymek some how feels different, there is a different sort of magic here, a weird form, he can't not do magic, it will just be unpredictable. He needs to tap into this new kind of magic.
  • Seeing what everyone else is doing, I pull on the chains.
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    They are thick and strong, but you think you could shimmy out of them with a successful sleight of hand.
  • I do that.
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    "Damn, that's hardcore" thinks Sirius as he watches the blood mage drain his own hands of vital fluids to free himself.

    The manacles are made of metal, so he can't get rid of them with elemental powers. However, he is chained to a stone wall. He attempts to dislodge a small part of the wall were his chain is attached with a trickle of elemental magic.
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    You see a which, an Izzet scientist, an elf ranger and and a sinister looking mage with his hands falling off.

    There are two others, a dark elve with weird growths and a frog person with a small crown both still unconsious.
  • @bigbadbooknerd A question: how often are we supposed/allowed to post what we do ? How will you set up the storytelling tempo ? Like right now, I could narrate Sirius' adventures all I want, while others are unavailable (time zones, work, etc.).
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    You can post anytime but you will go your separate ways soon.
  • Ok great.

    Sirius goes to the door to check if there is anyone guarding their prison cell (if the door has bars to see through that is).
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    There is a guard but 30 ft away, through a dark steel door complete with three separate locks.
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    My character was a slave in the underdark for most of his life, he was renowned for being able to escape the gladiatoral pits his masters put him in, killing people, than randomly wandering back weeks later looking for food.
  • I see warmage #1 going to the door, and quietly ask to know what he sees
  • "There's a corridor, and a single guard some thirty feet from here. I can't really see more, this place is quite dark. Our equipment must be stored somwhere nearby. I hope."

    Sirius then offers the elf to detach his chain from the wall like he did his. He thinks they should help each other until they get out of this cell.
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    Here is the place in which you are imprisoned.
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    Please also post a signature for your character
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    -- || --

    Mariko was meditated in her domain as the incursion happened. Swift as the cats and stealthy as the shadows, the dark elves quickly sweeped the witch's undead forces and overwhelmed her by the invaders' sheer coordinations and nimbleness.

    And the reason? Greed of course. Just as a wise man's saying: gold is the most liberating of metals. And Mariko had plenty of them, until the accident happened.

    As bitter as it was, there was nothing to do in her currently chained state, unless...

    'I... have no choice in this matter.' The chained witch frowned. She also noticed that most of the prisoners were already escaped as she awoke again due to a lapse in her consciousness before.

    'I need... nourishment...' Before she could fall unconscious again, she noticed that there were also rats that were skittering all over the place.

    'I'm... not dead yet...' She closed her eyes and forced to cast a rot spell on both of her hands. Despite the pain, she still continued until there were just bones that held together by necromantic magic.

    Finally freed from her chains with tearful eyes, instinctively she reached the closest pack of rats to drain their lifeforce by using a life-drain spell to heal her rotted hands. Although it wasn't enough to completely renew the flesh from her rotting hands.

    Walking was a big deal too as she felt almost drained due to the pain and the low amount of mana and food. Sweats pouring from her forehead as she was stumbling along to the way to reach the exist from that particular prison.

    'I swear I will drain those elves' life dry and turn them into my puppets if I ever see them...' Before her escape, her plan was to turn the other prisoners as her puppets. But due the sudden drowsiness and the lack of the suitable people, added by her insurmountable hatred towards those dark elves, she just continued her bleak path alone instead.

    -- || --
  • @sanjaya666 @bigbadbooknerd I feel like if Mariko and Meloran work together there might be some bickering over who gets use of the dead bodies
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    @pjbear2005 :)) The quicker and stronger one would get them obviously.

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    Lol I think your right
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    @sanjaya666 Let's make an agreement if it comes to that. Maybe you get the bodies but I get some extra parts? Meloran is like Frankenstein and his monster. He makes horrors but he also has some weird parts on himself.
  • @pjbear2005 Alright then, boss.
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    And it sounds like he needs a new set of hands......
  • For chronological purposes, this takes place just before Mariko wakes up (since we escape before she does)


    Sirius didn't trust the sorcerers captured with him, either the robe-clad bald man or the younger woman. The power they wielded was unnatural. To bend earth and stone like he did was one thing; to make blood and bones submit was another entirely.

    He decided he would not go where they went. And that he would make sure they didn't follow him. He decided he would rather side with the elf, or even the Izzet.

    The lizard he almost didn't acknowledge. What was that beast doing with them in the first place ?

    "Okay. Time to bust us out."

    Reaching within for the pure power of the elements, Sirius focused on the rough stone frame that surrounded the door, willing it to crush it to smitherens. With a groan, as if in pain, the metal twists and bends, until the door is ripped from its hinges and falls to the ground with a deafening crash.

    He bent over, panting. He had not eaten for too long; the effort had taxed him.

    "Someone take care of that guard," he managed to ask. The sentinel had not expected such a sortie, and was hesitant.

    For now, Sirius would like some allies. He would prefer Aeveral and Zymek for help rather then Mariko or Meloran.
  • I run at the guard, sliding so as to hit them in the feet to trip them.
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    I catch up to knock him senseless with my chain before he gets back up.

    "He probably has the keys to these manacles. I suggest you take his weapons; you seem to be a bit more capable right now. I'll take this ... Glowing mushroom ? I guess it will do as a lantern of sorts."

    The light it casts only brightens the surroundings a few feet around me.

    "Right after you. I probably can't see as well as you do in here."
  • @Bowler218 @bigbadbooknerd I'll follow her in a composed matter. I'll help her out until I can go off by myself when I have the hands and the minions to get what I want.
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